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This fanfic is a chav sequel to JMJ's Delicious! Delicious! while being also based on Darkest Dungeon.

It all started with the disappearance of a few ponies from Ponyville. By the time Celestia became informed of this, the number grew wider with the pass of the time. She tried to contact Twilight and her friends but with no avail. Worried for the fate of the vanished, Celestia sent a group of guards to investigate the disappearance and find some clue regarding their whereabouts.

But what they ended up finding was something far more terrifying to phantom.

Before anyone could even realize, Equestria began to shift into a subtle but twisted parody of its former identity, the sky steadily becoming grim and devoid of any semblance of bright, and a huge abyss appeared at north of Canterlot Mountain by devouring the terrain in its pitch black throat.

Whatever caused this was not coming for their kind.

It was already there for the whole time.

In the middle of this mess, during the world's dive to darkness, a pony like witness wandered across Equestria during its steady horrifying transformation, pursuing a trail of blood leading to an huge abyss appearing in the north of Canterlot mountain, armed with a knowledge far more out of the reach of what any pony would know about this whole thing,

And from there here comes a story of madness, darkness, anti heroes, heirs, blood and other things that would resemble one hell of deliberated hardcore coarse fights. I would try to put some character development in most characters that needed. That being said that tale is an experiment of my own.

But if you expect this story to take place hours after Twilight was converted to the bakery conspiracy at the end of the fanfic this one is an non canon pseudo sequel of, you can stop thinking about it, because I am going to destroy that kind of expectation.

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The plot will be a little bit different but the substance is quite the same.

The Unworthy Miracle has been manifested through a horrendous crime. Because of this, the majority of the creatures populating Equus has been turned into savage monstrosities, avatar of both their desires and sins with an unusual faith in the said miracle. The entirety of the world has gone downhill and the Harmony has been corrupted.

Centuries later, a human soul has been taken from hell and had been reborn into a masked humanoid pony like creature known as the Renegade One, also known as the Penitent One. This is the grim pilgrimage that he had to do to set things right.

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In the alternate hellish Equestria, Midnight and friends failed to purify the Pillars of Obscenity, being once the Elements of Harmony and became their servants.

In the human world, Sara, sister of a ill corporate CEO started a bank robbery and got killed and betrayed by one of his companions. Her souls was put in that hellish Equestria, were she was met and tortured by the Pillars. This, until a rust scaled man leaded Sara to a pair of hellish gauntlets and gave them to her, resulting her to become a vile humanoid pony that the man baptized as the Satanister.

Her new mission was to return to the real world, but first she has to beat the pillars and kill the traitors in the human world. The vengeance can be served cold.

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The remake of my old work. Although that features the Elements of Insanity, this story is just a spin off and took place before Season 5 finale. The story will be different while retaining some similarities.

Two months after the victory over of the Subjects, the Elements of Insanity were building a portal to return to Equestria when their leader, Brutalight Sparcake, had nightmare about a mysterious bipedal, pony-like, demonic creature being able to obliterate them, which was more a vision than just a dream. Unbeknownst to them, Painset Shimmercake and Magic Mare managed to survive and were able to arrive in Equestria before them, just in time to plot their vengeance against them and Princess Celestia as well.

Brutalight wasn't too far from the truth...

In the human world, a brony bashing troll and former delinquent leader named Alex Phirrel, was framed one of his classmates for a crime that he didn't commit. That resulted him to be put under probation and transferred into a delinquent school. One night, when he was caught as he was investigating the whereabouts of a friend of his in his new school, a hermetic entity transported him, you guessed, in Equestria in pony form.

And just screw him over, Alex was also possessed by some ghost and got some bizarre powers and was tasked by the same entity to take down the Elements of Insanity in exchange for his freedom. Initially, he refused to accept his new situation until he got killed. At that point, the ghost who resided inside him resurrected him and turned him into a powerful overlord. He ended up liking it. With his rise, his villainous quest begins.

Will Alex succeed in this absurd quest? Will the Elements of Insanity being able to defeat a villain with that kind of power? And more importantly, what is the entity's real motivation to involve the boy into this?

Like with my previous work, if you don't know anything about the Elements of Insanity, check this channel: https://www.youtube.com/user/TheInvertedShadow

MLP belong to Hasbro.
Elements of Insanity and other characters belongs to Inverted-Shadow, KaverenTheHunter08 and FlammingHammer97.

Before this thing, let me warn you:

1) Since that story will be like the other one, I will put the Death, Gore and Violence tag, with the exception to tone them down a little bit.

2) Due to the Elements of Insanity being featured, lets just say that the Comedy tag were pretty much mandatory, thought the only preoccupation was how I am going to handle it since the main character has few, sometime.

3) Just to make things clear, one of the pony freaks that was present in my previous story is included in this one as well, leaving the other ones being replaced by someone else.

