• Published 24th Feb 2018
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MLP - New Game Plus Postmortem - Reizthefakebrony

You know the gimmick about human being ponyfied and brought into the canon of the show. But, there's some kicker. A boy, Allen, goes indeed in Equestria...... FROM THE GRAVE! Side effects: Medium Plot Bending, Black Humor, and Videogame Logic.

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Three Bad Days In a Row (EDITED)

Just as I was been told by Luna, I went to Canterlot Castle. Or, to be specific, four of Luna's Royal Guards, all unicorns, escorted me there. They allowed me to keep my bag since it contain the freezing gauntlet as well. The Guards looked at me with a bit of hostility.

I can guess that they were doing so to remind me of their authority but, according to what one of them said before, they weren't so used to going around in different hours outside the nocturnal ones. Geez.... They seemed so devoted to be near with Luna as much as possible. Or maybe they were just employed as Celestia's night backup? Who knows.

Yesterday, after Luna leaved me to sleep, I had made sure to hide the Orb, the shotgun and the cube containing the whole load of equipment for the Corpse Remodeling... That I hope to NOT have to do that ever again.

We traveled through the all of the castles, that were almost a maze for me. Just like freaking Anor Londo from Dark Souls, Canterlot Castle was a very majestic place. But for me, it looked like a prison to me. Not because of the towering architecture, but because of my own situation in which I stupidly put myself into.

In my opinion, if Twilight Sparkle is Celestia's protege, Then I must be Frank Leone from Lock Up. Only with major differences. Moving aside that sporadic note, we finally approached a double door with three jewels for each side column. That must be the entrance of the throne room.

"We are finally arrived," one of the guards said, sternly. "You better show respect to her."

"I got that." I replied, almost calmly.

Since I know Celestia being a half stereotypical ruler, I should know the drill: Bowing in front of her, being honest and never adulate her. Adulation is something that I'm not very fond of. The doors suddenly opened on their own which startled me a little bit. I had forgot that Celestia could use her magic to open doors from a certain distance from her throne.

Upon entering the room, I obviously saw Celestia sitting on her throne, waiting for me with her sister, Luna being on her right. Two Royal Guards were guarding nearby them, as it should be. Her face was a stern one, due to me being a complete stranger to her. We took a few steps toward the Rulers of Day and Night.

As we stopped nearby their presence, the Luna's guards turned around and slowly headed toward the exit. They then closed the door. Pure formality I will said. That wasn't the same thing for me since is my first time that I was convoked in front of them. With a almost resigned face I bowed in front of them as I was following my own mental script and looked reluctantly in Celestia's eyes.

They looked very stern but for some reason they were filled with a bit of perplexity, not knowing what to think of me. Luna must have probably told her about me being a stressed out fortune teller who saved Twilight from Vaelox, which my actual cover for the record.... but wait.

Oh, I forgot. I should also explain why I have this gauntlet. But to make the things more complicate, I may have to apologize to her for blasting her sister with the freezing projectile that I had shot to her. Sure, Celestia may be a benevolent goddess, but if something pissed her off, she will became a unstoppable fury. Like freaking Aganos.

I then looked at Luna, who looked more stern as her own sister. No surprise. I didn't expect her to have some sympathy for me. I looked back at Celestia's and then down to carpete, unable to keep my eyes on their own anymore.

I'm not this much afraid of them, but geez.... I'm still afraid to being found out of what I have done with her protege. The silence was becoming a little unnerving... Until Celestia started to talk.

"Violet Tower I presume." Celestia said, not showing any distrust.

"You said that." I said bluntly, glancing at her. "I'm the one that Luna talked about. I'm not even hiding my own involvement with the Night of two days ago."

I paused, looking briefly at Luna, who stared at me with a half glare, and then back to Celestia's.

"Look, Twilight would have talked about me as I was some kind of a villain. Actually-"

Celestia gestured me to stop. "There's no need for this kind of formality. I mean, Luna explained your role in this story to both Twilight and me?"

"What?" I said, chronologically confused.

"Yes. Luna informed Twilight about your story," Celestia said in a reassuring tone. "Still, how did you had obtained that gauntlet to begin with?"

"Allow me to explain that." I said.

Since I couldn't tell them about the Videogame Logic, I just said that I found that inside a grotto when I left my hometown who didn't exist. I also told them that Vaelox was the only one demonic entity and that upon returning to my hometown, I was met by other three entities who mistook me for some pony name Allen, hiding the fact that Allen was me.

"Not knowing the gauntle's powers, I just punched them with it." I continued, "From that day, I became a sort of misfortune pole."

Celestia and Luna exchanged each other looks, almost unconvinced but worried about them. Then they returned their attention to me.

"So you were the one who brought this Vaelox." Celestia assumed.

"Not intentionally." I said, almost nervous. "I only hope to find this Allen and convince him to spare me from this ordeal... But I doubt that I will even find him."

"You forgot one thing." Luna retorted. "What is the reason for him to knocking us out and moving Twilight's body in that cave?"

"He just wanted to use you as his own hostages," I lied, obviously. "Still, I don't know why but I think that moving Twilight in the beast's cave was his own way to pre-vindicate himself just in case he's defeated, which is kind of stupid and mean spirited... That is justified because he's a very stupid planer."

Celestia and Luna paused for a bit, which is great since even I need some pause to relax my nerves.

"Hopefully for me, they didn't know that I'm that Allen and that Vaelox was a 'emissary' of Granite Dagger. Also, I don't want even see what happen when Celestia will find out that I killed Twilight and resurrected her as a Zombie."

"So, that also implied that you had saved us, and Twilight from him." Luna said. "But you don't have even a proof that show to us that what you said is true, right?"

"You guessed it." I replied, massaging my forehead.

"However, I also heard the nurse who treated Twilight," Celestia said before half smiling. "Let's just say that I believe you."

"Really?" I asked.

"She is the only one capable to awake the Elements of Harmony," Celestia explained. "I couldn't even use them for a millennia. It's incredible what she was capable of. Equestria needed to see the Elements in their physical from once again... I shall thank you for having save us and Twilight."

"If you say so..." I said, almost embarrassed but then calmed down and changed the topic. "About the gauntlet?"

"You can keep that." Celestia said.

