• Published 24th Feb 2018
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MLP - New Game Plus Postmortem - Reizthefakebrony

You know the gimmick about human being ponyfied and brought into the canon of the show. But, there's some kicker. A boy, Allen, goes indeed in Equestria...... FROM THE GRAVE! Side effects: Medium Plot Bending, Black Humor, and Videogame Logic.

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Madmares, Owls and A Existential Videogame Patch

Author's Note:

Did you had remembered that I had compressed three MLP episodes in one and made two free spot for a original episode of my own?

-Appleb., Griffon the bru., Boa.
-Free slot.
-Free slot.

Yes, this chapter is one of them. I don't know how it came out, but I hope it works.

Also, I took this occasion to explain the Videogame Logic rules. Some of these won't make sense, but are justified since they were also designed to screw with the protagonist.

Well. Let's see how I pulled it off.

The lights of the dawn slowly raised. It's rays entered inside, illuminating the mortuary bedroom. It was morning... But I wasn't in the mood to get out of my bed just yet. I was laying on my futon, thinking about what I had gone through. In my past life I made some controversial choices, but at least they had a noble reasons.

But that situation was the opposite of this one. Seriously, I am reborn as a pony in Equestria and I wanted to compromise te status quo of this world's timeline. But because of that alternate Vaelox, the Videogame Logic and my own stupidity, I had unwittingly committed a few type of villainous acts, even if they were accidental. From accidentally killing Twilight and resurrecting her as a Remodeled Corpse to transforming Iron Lilly into a corrupted, maniacal psycho monster, may or may not had served me. Fortunately I managed to return her back to normal, but then I made a deal with her.

I won't have told anything about what happened, which she remembered and how, and she would not had reported me to her superiors. Additionally, if we fought one of the demonic entities, who is actually a member of Granite Dagger from another universe, and she can deal with him, she could had putted me into jail with the assurance that won't had to see my face again.

But that doesn't resolve my current dilemma. Being distrusted by the Mane Six, watched over by Celestia, being watched over by Lilly and possessing those items, abilities and powers worth of a freaking dark lord makes my new life difficult for me. And worst of all... The temptation to altering this world's future started to be more appealing to me.

Can I retain my own flawed and yet noble motive just like in my past life? Or I will end up becoming this world's most dangerous and yet improvised villain? And if there is a third option... Can I be just a apparent jerk at least?

"Fantastic... Instead to avoid making damages, I end up causing some more," I muttered and then sighed in resignation. "I wonder if I can fix all these errors and having some real break... But I doubt that will happen."

As I continued to ponder about it, like a unwanted guest, that cursed 8-bit sound ringed out of nowhere again.

"You can lower your volume. I did not miss it." I said in deadpan sarcasm.

I was Instinctively about to click something but then I forcefully halted my hoof. Two were the times in which I pushed a reward button without watching and I was so close to doing that again, but not this time. Pulling my hoof away, I looked at the RPG text box as it appeared on my right. I took a look and... Huh?

Good Job. You had Leveled Up. That is what you get.

DNA Twister: Odd item with the power to alterate someone's dna correctly, according to the owner's preference.

"This is different... There are no reward buttons this time! What the hell!?"

But before I could start my little rant, the text box quickly disappeared, only for it to be replaced by another one, which didn't made any sound at all. And... I can't believe what I'm reading in this moment.

You should had noticed that you can't choose your reward anymore. From this moment, the reward is automatic. Enjoy the rest of your journey, idiot.

I stared at the textbox with a death glare. I should be furious for this idiocy since that change was so sudden and without a reason to be, and was even mocking me, but at this point I wasn't even mad. I was just so impressed that my doubt were founded: Videogame Logic was indeed screwing me over.

"What the hell is the point to even make me choose the reward in the first place if you were about to change the rules at the last moment." I said before rummaging in my bag for that item.

I pulled out the item, which was a emerald rhombus. I observed the object with less interest, expecting something happening from a moment or another. In fact, like the black sphere of the corrupted, it disappeared. I could feel his power flowing inside of me... But I didn't care as I resumed my own sleep.