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A crossover with a Castlevania fangame who had nothing to do with the story made by Brony_Fife. Is another displaced story with its own different twist. The story take some hint from the Lecarde Chronicle series.

In the human world, in 1781, Eric Lecarde, a soldier of the church, had fought and slain a imperfectly resurrected Lucifer and sent him into the abyss. With his death, the Castle of Eternal Night crumbled and the world was save. However, evil always a find a way to return, even if it has to be somewhere else.

In Equestria, months after Chrysalis second defeat, the Castle of Eternal Night appeared, brought by someone. Bizarre phenomena were happening and its ecosystem and essence were both twisted. Its evil influence infected every corner of the land. Corruption and insanity were the first demons to take some bite of it.

Someone is trying to resurrect Lucifer in Equestria, where there is no Efrain, no Alucard, and not even other warriors strong enough to defeat him. With its presence, its horrors, its plagues and its evil influence will be unleashed. The return of the fallen angel seemed to come, but the culprit behind it didn't count one factor.

There was someone who wasn't calculated in the slightiest, a cursed dark warrior hellbent to slay its evil.

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A group of four students that investigates the paranormal for funzies, Zade, Chris, Sera and Jace, were investigating the disappearance of six students of another school when they ended up stumbling into a incident. The managed to escaped without any harm and decided to keep what they saw a secret.

Nine days later, they stumbled into a young man with undefined powers who, unknown to them, is actually a Deplacer, a warlock with mysterious powers. The group, wisely enough, decided to not doing anything at first. This until one of them recklessly decided to confront him.

That was the biggest mistake that could possibly happen. Something that they felt on their skin as he got the upper hand on them and sent them into Equestria, which was stupidly absurd for them.

In their arrival, they discovered themselves being turned into the villains... But not MLP villains. Oh no. They were the pony versions of videogame villains. That was bad enough for them since they weren't so fond of MLP stuff but the real trouble kicked in as they found themselves being in the middle of a chaotic mess. It turned out that Equestria was being turned upside down. And the guy responsible for their current misery apparently made them doing the job.

Can they overcome the equestrian crisis? Even if they can, what will happen to them afterwards? And more importantly, can they find the Displacer and put a end to their own curse?

First of all, let me tell you this:

1) I may had put the Death, Gore and Violence tag, but I will make sure to put that on minimum and use one of the at full force only if necessary.

2) Putting aside any possible grammar error, I will make sure that the use of the Comedy tag wasn't a misguided one or that the story doesn't break any potential of plot immersion. If there is something wrong with this story, you are free to comment about that. I will appreciate your assistance.

3) I was inspired by the idea that someone had before me. I'm not expecting anything from this story. Is just a idea that came in my head and I wanted to know how that will be turned out. Also, don't trust the Comedy and Sex tags. It will be less present of when you expect.

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Note: The very first chapter is just a prologue and would take some time before I take to the first episode. However is plain justified since this is a little experiment that i wanted to perform during my boredom.

Allen Nitrol is a boy who was turned into a pony and entered into Equestria..... from the grave. If that wasn't understood, yes. He is dead and is now reincarnated into this world. Due to his politics about not tell almost anything about himself, his past is almost unknown.

As he entered into the fantasy world in the most strangest and dreary way possible, and having a huge knowledge about the mlp's timeline, he expected to be in the later time. That would be a reasonable start.

This until he was first met by a skeletal pony, who greeted him in a very shocking fashion. Whats worst is that his ordeal started from the most obvious plot point: Season 1. And unfortunately, his skeletal attendant gives her dreadful personal touch to the whole timeline and the new life that Allen hadn't begun to live yet.

The plot is going to be improved? Downhill? Messed up? All depends on of what Allen will do and his attempts to limit anything that would twist the canon, even if his attempts turned out to be all vain... If he must.

Side effects may include:
-Medium Plot Bending (Minor changes to the seasons premiere and finale that doesn't change the result imposed to the canon but that will still affect somehow the it's timeline.
-Black Humor
-Videogame Logic

And is going to intertwine with the comic book canon to create a new one as well, plus some other material.

This story is a experiment that i want to do just because i want have a change of pace to relax from my other works.

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It's been two months since her exile caused by Starlight Glimmer, and Thorax if she would include that. Chrysalis has, of course, refused to be reformed, and had no guilt about his decision. She is
now preparing her revenge..... Until a mysterious pony showed up in front of her new home and tried to reform her by any meanings in a very sinister-ish manner. Worst of all, that pony is working for someone from above and is willing to reform her in order to satisfy his superiors' reforming status quo.

Can Chrysalis escape his reforming methods and preserve her dear integrity as a villain? how much nonsensical can this story possibly get? And most of all who is gonna help her in this annoying quest?

Fourth Wall breaking and attempted philosophical introspective of her character ensured... i think.

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