"Buuuuut.... Weren't the magical artifact supposed to-"

"You need that to defend yourself," Celestia interrupted. "However, just to make sure that you will not commit any crime with it, I had to put you under surveillance."

"U-under surveillance?" I said, almost stuttering.

"You need that, Violet," Luna said. "I also mentioned to her that I wasn't able to enter in your dreams."

"That is surely a thing that I wanted to find out... But not now." Celestia said, looking resigned. "I have some royal duty to do for now.

I take back what I said before. I'm exactly the pony equivalent of Frank Leone from Lock Up in this moment.

"Besides, I'm sorry to tell you," Luna said, being about to criticize me about something. "But you live in a mound. Is not very healthy of you."

Celestia blinked and then quickly looked at Luna and then at me, baffled.

"A.... A Mound?" Celestia said almost loudly, astounded by that statement.

Luna never mentioned that to her!?.....

"Is true," I said, picking up the gauntlet and putting it back in the bag.. "That was the only home that I found for free. Sure, there are no windows and the entrance has no door to close with. But hey, it was clean when I first stepped inside."

Celestia remained immobile for a second. Just like Luna, she was looking at me as I was some kind of insane pony, but without widening her eyes. She slowly put her hoof in front of her face and face hoofed, also slowly since it was wearing a metal shoe, if I can call that.

"I can't believe what I'm hearing in this moment," Celestia mumbled before returning to talk normally. "Did you mind if you sleep in one of our guest rooms?"

"Very nice, except that I want to avoid any kind of favoritism," I said, knowing that they probably won't let me go. "Besides, Twilight and her friends aren't so fond of me at the moment."

"My point is still standing," Celestia reminded. "I will put you under the vigilance of one of my guards."

"You mean... I'm under some kind of probation?" I asked.

"Look, I hate to make it sound like that," Celestia said. "But the demons that are after you would make some damage to our land. You will be tasked to get ride of your pursuers. I need to your help to prevent any incident. Which is why you are going to be escorted by one of my guards to watch over you and your progress."

I scratched my head, groaning silently. I wasn't expecting to get out without any kind of limitation, but is not pleasant to be watched for the whole time. Plus, I don't think that having a Royal Guard as a body guard is enough to keep the Granite Dagger's members from another universe at bay. A member of the cult, even in pony form, will pack a heavy punch on him.

The point is not having the guard to protect me, but the opposite.

"I had to act as your agent or something?" I asked, not liking the idea.

"I never said that," Celestia precised. "What you have to do is just keep them far away from Equestria and keep yourself out of the trouble. If you can."

That is kind of a pain for me but I can't even complain about that. Fight these alternate versions of my past enemies is my responsibility but... Man, I can't believe that I have to fight again.

"I'm sorry for putting this toll upon you," Celestia said, a little dismayed for that. "But if what you said is true, then you had to help us."

"And contribute to the society as well," Luna added. "Not in the way you expect."

"Well-" I interrupted, realizing just now what she said. "What?"

Celestia looked at the exit. I turned around and saw a red Royal Guard, who was almost large than Big Machitosh... I think. I thought that she was about to sent him first but...

"Lieutenant Photon Gladion," Celestia called.

"Yes?" Photon replied.

"Can you convoke Iron Lilly, right now?" Celestia asked.

The guard, Photon, nodded and galloped away from there... What kind of name was Iron Lilly anyway?

Wait, I think I got it. He must the androgynous type. He must be probably so severe that you will feel suffocating under her oppressive authority... I don't know. Maybe is a mare but in both cases, that will be unbearable.

After ten minutes in which I spent into answering to some of Celestia's sporadic questions about my whereabouts before my arrival at Ponyville, in which I made attention to not mentioning the graveyard or even Aunt Death, some pony finally entered the room.

That must be Iron Lilly. It is, unexpected to me, a mare. A light-blue, golden armored pegasus with a long violet mane. She looked, however, what I was expecting to be: Stern and zealous on it's own with eyes filled with a iron will, accompanied by a preview of no nonsense attitude. And she seemed to be in a foul mood. To sum up, she's going to be a very harsh one.

She putted herself next to me and bowed in front of the Princesses.

"Nice to see you, Lilly." Celestia said, pleasant.

"My pleasure, your majesty," Lilly said with a voice being in between a younger and a elder one, while bowing in front of them. "Is there something that I can do for you?"

"Allow me to explain this," Celestia started. "This is Violet Tower, the pony who saved our lives and these of the Six Elements of Harmony.... Apparently."

"Could you tell me what I have to do with him?" Lilly asked, sternly.

"Of course," Celestia then looked at Luna. "Sister, could you explain what we talked about before?"

"Well, yes, Tia," Luna said before looking at me. "I'm sorry but I have to do the recap. Try to not fall to sleep."

"No problem." I said, with boredom rising. "And that is part of the nuisance that is their royal duty."

Since they were explaining my own story and involvement all over again, I took my time to think about the absurdity of the Videogame Logic. I didn't found anything new in that, but that helped me to kill the time....

But now that I'm thinking about that, fighting thoes alternate cultists wouldn't be a problem without my real powers after all. Other than I have a gauntlet, I'm also a freaking ninja.

Hopefully, Celestia and Luna had synthesized their stories, somehow.

"Your role is to keep him in check and make sure that there wouldn't be any incident," Celestia specified. "Whatever happens to him or he's involved into, you had to report. If is not so urgent, you can do that after seven days."

"In other words, I have to take this guy under my custody." Lilly pause, glaring at me a little and the looking back to Celestia with a resigned face. "Are you this for real?"

"Is just for a short period of time," Luna said. "Nothing more."

"Well... Consider that done." Lilly said reluctantly.

"Good to know," Celestia said. "Just don't take your duty too much seriously as you do."

"I won't disappoint you." Lilly said, seemingly ignoring the later part of her speech before looking at me, almost coldly. "You better move."

That being said, we turned around and headed toward the exit. Despite being already irritated a bit for the I followed her without any complaint. Before leaving Canterlot Castle, I was asked to put a cloak to hide my identity. A humble beige one to be precised. All under her watch.

"You are not very talkative," Lilly commented. "Which is kind of reassuring since I don't want to hear your voice."