Thirty minutes of extra rest and reflection passed by, but silence was still present. That wasn't supposed to be like that since I was expecting something.

"Strange that Iron Lilly didn't tried to wake me up." I said, turning my gaze toward the ceiling.

I was about to get out of my coffin, but then a obscured, scary pony figure suddenly popped up from above it, scaring the shit out of me.

"Your stupid guard will not protect you, moron!!" The figure said with a lustfully sadistic female voice.

"SHIT!!" I said, instinctively taking a smoke bomb from my bag and make it explode into a veil of smog.

"What the...!?" She exclaimed as the smog goes right into her eyes and started to cough.

Possessing the reflexes of a ninja, I quickly jumped out of the coffin and ran out of my 'house'. As I went out, I had noticed the apparently lifeless body of Iron Lilly, laying on the soil with opened eyes but mentally absent from what is happening in this moment.

I quickly approached her and took her armor pieces from her. After that I put her on my back with the intention to take her in the hospital... And man if she is heavy, even without her whole Royal Guard gear.

"WHERE DO YOU THINK YOU ARE GOING, YOU BASTARD!?" She screamed from inside the mound.

Not wanting to find out who she is, I galloped away as fast as I could while carrying Lilly. As opposite to Twilight, this one's weight is a really hassle and almost threatened to slow me. That is the second time that I'm carrying a mare in my back, which is currently asking for mercy.

I continued to gallop through the woods, occasionally looking back to see if that bastard was chasing me. Apparently I lost her, but I can't be sure about that. She would eventually show up in a surprise attack... who knows. Her crazy eyes and wretched voice ranged in my head like a bell. And now that I think about it... I know her.

After a galloping run of thirty minutes, I finally managed to reach Ponyville. The town was strangely emptied. I arrived nearby the hospital only to find Red Heart... also laying on the grass with opened eyes but mentally absent from her surrounding.

"Oh, for the love of... Red too!?" I exclaimed frustrated.

I entered inside and went in the waiting room in the hope to find at least somepony that was aware of their colleague laying on the outside. But I found other three ponies in her same conditions, which one of them was a medic.

With my back protesting for having carrying Lilly's body for too long, I carefully put her on the ground. I then glanced upon the half 'braindead' Lilly. I have observed her for a few seconds until I had recognized her symptoms, much to my horror.
That mentally took me back to that scary attacker from before. Both this mess and her are connected.

"That is Psychic Paralysis," I said with a grim tone. "It causes the victims to lose the control of their bodies. They are still conscious but unable to do anything."

That made me remember one of my defeated enemies that I really detest. I can't fucking believe that I have to deal with that psycho again.

I put one my Freezing Gauntled and wandered around the town looking for that sucker, knowing that she was on my tracks. I found various mentally paralyzed ponies laying on the ground. No wonder this town seemed empty, considering that they fall victim of this illness. There was a dreadful silence.

Then, I heard some voices coming from afar.

"T-there's no way the Great and Powerful Trixie will lose! I-"

"You bore me... fall silent."


Recognizing that voice, I galloped forward and saw what I never wanted to see. Trixie was collapsing on the ground, fallen victim of the Psychic Paralysis. That magician may be a jerk during her own personality pre-reformation, but in this condition she looked like a saint compared to the psycho who was in front of me.

The current form of my attacker was that of green mare with a red mane. She was in pony form, but managed to retain the exact same psychotic smirk on her face, although she looked slightly angry at me having escaped her clutches. She alone was a thing, but what disgusted me more than the last time we met was her currently wearing a dress of plates with still moving eye balls, looking around frantically in a vain attempt to escape.

"Allen, I have finally find you." The mare said angrily but with a lustful tone. "You made me run like a mad bull. And you know what? You eyes are still beautiful and yet really defiant as ever.

"Arga, Just when I was hoping to not see your demented face again." I called her with anger and disgust. "I know your style: You paralyze the nervous system and the consciousness of your victims and then remove their eye balls for your collection."