"Maybe I'm not talking because I'm feeling stressed?" I said sarcastically.

"Is a good thing that you are stressed this much," Lilly said in a crude way. "That serves to prepare your conscience."

"Excuse me?" I asked annoyed.

"Let me tell you this," Lilly proceeded to lecture me. "I never told to Celestia, but I'm not very fond of shady ponies like you. This apparent good light of yours doesn't work on me. And, as utter motivation, I won't have anything that compromises my own career. Try to create any problem and you are done for real. Got it?"

I took a moment to digest her sentence. Damn, when I heard the name Iron Lilly, I guessed that she was severe and very rigid. But her condescension and way to talk didn't give me any encouragement at all.

"Understood." I replied, narrowing my eyes.

I could had used my ninja abilities and kick her ass, but I rather avoid turning into a serious criminal at worldwide level during my third day.

After two silent hours of travel, we finally arrived nearby Ponyville. I won't even joking about, but her presence and behavior are both almost oppressive. I won't even bother to disturb her.

Besides It's almost lunch time. And speaking of lunch, that must be the Applebuck part. So.... Oh, no. I hope that the 'baked bad' is not happening right now.

"Now let me tell you another thing," Lilly said, this time a little less colder that before but still condescending as before. "I'm not the type who would negate your rights... Unless you make me do it. Besides, you look a little nervous... And you are right about that."

"Is just my own uneasiness." I replied, trying to remain calm.

"Is not difficult," Lilly said. "What you have to do is-"

Lilly interrupted her phrase upon seeing a pseudo devastation, consisting into wild rabbits eating the plants and crops of Ponyville's residents, while some of said residents laying on the grass. We also saw Sugar Corner being closed for 'food maintenance'. That means that Applejack's stubbornness already done some damage.

"What the hey just happened here?" Lilly said astounded before glaring at me. "Is that the work of one of the enemies of yours?"

"That won't be the case," I said. "Maybe is just somepony who let those rabbits go wild-"

"Don't play dumb with me." Lilly abruptly interrupted me.

"He's no lying." a mare laying on the street said, getting her attention. "We were suddenly overrun by those rabbits. Somepony must have panicked them!"

"But you weren't hurt, right?" Lilly asked.

"Yes, but-"

"Then why you were still laying on the ground!?" Lilly demanded, bluntly.

Taking the question in consideration, the mare and some others slowly rose up and leaved the area, whit a few of them looking sternly at her. Lilly remained impassive. At least I'm not the only one who has some difficulty to tolerate her.

I looked at the moving crowd to see if there was any other of the same facial opinion when I saw Fluttershy going toward us. I quickly looked away to prevent myself being recognized. Fluttershy was almost leaving our range. I was about to sigh mutely in relief but...

"Hey!" Lilly called her.

She obviously has show off her superiority at her, ... Or maybe is just because she want teach her, the Element of Kindness, the value of public decency. Especially since Fluttershy was kinda intimidated by her voice. I don't want being paranoid, but I think Iron Lilly wanted to be the Element of the LAW.

We headed toward Fluttershy, with Lilly being already prepared to give her dose of her authority.

"Is that rabbit yours?" Lilly asked, sternly.

"Well.... Yes." Fluttershy said meekly.

Lilly glared at her for bit, making her feel uneasy. I know how you feel, dude.

But that, I hope that is the case, lasted very shortly as her expression shifted into a very comprehensive and, weirdly enough, perplexed one

"Look, I apologize for that cold treatment," Lilly said, calmly. "But all those rabbits are wreaking havoc. What's worse, they are actually responsible for damaging food production and destruction of property. And since these animals are yours, you are responsible for them."

"I know," Fluttershy replied. "And I apologize for that. I will fix it somehow."

"I won't blame you for that," Lilly said. "But the residents didn't have the whole day."

"If you are trying to be a little nicer with her, then you fail miserably!!"

I'm so irritated that I wanted to talk her back, but I don't even want to be found out. Not to mention, Fluttershy would probably cringe upon being defended by some pony who was helping Nightmare Moon and then backstabbing her some seconds later. At least for now.

"Were these rabbits under your custody?" Lilly inquired.

"Actually, Applejack offered herself to help me of taking care of them in my absence," Fluttershy said. "However, she looked very sleepy... and pretty tired. I asked her if she was ok with that, she insisted that she can do that."

Lilly remain impassive for a moment, then her eyes widened as she lowered her head. She groaned almost quietly.

"I can't believe that," Lilly said, astounded by what she call stupidity. "Are gave the responsibility to somepony who wasn't in the right faculties to do this kind of job?"

"Actually, I tried to stop her but without any result," A awfully familiar voice said from a far.

"Oh, not her too."

Twilight Sparkle arrived on the scene. She was a little worried upon seeing Fluttershy being pressured by Iron Lilly. I hope she had a upper hand on her overly excessive authority.

"You are Princess Celestia protege I presume." Lilly said, almost coldly.

"Well, yes." Twilight replied.

"I'm sorry to ask you that, but what you know anything about Applejack's being involved in this mess?" Lilly questioned, bluntly.

"I will sum up in few seconds," Twilight said, calmly but visibly fed up of the situation. "Her way to handle her applebucking without even rest and my friends problems at the same time resulted that into over-propelled pegasus, practically poisoned plenty of ponies in the town through erroneous bakery, and terrorized bushels of these brand new bunnies."

Lilly stared at both the mares and slowly narrowed her eyes.

"I know that she's your friend," Lilly said with a comprehensive tone, a few seconds before she spins that around to lecture them. "But food poisoning, property damage and all of the chaos that she had caused because of her pride is a serious charge. Do you understand that?"

Both Twilight and Fluttershy looked crestfallen by her drill, but nodded their heads in understanding.

"Wait," Twilight halted her. "There's no reason to take it to the extreme. I will convince her to stop this practice, getting some rest and made her realize that she need help."

"Good, because I don't have the whole day." Lilly paused, sighing quietly before continuing with a less oppressive approach. "I don't have the right to ask you to forgive my rudeness, but I have to escort this inmate."

"Now that I'm noticing that-" Twilight started, but Lilly quickly interrupted that.

"None of your business," Lilly said before looking at me. "Move."