"A pretty rare one I would say." Arga replied, almost pleased."And that is what pissed me: You never let me add your eyes into it."

"Like hell I would, lady." I retorted almost loudly, even more disgusted. "I also know that you came from another universe after the original died, but I never though you would had reached this level of depravity with that dress of yours."

"I wasn't used to this body, at first," Arga explained as black needles protruded from her hooves. "But now I can feel it adapting to my own mental affinity. Formerly, I used to toss syringe full of liquid psychotrophic agent to block my victims... Now they had a different face."

Arga smirked as she pointed her hoof at me and shoot her damn needles at me. I instantly jumped above them and virtually flew upon her. Since the timing was perfect, I tried to fall on her with a dive kick on her back.

Much to my surprise, it worked, slamming her body on the ground. Hopefully, there's no eye-balls on that part of the dress because I have enough of gory details since my death.

"And screw your dress." I said as I landed on the soul.

"Damn... Yooooou." Arga said, pained but mostly confused. "Did you had become a ninja all of sudden!? I HATE NINJAS!"

"And I hate your perverted habit. So I consider that even," I announced without any sympathy for her. "Other that disgusting, that bloody hobby of yours makes you dumb for the lust, you know."

"Don't even insult my own I.Q., big boy," Arga retorted as she stood up. "I may have my own guilty pleasures, but I'm not that kind of stupid like Vaelox. I'm able to manage a hostage situation of my own!"

A very cracking sounds echoed through the town. And it was a very bodily one. Almost knowing what Arga was implying, I gave a quick look at the mentally paralyzed Trixie.

I watched disturbed a web of black tendrils emerged from her back and started wrapping around her. Then she suddenly moved as her eyes became totally white. I stepped back as 'Trixie' stood up and looked at me with those white, empty eyes of hers. What is really disturbing for me was that Arga wasn't able to pull this off in the past.

"What the hell happened to you?" I said. "Let me guess. You had enhanced the properties of your needles with some kind of microparasite?"

"You know that is not in my style to use this form of mind control on the others," Arga paused, smirking as the other affected ponies were slowly getting up like the undead. "But you are right. While I had made some researches and improved my own 'medicine'."

The scenario wasn't getting any better, with all the tendril covered ponies forming a circle of frenzy around us.

"Tsk." I glared at her.

"You know the drill," Arga mocked. "You won't hurt them right? Well, I can do that in your place but that equals to negligence. But still, it doesn't matter if they will live or die... It's still equals to more eye-balls for me."

"Fuck you, Arga." I muttered.

"People! Knock him out." Arga ordered.

Having heard her, the controlled ponies, Trixie included, started to make their moves. There's no way I could win with her having a army of unwitting puppets on her side. Of course I had to retreat.

I was about to throw a smoke bomb, but I was instantly blocked by someone, who is not Trixie using his telekinesis on me and then held by two mind controlled pegasi. The mind controlled Trixie then approached me and punching me in the face repeatedly. If she could be aware of what is going on, she may probably enjoy beating me down but since she couldn't her body, I had discarded this idea.... And then realized that wasn't the moment to think about it in a moment like this.

"Enough." Arga said, causing Trixie to stop and letting her pass as she approached me.

My head hurts really hard. My sight was slightly blurry. And judging by the taste of iron that partially traversed my tongue, I think I was bleeding. That damn mare looked unbearably pleased, just like the time with her victims.

"So, Allen... You enjoyed getting your revenge for the death of your classmate?" Arga mocked. "Now is my turn for having humiliated me like that. Even if you are not my universe's Allen."

I didn't respond at that, but glared furiously at her. That former classmate was one of her victims as well.

"You should do like me: Detach yourself from your morality," Arga announced proudly.

"And becoming like you? Screw that." I retorted..

"Still playing hero, right? Just look at this blue unicorn. She tried to play that role on me because both you and some othe unicorn called Twilight Sparkle humiliated her big time.... Anyway, I will take their eyes after having finished you."

"Do you sincerely think that it will go according to your vantage?" I demanded, sarcastically.