I silently followed her, while Twilight galloped in search of Applejack. As for Fluttershy, she tried to persuade the rabbits to leave Ponyville once again, but I doubt that will work. I don't want Lilly to see my face until I calmed myself down, because I'm currently pissed off in this moment.

I know that Applejack made some damage, but morally abusing of it's power on her friends because they failed to make her change her mind is not helpful at all. I, if I wanted, would have kicked her ass and chewed her up with a katana through Ninja Gaiden's shenanigans since I'm able to do so... But then I remembered that I want to avoid committing any act of violence or killing a pony again. Killing Twilight once is enough.

In the launch time, we stopped at the Boarder King. I was expecting it to be a sort of fast food with a creepy icon. But, much to my surprise, is just a tavern. The food here is more worthy than the actual fast foods. I saw Super Size Me, so I know what that means.

Lilly looked at me like I was weirdo, but I didn't gave a fuck a this point.

After that, we headed at my home, with Lilly constantly keeping that pseudo inquisitive attitude of her own. Though that diminished with the pass of the time, but that didn't helped that anyway. After a half hour, we finally had arrived.

Almost baffled by the fact that I live inside a mound, she stepped inside. I followed her while removing my cloak and saw her inspecting it. Hopefully she didn't know that I had hidden my other stuff under a hole that I had previously dug under the futon inside the stone coffin.

Speaking of grave silence, Lilly shook her head and turned toward me, being taken aback to see the coffin. At least for now, her zealously rigid composure was broken. I would had laughed for that, but I was too nervous to do so.

"What Princess Luna said is true," Lilly said, astounded. "You really live in such place like this?"

"You see that," I said. "This is the only home that I had found for free. I don't even know who built that and then forsake that in the middle of the wood."

Lilly looked away, shaking her head one more time. She removed her golden helmet, revealing the rest of her violet mane, which is pretty decent. The same thing cannot be said for her attitude. Lilly then returned her attention to me.

"I don't know if you are insane... or just don't know what your health really is." Lilly said, stupefied and glaring at me.

"I apologize, but I don't-"

"Cut the trap." Lilly interrupted. "I won't negate you the right to live in this place, but the deal is still the same. You will collaborate and get ride of your pursuer. You betray us and pay the consequences. I know that you may had saved Celestia, Luna and the Six Elements of Harmony, but you had also mentioned 'change the world'."

"It was a bluff." I precised.

"I hope so," Lilly said, distrustful. "Now do whatever you want, but you are not allowed to leave without my permission. Got it?"

"Understood." I replied before heading to the coffin and entering into it. "That was my first day with her and I'm already start to hate her... What the hell is her problem?"

Covering myself with my own blanket and laying on my futon, I took a nap. Lilly was simply standing outside the entrance, keeping her eyes on me for a handful of seconds or more before looking at the woods in front of her. The fact that the stone coffin was blocking my sight is weirdly consolatory since I don't want to see her face for while.

One hour passed, but I preferred to rest one more time. Iron Lilly, starting to get bored or even considering that she is wasting her time, groaned impatiently and mumbled something but I couldn't care in any case. I was falling into the sleep...

Until, like a cold shower, the familiar 8-bit sound ringed out of nowhere, startling me. At this point the three option's text box appeared on my right, but I was too scared about being found out that my own sleep that I had pressed the third option, once again without even watching.

Which is a big mistake. This time I didn't felt any mental changes, which means that I had obtained something else. Suddenly a amber sphere appeared in front of my face. Fearing already it's existence, I hide it under the pillow. I could had checked up the Black Orb to see what was the option... But not now. I had a winged bigot to convince.

And that was the problem.

"What was that sound!?" Lilly exclaimed.

Being sleepy should give me some advantage. With that cover, I slowly rose up and went out the coffin. I looked at Lilly, who seemed very upset for the sudden sound. Which almost scared me, but not this much due to my annoyance.

"Is there something wrong?" I said, still dazed.

"You better answer me," Lilly said. "What was that sound?"

"What are you talking about? I was sleeping." I replied.

"Don't play dumb with me." Lilly retorted, then paused to consider what I saw. "Maybe you are right, but that sound came from this coffin. Don't make me repeat again. What was that sound?"

I pulled out the sphere and showed it to her, pretending to had that in my possession for a long time.... Which is bullshit. Whatever that item is, I don't want have anything to do with it in any case.

"Whatever it is, is not my clock alarm," I lied. "I don't even know what it is. I found that in the forest just yesterday."

"That thing emitted that sound?" Lilly asked, .

"You can take that if you want," I said calmly, trying to give it to her.

But before she could even respond, the sphere emitted a strong flash of light before disappearing into nothingness, much to our shock. I don't know that just happened, but that utterly complicated my own situation. Lilly, obviously, glared at me.

"Are trying to making fun of me?" Lilly asked me with scorn.

"It wasn't intentional," I said, trying to defend myself. "I don't even know how it happened."

Lilly paused for a second, still staring at me with these stern eyes of hers. For the fifth time. And yes I counted because she never stopped doing that since we left Canterlot.

"Maybe you are right," Lilly said, calmed down a bit. "You didn't even close your eyes when that happened."

"Happy?" I asked, sarcastically. "Because you can still send me into some dungeon for what I care."

"No!" Lilly retorted, nervously. "If I do so-"

"Then the Gra- I mean- my enemies will threat Equestria unchecked," I interrupted, much to my internal glee. "And you are going to be degraded or even worst shunned, if not exiled because, if what I said is true, you will had neglected your duties. Right?"

Iron Lilly's hooves trembled. I could see her being conflicted. She wanted to get ride of me but didn't want to compromise her position. She then slowly pointed her hoof at me in accusation while struggling to remain calm, as trying to retain her half crumbled cold demeanor was imperative to her.

"Don't even try to use me, boy," Lilly said, angered. "Just because you are in a upper position on me, doesn't mean that you can take advantage of me. Twilight being Celestia's really spoiled protege was enough."

Ok, stop. Moral Hammer Time. Because I snapped.

"You know what? " I said. "For this whole day, I didn't do anything wrong to you or your carrier. You weren't even killed by the sphere. It's ok act according to your own duties. But right now you are just a authoritarian Epsilon Bitch to me!"