"Did Vaelox told you about us?" Arga counter-demanded, "We won't stop making you pay. Beside, the rest of the town that wasn't affected by my needles' effects yet were putted to sleep by my own sleeping pollen that I had previously spread across this town one hour ago. They will wake up in three hours... The same thing couldn't be said for my minions."

"Spare me your bullshit. Is still possible to cure them."

"Not this time. I made sure that the parasites' connection would be so deep that the victims cannot be cured by the Psychic Paralysis anymore."

Upon hearing that, I froze up in horror. "That can't be real."

"Deal with that," Arga said with sadistic confidence. "The only way in which you can nullify that is having my victim's DNA being overwritten, but you don't have the ability to do that, right?"

Arga laughed in a very disturbing way as she was about to order her own unwitting servants to finish me off. But then I realized something about what she said before.

"Hey, did you just said... DNA being overwritten?" I asked.

"You heard that, so what?" Arga demanded, perplexed.

I grinned. Sure, using another nefarious power that I had gained is something that I don't like. But having the opportunity to use that information against her will be satisfying.

"Let me show you my new medicine!" I shouted as I raised my hoof and unleashed vortex made of a thick red liquid that engulfed every single one of the controlled ponies in a red liquid.

Nothing happened, but after a few seconds, the effect of the liquid kicked in. The ponies to contort and trembling, gripping their hands as they were having seizures while collapsing on the ground. That also caused two pegasi released their grip on me before victim falling backward.

"W-What have you done!?" Arga exclaimed, utterly confused by this.

I watched the effects of the DNA Twister happening with a shocking impact. Wings and horns were discomposed from some of the affected ponies and reappeared others. Earth ponies became unicorns, unicorns became pegasi, other pegasi became unicorns and... Yeah, but I don't even bothered to look at all of them. What matter was the consequence.

The tendrils that were infesting their bodies disintegrated themselves and then quickly became ashes. The affected ponies's eyelids shutting by themselves, symbolizing their own unconsciousness. I was sure that they will be fine having saw the aftereffects of being purged of the Arga's psychotropic agent. That made me consider if there are the Mane Six among her victims.

I returned my attention to Arga, who didn't looked happy at all to see her plan failing miserably. Anger twisted her face, but more than anger was disbelieve.

"I-impossible!" Arga exclaimed. "You should had lost your powers... And yet I found you possessing other ones! And you became a ninja too!.... WHAT THE HELL IS GOING ON!?"

"You are not the real Arga. Stop pretending you know anything about me." I mocked her, since is my turn to screw with her.
"Now go play with your own eye-balls somewhere else, pervert."

Arga flinched in disgust and the reacted in pure anger. Good thing I managed to hurt her pride this hard, but then became a bad as scythe blade like claws protruded out of her hooves.

"You bastard! PREPARE TO BE SLAUGHTERED FOR REAL!!" Arga screamed furiously while leaping toward me with the intent to cut me up

"I'm dead already." I said in muted fury one second before shooting a freezing projectile at her, freezing her body blocking in mid air, causing her to fall before the blades could shred my head.

Her frozen body fell on the ground without being shattered into pieces... but she will.

Sick and tired of her disgusting face, I took a few steps toward her and pulled out my shotgun to finish the job in a literal blast. I took the aim and shot her, shattering her entire body it into pieces in one hit, along with her own horrid dress. The ice pieces scattered to the ground and melted, with a bunch of dark embers rising along with the vapor for a few seconds before dying off, just like Vaelox. What remains was just a block of ice and various shard scattered on the soil.

Is a good pay off having get rid of her, and I hope to not see her or anything similar to her ever again. However, her disappearance doesn't mean that the effects of the Psychic Paralysis caused by her needles would wore off immediately, so they were still unconscious. It will took three hours... What I can possibly do now?

"Well, I can always turn the ponies who were transformed by the power of the DNA Twister to normal."

Before doing so, I had considered to return them back to their original form... except Trixie, who was turned into a earth pony. I chuckled upon the image that came in my mind: Her waking up, looking at some random mirror and fainting for the shock to not having her horn anymore. That was going to be funny since she is currently a jerk, but then I suddenly felt guilty about that so i decided to return Trixie back to normal as well.

Once again, I had unleashed the red liquid and the restored the affected ponies to their original form. Having nothing else to do, I was about to go to the hospital to retrieve Lilly and bring her back to my home, which will be a real pain. But then I stopped... Upon seeing Owlicious, standing on a tree and looking at me like to say 'what the hell I'm even doing'.

At this point I had a very scary and yet justified idea.

"Now that I'm thinking about that... There's some future, imbecilic episode that must be taken care off."

Exploiting the inhabitants' unconsciousness, I took the opportunity to put the DNA Twister at a very good use: Starting by unleashing it on him. The the red vortex quickly overwhelmed him before he could even took off. I couldn't see pretty much, but I heard a soft thud that made me assume that he flapped his wing to ensure a safe land before falling.

The vortex dissipates, and in place of that owl there was a beige colored, black maned, confused and shocked earth-pony. A stallion. Yes, I turned him into a pony just to have a talk with him.

"W-what the..!?" Owliscious shouted, confused.

As the ex-owl stood up and tried to make sense of his new situation, I walked toward him and waited for him to notice me. After having checked his now equine limbs, Owliscious looked at me with a slightly annoyed face.

"Just tell me what have you done to me." Owliscious said with a half serious tone.

Man, that guy goes straight to the point. As a owl, he was a kind of a visual snarky character, but as a pony he looked a hybrid in between being a classy guy and a though one.

"Look, I will return you to normal if you do something for me," I explained. "And no. Is not about planning some kind of a villainous plan. What I want one simple thing."

Owliscious stared at me with mistrustful eyes, narrowing them. The he spokes.

"Shoot." Owliscious said.

"One cold night, after the falling stars, you will end up flying inside the house of a lavender unicorn named Twilight Sparkle. She will offer her hospitality. She has also a purple dragon, who is also his assistant."

"That will be improbable... So what's the point?"

"He will became jealous of you, which is pretty obvious since she was his guardian for years, but... If you noticed her behaving, even accidentally neglectful on him or even assuming what she thinks she knows without considering her friends' hint about his jealousy or not even bothering to talk with him about it... You had to come in my own mound in owl form."

I may be crazy, but I wanted to put some preventive medicine to Twilight's wrong way to treat Spike, which really happened during in the events of Owl's Well That Ends Well. Seriously, I wanted to do something about her apparent inability to take care of him.

Owliscious stared at me with a blank face. "Why?"

"Because I want to put him into some kind of therapy of my own while explaining him the situation," I said with a killing intent toward that owl episode. "Seriously, both the unicorn and the dragon deserves a lesson."

Owliscious stared at me some more, and then facehoofed.

"Alright... You want to involve me in this stupid idea of yours." Owliscious said with a deadpan tone.

"You heard it." I confirmed.

"... Just because I saw you fighting and taking down that crazy mare, I will accept that." Owliscious said calmly.

"Fine." I said, but then realized what he said. "WHAT!?"

"I will just follow your plan because you looked very powerful for a average pony," Owliscious said. "Especially for that item that you had used to shatter that frozen crazy....!"

His face shifted uncomfortably in shock, disturbed by what he had just said. I, on other hands, had retained a straight face to hide the fact that I know he saw my killing blow.

"What?" I asked, pretending knowing nothing.

"You didn't killed her, right?" Owliscious asked, hoping is not the case.

"Weeeell... She was already dead," I stuttered. "So killing her wasn't a great deal."

Owliscious shot a serious gaze of distrust at me for a second.... And then shrugged it's shoulder.... Eh?

"Sure," Owliscious said nonchalantly. "She disappeared, which means she was a malevolent spirit... Ok."

I should be happy that he wouldn't tell to anypony about my actions but that reaction of his really blows my mind.

"Are you seriously believing at what you had said just now?"