Her eyes widened as she gasped very quietly. I'm impressed by how much she tried to remain cold and yet her irritation was destroying her pretense.

"You dare to disrespect me!?" Lilly asked, angered.

"You deserve it," I responded, pissed. "Looking down to anyone who doesn't match your concept of law is just disproportionate. Especially with Twilight and Flattershy. Oh, and for the record, that includes treating me like shit for the entire day!"

"Beware!" Lilly warned. "Don't provoke me!"

"But I dare anyway," I continued, pointing my hoof at her. "If I can do that, I will just have to expose your idiocy in the most non-violent way possible: By turning you into the embodiment of your real, excessively stuck-up self!"

Without even warning me, like a file, normality stopped working. All because my hoof started to glow without me having noticed that and then... This happened.

A flux of black lightnings came out of my hoof and struck her body. She yelled before she collapsed while holding her stomach. That seriously scared me shitless, but ended up hurting her. I stared at my hoof, more shocked than before, but then shook off that distraction. I didn't know what happened, but that wasn't unnecessary. I had to check up her condition, hoping that didn't killed her. I don't want had to resurrect her as a Remodeled Corpse too.

I swiftly came out of the coffin with my bag and walked toward the distressed Lilly. Trails of steams raised from her coat, but for some weird logic, she didn't looked burnt or battered. Yeah, she was a bitch, but I don't want to have anymore victim.

"Are you alright?" I asked, worried.

She furiously slammed her hoof on the ground. Before I could even approach her Lilly suddenly gripped the sides of her head with her hooves and screamed, like she was trying to fight back something.

"What is... happening to me?!" Lilly yelled, distressed. "My head.... huuurts..... You had done something.... to meee. And youu... are asking me if i'm RIGHT!?"

I stared at her, suddenly realizing just now the obvious. That fucking amber sphere had something to do with this.

"You are fucking kidding me." I muttered almost calmly.

"No no no no no! NO! NO!" Lilly yelled, rising her volume for words.

Scared by that, I went out of my house and then returned my attention to her, watching the scene from the entrance. Grunting, Lilly remove her helm and tossed it against the wall. Her mental struggle continued, letting out pained screams. Then something really screwed up happened to her. A transformation.

But I'ts not the magical type. That is worth of 80's horror movies. Her light-blue darkened, her violet mane became a messy one, spikes slowly emerged from her hooves, her teeth became a little sharpened and her wings were covered in black crystallized scales. She wasn't even looking, due to being too busy dealing with her own mental crisis... Apparently.

As Lilly slowly stopped moving, her screams diminished in volume. She panted, trying to catch her breath. She slowly stood up, moaning in confusion... And then, just to creep me out some more, she let out at least two moans of pleasure.... And the returned to moan normally before becoming silent.

"Tell that has nothing to do with that level up shit." I murmured, knowing very well that is exactly what it is, but refused to believe that.

Lilly changed drastically, and is not just drastically. She seemed to had changed in personality as well. Something that i hoped wasn't real. A hope that was immediately thrashed by Lilly suddenly chuckling in a very upsetting way before laughing like a maniac.

"Lilly." I called, reluctantly. "How do you feel... exactly?"

Just in case she tried to attack me, I equipped my hoof with the freezing gauntlet. But for now, the only thing that I have to do for now is keep a eye on her. I don't know how I did that, but I turned her into some sort of a psycho. Lilly, who I'm now dubbing as Corrupted Lilly slowly went out the mound, revealing her now evil, maniacal face.

Someone kill me.... again.

"I feel like I never was for decades," 'Lilly' said. "In one word: ALIVE!"

"And for alive, that mean that I have screwed her up."

I took the distance from her. Really, if her presence was unbearable before, now is just really screwed up.

"Calm down," I said, recoiling. "That wasn't my intention."

"Oh, shut up! I don't even care!" C. Lilly shouted exultant. "I'm feeling so liberated. It's so good, ten times better than I was before... No! Even more than that. This is the real ME! I mean, it's not really retarded!? Trying to improve myself, swore loyalty to two asinine princesses, and doing miserable duties with no sign of recognition for my efforts! What a COP OUT!"

"Damn, lady!"

"It's disgusting, feeling so repressed makes feel so infuriated all over again!" C. Lilly continued her crazy monologue. "My parents and even some of my superiors! All those idiots forcing what they want me to be without even thinking twice! They didn't even have the decency to REWARD ME! Now I understand what... Wait, nevermind. Luna is even dumber!"

C. Lilly stooped, looking upwards with a very lunatic face. She slowly lowered her head and shot her gaze one me, smirking with deviant joy. Now I'm seriously cringing. This is very disturbing. Compared to this, Fifty Shades of Gray is just a average Z-Movie.

"And then they tasked me to keep a eye on you," C. Lilly said. "Just because various entities were endangering Equestria to hunt you down. You hate me for how I mistreated you and others? Well guess what. I hate all of you from the very start. But Ironically, you gave me this gift. I'm so grateful to you."

I remained immobile as if frozen, taken aback from her words. I refused to believe what I heard.

"WHAT!?" I shouted, baffled.

"I love you!" C. Lilly said, madly "I LOVE YOU! I LOVE YOUUUU!!!"

I remained in silence, paralyzed by the terror. And is not that of the frenzy of the demonic pegasus guard in front of me. There is another reason for that.

"I've fucked up again." I face hoofed. "Big time."

"C'mon," C. Lilly teased. "Let me give you a taste of love that you hate to love!"

"What does that even-"

"But hey, you are not in this kind of things, right?" C. Lilly interrupted me, suddenly changing attitude before flapping her scale covered wings and raising above. "In that case, you can GET LOST!! I'm sick of your face! DIE!!"

That being said, C. Lilly flew toward me, not even giving a damn about the consequences. And is a stupid mistake since I already pointed my gauntlet equipped hoof toward her as she was getting closer and shot my freezing bullet at the last second. Her body was quickly freezing, her face shifted into a confused one as the freeze was finally completed.

The frozen maniac collapsed on the ground, but she didn't broke up, fortunately. I let out a heavy sigh and tried to calm myself down, but I doubt that rush of adrenaline would even allow me that. Freaked out, I glanced at the frozen mare, whose menacingly appearance combined with the ice made her resemble a infernal sculpture.