"But you know," Owliscious said. "Me meeting with this Twilight in a future cold night? Yeaaah... But I'm not entirely sure about this. Did you had foreseen the future."

"No, I just had a dream about that." I lied, but it was for the best.

"Just saying." Owliscious said. "Now change me back I change my mind."

"Huh?" I looked puzzled at him.

"Don't get me wrong, but I start to like this new body," Owliscious pondered about that. "I wonder if I end up forgetting that I am a owl in a first place."

"Ok, you made your point. Time to go." I said very fast as I pointed my hoof at him and unleashed the red vortex once more. His ponified figure disappeared, giving it's place to the owl that he was before.

After Owliscious flew away from me, I headed toward the hospital with a sense of dread. Not because someone else is going to attack me, but because I fear that the next ride will kill my back. Once I had arrived, I approached the still unconscious Lilly, put it in my back once more and leaved Ponyville to go home while getting through the heaviest pain in the ass ever.

I finally reached my mound after fifty-five minutes of travel, almost about to fall from a moment or another. I carefully put Lilly on the soil nearby the pieces of her armor and finally collapsed on the ground. I was extremely tired for that whole ordeal. The fatigue was biting every part of me, the pain of my damaged face flared once more, my back hurt me very much, my breaths are heavy and my heart pumped so hard, threatening to burst.

However I hate to end my job in half, so I forcefully stood up and slowly putted the piece of the royal armor back to Lilly. After that, I wobbled toward the mound's entrance, almost about to slam against the one of the walls. I managed to came in and managed to reach the coffin. As I stepped in, I fell inside, roughly landing on my right side. I yelled for that pain that reignited that of my metaphorically massacred back. I tried to adjust my position but I couldn't do the same with my blanket as I instantly fell into the dreamworld.

"Are you sure about that, Matthew?"

"Of course. I had just obtained a job regarding the world of art. Look I may be a artist, but I don't see myself as one."

"You underestimate yourself too much."

"Don't even bother to listen to me. Is just my point of view. Say, you have no intention to come at my graduation's celebration?"

"Unfortunately no. I have something to do on my own."

"Well... Good luck, Allen."

"I didn't saw Matthew since that night?"

"Nooo.... Matthew."

"Matthew is dead in his house. Nobody knows how it happened. It seems like someone carved his eyes out and then stabbed his insides repeatedly."

Waking up from another nightmare, I was greeted by the pain in my back and my face, more invigorated than ever. Looking at the ceiling, I tried to ignore it just to go back to sleep, but that wasn't that easy. Then, as being woke up by some nightmare wasn't enough, another green text box compared, but this time is unusually long.... What?

That you want or not, that is a actual patch of your own existence.

These are new rules, which can be your existence's mechanics or bonuses.

1) At some random time, some item will be added in your inventory, which is your bag.

2) From now on, the enemies that had nothing to do with this world will drop some item, except money or experience. You had to gain these last two things on normal ways, slacker.

3) This logic will not be considered entirely responsible for any eventual abuse or screw up of this world's status quo caused by you.

4) After a long period of time or in some special occasions, a dead person from a alternate universe will be reborn as a pony in Equestria without being subjected at the same logic's rule as well.

5) If you are almost, seemingly overpowered with your abilities, the Nerf Knight will appear at a random day to regulate the situation. If you loose, you lose all of your abilities, items and weapons for about 11 days and he will not appear for the same period, with exception of keeping a certain number of them that equals half of your level that is not beyond 29 abilities.

6) At this point, the Violet Emerald will be added in your bag. Practically, this item has the ability to show you the number of abilities that had been sealed by the Nerf Knight and allowed you to exchange until nine of your unsealed abilities, items and weapons with one of the sealed ones up to nine times for use. After that, the emerald cannot be use again for three hours after the use. The Shotgun, the Freezing Gauntlet, the Black Orb and the Violet Emerald are completely exempt from that.

7) Every inhabitant of this world can borrow up your weapons and items. So be carefully of who you are giving your belonging.

8) If there is something that is interfering with the planes of the existence or even tried to screw the rules, a penalty will fall upon you or, in the worst case scenario, upon someone who isn't you and didn't probably done anything.