The scare slowly died off, giving the place to my own frustration.

"Perfect, just when I hoped that this story of mine couldn't get any worse," I muttered. "Once again I didn't paid attention to my action. Let me see what I had selected this time."

I hastily rummaged into my bag and pulled out the Black Orb to examine my progress. What I discovered is pure evil. The third choice that I had selected is very scary for me.

Allen Nitrol
Level: 4
Abilities aquired so far:
-Corpse Remodeling
-Ryu Hayabusa's abilities
-Corrupter:Item with the power to twist any living creature and transforming into something devastating according to the owner's preferences.

"So that's what happened to her." I murmured looking at her while putting the orb back in the bag. "The amber sphere actually gave it's powers to me. And then I was arguing with Lilly, I had also said that stuff about turning her into the embodiment of her real self... I had corrupted her."

Without wasting anymore seconds spacing out, I dragged the frozen corrupted Lilly and hide her in the biggest bush that I could find. And man if she was really heavy to carry. Maybe I should had hidden her in my house, but I'm afraid that she would suddenly unfreeze herself and then attack me... I won't even risk.

Next, since I didn't eat anything for dinner, I ninja ran toward Sweet Apple Acre to find some apple undisturbed. Which is kinda difficult since Applejack had already completed the harvest. And yes, that count as stealing. Fortunately I don't have to since I found one outside the orchard and took it with me. Moral jurisdiction versus apple mark... Ok, that was random.

I returned to my mound... Or house. Yeah, whatever. Once arrived, I ate my apple and, as the stunt suck that I am, I started to do some ninja acrobatics to distract myself from the problem. After two hours of 'extreme' jogging, I entered the coffin and put my body under the blanket. I tried to close my eyes, but nervousness blocked the entrance to the dreamland. All that horrible experience ruined my sleep. Eventually, I managed to close my eyes... after FOUR HOURS!

I may have screw up with my own idiocy, but there's still some one that I could blame for this.


In the following day, I woke up, dizzied because of my brain chemistry being a little messy, along with my senses. Now I'm the one in foul mood. Coming out of the mound, I was greeted by a wave of heat. That make sense since is summer.

I then realized that would be a real issue for the situation in which I was now. I headed toward the big bush in which I had hidden the frozen corrupted Lilly. But in my arrival, much to my horror, she was gone. I glanced at the water pool in front of me. That hint wasn't a good one.

"The ice has melted," I commented with a grim tone. "That can't be good. I had to search for her, but there's still the classic question... WHERE!?"

If I had to hunt her down, I had to disguise myself with my cloak first. I doubt that will work but that I hope so. I ran with the invisibility and looked in every part of Ponyville, including the sky, but with no result. During my galloping, I had noticed Gilda being here. I know what Is going on but that was the lowest priority. I had a monstrous pegasus to track down.

Failing to find her there, I headed toward the train stations. Unfortunately, the trains won't depart because of a problem concerning the engines. I could at least use my ninja ability to climb the mountain to enter in Canterlot, but is too high. Plus. I think is also heavily guarded.

Empty handed and frustrated to no end, I made return to my house. I traveled through the woods. I wasn't even running at this point. I was too tired. I know that leaving her on loose was a moronic idea, but I had no clue of where she is.

"Fucking reward, I'm still not used to this and yet-" I was complaining until I heard a female voice screaming in the distance. "What the hell?"

The scream came from where I was heading. I galloped very fast, putting aside my fatigue. In my arrival, I was met by what was going to be a lucky shot and simultaneously a bad moment. I was looking at C. Lilly holding Gilda by the neck with her claws and was about to beat the shit out of her, in front of my mound. Now that is pure heavy stuff.

"W-wait!" Gilda shouted, freaked out. "Listen... There's no reason to treat me like that. But... Now that I'm thinking about, aren't you supposed-"

"The hell my morality as a Royal Guard!" C. Lilly shouted. "I'm after you because you seemed to be so sure of yourself about being so much cool than anypony else. Are searching for approval? How about no? It is the case because I'm going to crush you!!"

"Somepony stop this madmare!!" Gilda screamed, distressed.

Not wanting anymore victims, I put on my gauntlet and advanced toward her.

"Hey!" I shouted, causing C. Lilly and Gilda to turn their eyes at me. "Let her go. Is not like she was responsible as well of your psychological misery."

"Ooooh, look who's back. Mister impudence," C. Lilly replied, looking at me with almost twisted, dreamy eyes that made me cringe some more. "Why the hell you want to save this moronic bully?"

"Let's just say that I have my own reason that I won't tell anyway," I replied, half pissed. "Now let her go."

"Do you think that I will do as you please?" C. Lilly retorted, glaring at me.

"It's order!" I shouted, trying to sound authoritarian.

I was about to shot her with gauntlet but then something stranger happened. Her eyes widened in a grotesque awe. Her face shifted into a very confused one. Her grip on Gilda slowly loosened until the griffon was released. Not exactly: Gilda just fell roughly to the ground and moaned pained. She should had got away from there, but was too paralyzed by fear to do so or even think. C. Lilly looked at me with a blank stare and the bowed in front of me for no reason.

"Forgive my impudence... Master." C. Lilly said, humbly.

A very akward silence fell upon the scene. That is getting even more ridiculous. C. Lilly was about to kill me and now she suddenly became subservient to me? Why I'm starting to think that the Black Orb is a bad manual for the abilities.

"M-Master?.... What are you talking about!?" I demanded, ignoring Gilda's confused face.

"I didn't told you, but I'm under your command," C. Lilly replied, almost meekly.

"I don't believe you. You tried to kill me yesterday!" I muttered.

"Because you never ordered me to stop." C. Lilly responded.

Not knowing if she Is trolling me or is just being insane on her own, my rage was about to rise along with the heat of my body. Every pranks, voluntary or not, must have a end. And I will bring it.

"Said that again," I said, sternly and still pissed as I headed toward her.

"Because you never ordered me to stop," C. Lilly repeated. "Look, I thought you were pretty pathetic, but seeing you having the guts to order me around is quiet-"

"Yeah, yeah. Thank for the info but..." I paused, now being closer to her. "Said that again."