9) Starting from level 4 and beyond, there won't be the possibility to choose one of the three rewards anymore and the reward that you will have will be chosen automatically.

Having read all of that stuff, I looked at that textbox with mixed feelings: Angered, annoyed, confused, positive and very conflicted about that, especially for the last rule that explained the damn reason why I can't choose my own reward anymore.

The textbox disappeared after a few second. At that point, I just wanted to throw up my anger, but I was too tired and sleepy to do so. Instead, I made my own rant in a very calm way since that wasn't worth any scream.

"I can't believe what I have read, as the Videogame Logic was messed up enough," I muttered. "First of all... Why take the soul of a dead person and made it reborn as a pony? I was more than enough. Second, the fact that the habitats of Equestria can borrow my weapons and item from me isn't a good thing... Though that they can still do so even without me being told about that, so why write that as a rule?"

I paused for a second, pondering about that set of rules. Something in particular started to look like a good news for me.

"That is insane but... Maybe losing against this Nerf Knight wouldn't be a bad thing. Having these powers and items being sealed by that would be a good thing. Plus, that Violet Emerald is very handy. Finally I can have some balance in my new life. Even if that mean take some punch in the face from him. I rummaged in my bag searching for the emerald and found it.

For the rest, not gaining money from my enemies and not choosing my rewards anymore were a total bust.... Wait, why I'm started to think that my life in Equestria suddenly turned into videogame then that wasn't actually the case?

"Whatever," I murmured with a tired tone. "Let me sleep again. I couldn't care less if is still morning."

I adjusted my blanket and turned on my side. I then closed my eyes, hoping that nopony would disturb me. But then Lilly's voice called me from above

"That attacker surely damaged you face." Lilly said sternly, almost loudly. "Wake up already."

Nevermind, it seems like that I have to endure one more ordeal for this day. I slowly turned toward her. She was watching me from above with a very upset face.

"Yes?" I said, half sleepy.

"We were attacked by a unknown mare!" Lilly said angrily. "I can't believe you were sleeping in a moment like this! Is that one of your enemies!?"

"Yes. But don't worry. I didn't slept for this whole time. I took care of that mare while you were unconscious."

"Wait," Lilly looked at me dumbfounded. "You are kidding me, right?"

"If you think that I'm lying, you-"

"Fine, fine. I just pretend that I believe you... For now." Lilly said but then looked toward the entrance with a surprised face.

I couldn't see what is going on because of the wall of the coffins blocking my visuals.

"Is there something wrong?" I asked.

"We have a visitor." Lilly said before walking off.

Curious, I tried to get up but I was too tired to doing so. I just waited for my host to came here. Hoof steps echoed through the room. Then they stopped. I could see the visitor's face meeting my sight... And much to my surprised, he turned out be none other that Twilight Sparkle, now looking at me with a very annoyed face on.

That wasn't a good thing since she saw through my cloak during the time where I froze and humiliated Trixie for the funzies.

"Princess Celestia told me where you are," Twilight said. "But I didn't took her words seriously when she said that you were leaving in a literal mound!"

"So what? I have a blanket and a futon." I said calmly.

Twilight facehoofed. "I don't know I could consider that question of yours lazy or stupid."

"Who cares. This is the only free house that I ever found."

"You call this place home!?" Twilight almost freaked out. "No food, no furnitures, no doors and no windows. Are you FREAKING INSANE!?"

"You came here just to criticize my lifestyle?" I asked sardonically. "As Rarity calling me the Anti-style incarnated wasn't enough?"

"Not... exactly." Twilight responded slightly annoyed while trying to regain her composure. "I came here because somepony told me that you saved our lives a second time."

Hopefully, the Mane Six and other ones who weren't affected by the psychotropic agent unleashed by Arga are unconscious, so Twilight wouldn't had saw anything.

"You are free to not believe him," I replied. "Beside, Celestia putted the female Royal Guard over there to watch over me, so you don't have to worry about me."

"Violet, That's not what I'm talking about," Twilight retorted. " That somepony took some photo of you using... Your powers to save innocent ponies turned into puppets and freezing a crazy mare before shattering her into pieces with a strange weapon."

Oh, no.... That's not good. I stared at her with a shocked face. That cannot be good.

"W-what?" I almost exclaimed as I was trying to not freak out.

"That is what he saw," Twilight confirmed. "However, it's photos are not ready yet, so I have to wait the results."

Good. That means that I have to find a way to get ride of them before they are completed... Which means that I have to corrupt Lilly again. Damn it.

"You think I had killed her, right?" I demanded bluntly, not expecting anything positive from her.

"Well, Princess Celestia told me that they are demonic entities," Twilight said, doubtful about my intention. "Is good that you had defeated her, but I hope that doesn't equal killing her."

"Sure... Of course is not the case." I said.

"You didn't put any kind of emotion," Twilight said, looking at me as I was a alien. "Are really this lazy at this point."

"Look, I traveled in Ponyville and then back there, while carrying a defenseless mare on my back, that said attacker used Trixie to punching me in the face and now I'm extremely tired. So please.... Let me sleep."

I turned around, trying to recover my sleep, but not before giving a last look at Twilight who looked strangely guilty. Did she suddenly became a bipolar tsundere or something.

"I'm sorry. I forgot that your face looked beaten up," Twilight said apologetically, one moment before changing her attitude a bit. "By the way, by betraying both us and Nightmare Moon, you gave us a bad impression, regardless the fact the Luna admitted to have recruited you to stop us."

"You heard her."

"The same goes for freezing Trixie in front of our eyes."


"You are not even trying to defend yourself and I still don't know what is wrong with you," Twilight said, feeling as she was talking to a rubber wall. "Still, if you could just try to help me and get along with my friends, maybe you wouldn't be distrusted. I mean, your action are quite controversial but... You don't look like a bad pony."

Upon hearing that, I quickly looked in her face with a astonished face. She cannot said that seriously.

"I'm sorry Twilight," Lilly butted in the conversation. "But he is under my custody."

"I was just making him a proposal," Twilight replied.

"I know, but I have my own proposal for him." Lilly said.

"Really?" Twilight said, surprised.

"What are you talking about?" I asked.

"First of all, I apologize for how I had treated you and Fluttershy, three days ago.

"Oh... I don't know that but... Thanks," Twilight replied, not expecting that coming from her.

Whoa. I never thought to heard Lilly admit to have fucked that up. Congratulations... But don't get me wrong, you still irritating.

I heard some hoofsteps getting closer to me, with time emitting a metallic sound echoing in the room. Lilly was once again looking at me from above the coffin's opening.

"Second," Lilly started. "I have something special for you. Don't worry, I won't imprison you into a dungeon. However, you want to get your enemies far away from there and isolating yourself, right?"

"That... Is quite a good idea, even if I don't know if that will work," I said doubtful. "So, what kind of special proposal?"

"You will be transferred, and not just for the reason that I had mentioned." Lilly said, sternly.

"Transferred?" Twilight demanded.

"Aaand what is the other reason?" I asked nonchalantly.

Iron Lilly grinned for a moment, making me feel unsure if I still wanted to know about the proposal. Even if she is no Corrupted Lilly, she managed to give me some chill in spine. Even Twilight herself looked a little startled by that.

Her grin then suddenly vanished as she started to speak.

"You will get a job commissioned by me, now." Lilly affirmed.

I wasn't expecting that coming. Twilight looked very confused at her. Well, confuse is a good mood, because I'm really afraid of this for a valid reason.

"How the fuck can I get ride of the photos now!?"

Next Level Up:

1)Berserker Invoker: A item with the tremendous power to turn any living creature in a devastating force to be reckoned, mostly pervaded by confidence, bloodlust, cunning, concentration and feeling of invincibility.

2)Double Chainsaw: A double bladed chainsaw that was also used as a spear.

3)Plasma Cannon: A plasma shooting gun so devastating that is unpractical in closed spaces.