I shot the freezing projectile that whizzed past her ear and ended up hitting the ground nearby the mound, scaring her a bit. She stepped back, a little afraid of me. I was mentally surprised and yet confused by her sudden change of behavior due the Corrupter's power not being explained very well, but I was very pissed off to mind that in that moment.

"Say that AGAIN!" I screamed, "I dare you! I double.. NO, I triple dare you, Charon fucker! Say that one more Tartarusian TIME!!"


"You know what? Scratch that," I said, calming down and breathing heavily. "Now... If you are really my servant, I suggest you to remain here and do nothing."

"As you wish, master," C. Lilly said, lowering her head in sign of respect.

"Great, now I looked like a real bad guy. What's next: I'm going to hijack Amaterasu Unit? Cloning Discord? Becoming the Gear Maker? Seriously. Anything is possible at this point."

After that drill, I returned my attention to Gilda, who looked quite disturbed by the whole scene. I can't blame her for that. I slowly advanced toward her. She slowly recoiled, not knowing if she can trust me.

"Before you are going away let me remind you one thing," I said. "This pony in front of you saved your ass. The minimum that you can do is to show some gratitude, by not telling to anypony about what happened here... Got it?"

Gilda gulped, probably intimidated by my own Pulp Fiction-esque performance. I don't even care. She allowed herself to be a asshole with Fluttershy... But she cannot do that with me. I'm not become arrogant for power, I'm just in a very foul mood.

"Y-yes." Gilda said, reluctantly and embarrassed. "I won't tell to anypony. I promised."

"Good." I replied, satisfied. "Now go lamize yourself."

Gilda stood up and flew away, already trying to forget about what happened. My only preoccupation is that would influence her future reformation, but for now that isn't a problem. The other problem was now trying to return Lilly back to normal. I have to.

But first, I want have some fun for tomorrow.

Next morning after that day. I headed toward Ponyville, still cloaked, turned invisible, gauntlet equipped and being all alone. I previously instructed C. Lilly to remain nearby my mound. I'm still unable to find a cure for her condition. I have to find that or Celestia will start to ask why she wasn't reporting to her.

For now, I wanted to have some fun on my own. I had arrived in front of a crowd of ponies nearby a stage where, as I had predicted, Trixie Lullamoon already 'massacred' Applejack, Rainbow Dash and Rarity with her tricks and had verbally humiliated Twilight Sparkle, who refused to confront her. Without Trixie even notice that and due to me being invisible, I entered the stage, remaining distant from her. I watched Twilight running away from them, which symbolized my start.

Time to humiliate this one. Trixie, nothing personal. Is just that you where a douchebag in your early time.

"Ha!" Trixie said. "Once again, the Great and Powerful Trixie has proven herself to be-"

"The biggest waste of time I ever seen in my life!" I said with a lowest voice before coming out of the invisibility.

As I made my appearance in front all of the present ponies, the crow reacted in newfound surprise . I heard the audience commenting the scene in amazement, but I was too busy to look at Twilight who immediately stopped and turned around to see what's going on. She looked at me, but she didn't recognized me, thanks to this cloak. I then looked back at Trixie, who quite taken aback for the surprise, trying to regain her composure and pretending is not a big deal.

I could see her face slowly shifting in annoyance. Trixie wasn't very happy that I stole her spotlight and then insulted her method. No fame was the reason, but humiliation.

"You called my powerful magic a waste of time?" Trixie inquired.

"I'm not even apologizing for that," I replied, still with the lowest voice. "Your concept of magic is pure sacrilege."

"What!?" Trixie said, alarmed. "You dare to insult the Great and Powerful Trixie like that!? You won't get away this easily! If you want to challenge me, you are free to try!"

"This is the Chinese against the Chinese." I said, trying to confuse her. "You are playing the Game of Death!"

Trixie flinched, almost freaked out upon hearing those words. This sudden reaction is very appropriate since she never faced serious opponents. What I didn't count was the public's reaction to my words, who took my own Ninja Dragon reference as a death warranty. Maybe I should be wary with the words next time since they are now thinking that I am a assassin.

"T-Trixie has no idea of what you mean," Trixie said, visibly nervous. "Besides, nopony wanted to see some scary stuff like that."

"Oh, don't worry about that," I assured her. "The minimum that I can do is to freeze you without you having realized yet."

"Oh, please," Trixie scoffed nervously. "There's no-"

I didn't let her finish that I dashed like the lightning with my gauntlet ready to shot. As I whizzed past her, the bullet already struck her, freezing her in a instant. I stopped nearby the edged of the other side of the stage in a samurai like position. A big chorus of gasps and incredulous eyes coming from the crowd greeted the frozen magician.

I glanced at Twilight, who looked with suspicion at me. The same thing could be said for Appleajack, Spike and Rainbow Dash. Rarity, on other hand, continued to sob for her messed up mane in front of a house far away from the stage, courtesy of Trixie. I turned toward the frozen mare and waited. That means that I had to hurry.

"Now guys," I said to the public. "If she is this 'Great and Powerful', she shouldn't have no problem to unfreeze herself, right?"

Thirty second passed. Obviously nothing happened.

"I'm waiting." I said, with a mocking tone.

A entire minute passed without any result. The public started to doubt about Trixie abilities and was about to complain.

"Is this some kind of fraud?" A one of the crowd said.

"Is her fame all made up?" Another one said.

"You know what? Screw it." I said in boredom before putting in front of the frozen Trixie's right side and punched it with the gauntlet.

The ice started to crack, and shortly after, that immediately shattered into pieces, releasing Trixie. The magician collapsed on the ground, dazed and coughing to catch her breath. She turned her head toward me and saw me being in front of her, which startled her. She looked around in confusion.

"What happened?" Trixie asked, panicking. "How did you do that? Are you telling me that you had really frozen me? What? WHAT!?"

"That should be obvious to you." I said, arrogantly. "You just got owned."

I turned around and walked away from the stage.

"What the heck does that even mean!?" Trixie shouted, incredulous.

No, I don't even want to reply. She don't deserve it. I was about to walk out scott free. This until Twilight's voice caught my intention.

"I'ts Violet Tower!" Twilight shouted from behind me.

"Oh, shit." I murmured with my own normal voice.

"We had finally found you!" Applejack said.

"Let's get him!" Rainbow Dash said, probably flying toward me.

Too bad for them that I had Ninja Gaiden's mcguffins. I threw a gas bomb on the ground. As the smog induced them to stop their run, I had confused myself with it and galloped away as fast as I could. Great, now I have to find another disguise for the next time.

After a travel of thirty minutes, I had finally reached my mound were C. Lilly was waiting my return with a devious expression, after having chewed up and devoured a apple... That is weird. Now that I'm thinking about... did she stole them Applejack's farm!?

"Welcome back, master," C. Lilly said. "Is anything that I can do for you? Or I can just revel in my own freedom at my heart content?"

"Please, be quiet," I said, tired. "I need to think."

"About what?" C. Lilly asked confused.

"Probably something to fix your situation," I replied, rudely. "Can you just-"

A idea struck my mind. I think her transformation can be reverse. I don't know if the Corrupter can actually remove the her corruption. But I had to test that somehow, because otherwise some of her superiors will start a investigation. I raised my hoof toward her and concentrated, causing my hoof to glove. Now there's the second phase.

"Wait, what are you doing!?" C. Lilly shouted, startled by that.

"Just go back to normal." I replied one second before unleashing the flux of lighting bolts at her.

Struck by that, C. Lilly collapsed on the ground. She started to scream, gripping her head with her hooves as her transformation began. I'ts the same scene, but in reverse. She struggled with a force going through her head, as the scale on her wings and her claws disappeared, her mane returned normal and her dark blue coat returned to be a light-blue one.

With her transformation being completed, she panted. She released her hooves from her head and then glared at me. That means that Iron Lilly is back. Judging by her face, she knew what happened to her or what she had done, and is not happy about that. But I didn't reacted this much, knowing to be screwed from the start.

"I'm in serious trouble, isn't it?" I said, impassive.

"Yes. Yes, you are." Lilly said, infuriated."I will make you pay for what you did to me."

"I could insist that your transformation was accidental," I said, trying to convince her. "But since you won't even believe me, I could still surrender. I won't even stop you."

"Really?" Lilly, said angered, but mostly confused. "No even giving much of resistance... You are going to screw with me again, right!?"

"Nope," I responded. "I will surrender. Is not like I even wanted to commit any crime or even possessing some evil power of the last minute."

At least, that was the truth saw by a point of view.

"Don't even think-" Lilly was about to say something, but her anger slowly dissipated for her face, being then replaced by confusion.

Her shocked eyes were staring at me. That makes me feel uncomfortable at first, but I think was remembering something else. I should ask her if is there something wrong, but I preferred to remain silent as she was trying to make sense in whatever it crossed inside her head.

"So?" I said.

"That flux of lightnings that struck me... Is really accidental?" Lilly asked, not knowing what believe.

"It is. I didn't even know how it happened," I responded.

Lilly took a moment to regain her mental composure and then spoke again. What does surprises me was her face being a genuinely humble one instead of the excessively stuck-up one.

"Judging by these blurry memories you looked very scared as I wasn't myself during that time," Lilly said before facehoofing. "But that doesn't mean that now is alright. I can't believe that I was even for a short time subservient to a civilian."

"How many times I have to tell you?" I muttered. "Is not my fault!"

"But it is for me." Lilly muttered. "In the period of three days in which I was without any restraint, you had humiliated me! And the worst part is that I cannot even arrest you before having verified what kind of a threat these demonic entities are."

"In that case, let's make a deal," I proposed. "After we have dealt with my enemies, if they can be dealt without my help, you can arrest me even send me into the Tartarus for what I care. Happy?"

Lilly took a moment to considerate that option, thought that something doesn't add up to my reasoning for her.

"You know what Tartarus is, right?" Lilly asked.

"I look like a evil pony to you, so what's the problem?" I asked.

"You must hate life really hard to desire something so extreme like that." Lilly commented, apparently confused. "However, is up to Celestia doing this, not you."

"Any prison is fine for me... Just not see your face." I admitted.

The female guard glared at me and then looked down, sighing heavily in resignation.

"You won," Lilly said. "I will keep your secret... for now."

"Well, thank you for that," I replied, one second before she grabbed my face. "Hey!"

"But keep in mind," Lilly threatened. "If you spoke of what I had unwittingly done and the humiliation that I had endured to anypony, I will outright ruin your life without any remorse... got it?"

Her face was a deadly serious one, but her eyes were telling something else to me. There was a glimpse of desperation that begged me to not do that. I was tempted to grin, but I preferred avoiding that... And speaking of avoiding something.

"SHIT! Twilight would had probably referred to Celestia that I had frozen Trixie during her pretentious show."

"Don't worry, I had also remembered you saying something about humiliating some wizard," Lilly assured, reluctantly. "I will doing something to cover you up.... But just for once."

"Fair enough." I replied.

After a few second, Lilly released her grip on me. I turned toward the entrance of the mound and walked in.

"You are not going to sleep, right?" Lilly asked, sternly.

"Not at all," I said, heading to the coffin. "It's early afternoon."

Sleeping wasn't in my program in that moment. I just wanted to see if the corpse remodeling cube and the shotgun were still in the hole under my futon, and they are.

I passed the rest of the time being escorted by Iron Lilly since she has also some other duties to do. I was still cloaked, this time wearing a red one. And I was lucky if Twilight and her friends didn't had noticed me. We had encountered a duo of pegasi royal guards who were also her subordinate.

Which is kinda handy since she instructed them to inform Celestia about a cloaked figure having stole my gauntlet. Lilly didn't talk to me during that time. She didn't even looked me in the face. I think she was embarrassed, but I would exclude that. Let's just said that Lilly didn't want to see my face. Now that is mutual if I consider the way she treated me before.

I should had know that the Corrupter has also the power to reverse the effects. Now I'm feeling really stupid to not have done it before, in that night. In my defense, I can tell that I was too afraid of her corrupted form to think... Or maybe I just making excuses.

Next Level Up:

1)Shadow Blade: A sword with the power to control the shadows.

2)Berseker Injecter: Twisted object used to turn any living creature into a nearly unstoppable killing machine.

3)DNA Twister: Odd item with the power to alterate someone's dna correctly, according to the owner's preference.

Author's Note:

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