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MLP - New Game Plus Postmortem - Reizthefakebrony

You know the gimmick about human being ponyfied and brought into the canon of the show. But, there's some kicker. A boy, Allen, goes indeed in Equestria...... FROM THE GRAVE! Side effects: Medium Plot Bending, Black Humor, and Videogame Logic.

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Complications and Invitations

I slowly woke up from my slumber and turned my head to left. My sight was little blurry due to me being half sleepy, but there was darkness in front of me with a light above.

But then I remembered: I slept in a futon inside a topless stone coffin.

Sleeping as a quadrupedal creature leaved me a very strange impression, but I'm surely going to get used to. That wasn't a problem. That is going to be my second day of my new life in Equestria.

That is going to be a normal adventure.... I thought at first. This until I remembered a very awful truth, which my mind ranged the alarm about that.

"Normal adventure my ass! Yesterday happened! The revenge of Nightmare Moon was piloted, I fought a alternate version of a member of Granite Dagger, the organization that I fought when I was alive, I then accidentally killed Twilight Sparkle, and worse of all, I had resurrected her as a pseudo Zombie through Corpse Remodelling!"

Being mentally pressed my own preoccupations about my involvement in this story, I picked up my bag and slowly came out of my stone coffin.

I was about to go to the outside, but not before I had the opportunity to take a look to the black orb that Aunt Death gave to me. I rummaged in the gray bag and noticed the black orb being illuminated with a dim green light.

I took a look at it and I found out that is actually a RPG Styled glowing text box, like the one that I saw back in Castle of the Two Sisters. What was written on it was, always talking about Videogame Logic, my progresses.

Allen Nitrol
Level: 2
Abilities aquired so far:
-Corpse Remodeling

"Corpse Remodeling.... Yeah, don't remind me of that," I muttered. "I still pissed for having been forced to do it. Why in the fuck, of all the resurrection methods you made me choose Corpse Remodeling!?"

The only positive side, thank god, is that I managed to make her look as normal as possible during her resurrection thanks to the so called Videogame Logic... Not that was of any help to me.

I paused and calmed out. I mean, It's natural for me to worry about my own morality, but stressing myself any further will only ruin my day.

"Alright... Like yesterday, remaining her will not doing anything good. So let's go doing something... But what thing?"

Clueless about what to do, I went out the mound that was supposed to be my new home and wandered in the woods. Walking four legged wasn't too hard, but I missed being able to put some maneuvers that only bipedal creatures can do such as doing tricky acrobatic jumps or even flipping backwards.

I'm kind of a sucker regarding free style and extreme sport stunts. And no one should even get me started about the time I had my own powers.

I was fantasizing about my former hobbies, a atrocious doubt about Twilight struck my mind.

"I have forgot about that!" I said slightly panicked, face-hoofing heavily. "I have to check her out absolutely. Let's see, today is Ticket Master'o Clock?... Whatever, first stop is the hospital. It's kind improbable that the event of that episode would happen in a moment like this."

I headed toward Ponyville while trying to not get spotted by one of the Mane Six. Since I acted like a backstabber after being recruited by Nightmare Moon, courtesy of Vaelox from the ultimate universe; I doubt that they will forgive me. Especially Rarity, who tagged me as the Anti-Christ of the fashion.

I arrived nearby the Hospital to see if Twilight was still there. I took a look a the window of the room in which she was supposed to be. But she wasn't there anymore. Hoping not for the worst, I entered into the building and approached Redheart, who was just there in the right time.

"Excuse me." I said, getting her attention.

"Oh, it's you." Redheart said. "Look, If you want to see if Twilight is alright, Then I'm informing you that she was dismissed this morning."

"Dismissed?" I asked, confused.

"Of course," she confirmed. "We checked about her conditions. Outside some strange, brief migraines, she's actually fine."

"Thank you," I said. "I have to go now. I have some business to take care off."

I walked away from the hospital, but not before glancing back to her puzzled face. Redheart was probably thinking that I'm some weirdo. I couldn't blame her for that. I wasn't acting natural In these days,

"I never thought that Twilight could have recovered from the post resurrection side effect very quickly," I murmured, but then shivered in horror for that statement of mine. "Just thinking about my surgical intervention on her body again made feel very unclean."

Knowing where they could be, I traveled in 'stealth mode' to Sweet Apple Acre and walked among the orchard undisturbed. I saw most of them being emptied of the apples, which means that Applejack has already done part of her job.

That seemed like improbable since Twilight wouldn't be there since she was recovering from the intervention.

I arrived at the orchard and hidden myself inside a bush, not wanting be spotted out by no one.

I observed the scene Rainbow Dash and Applejack were already arguing about who is gonna take Twlight's extra ticket to the Grand Galloping Gala, the biggest social event in the whole Equestria. If social media were in this world, than this ceremony will have even less reasons to exist.

They then started to do hoof-wrestling for the extra ticket, until Twilight's broke them up to interrupt their quarrel, but then... This happened.

"Girl! I would remind you that these -" Twilight was about to say anything but, as she slammed her hooves on the log, they smashed through the log, creating two holes inside of it and leaving some cracks.

Twilight realized that after one second after hearing it's cracking sound and looked her hooves in shock. Applejack and Rainbow Dash looked at the scene incredulous.

Now I'm really horrified for that since that confirmed my fears. It's seems like that during my attempt to resurrect I managed to make her look like normal, but I didn't considered the physical factor.

If someone is brought back as a Remodeled Corpse, it has it's physical strength and endurance being enhanced as well. Although I made sure to make her look like normal, I wasn't able to mitigate her increased physical abilities.

"Her life is still fucked up," I commented quietly before facehoofing very hard.

Rainbow Dash and Applejack were baffled by that while Twilight was utterly incredulous. Is quite understandable since she never displayed such strength in her life, that consisted sorely in the study of magic.

"I swear..... I am as astounded as you are," Twilight said, still incredulous. "I mean, That-."

"Twi, don't worry, We believe you," Applejack assured, meekly. "Is just... Ah wasn't expecting ya to be that stronger."

"But this never happened to me." Twilight said.

"Wait a minute," Rainbow Dash said. "Couldn't this have something to do with the Elements of Harmony?"

"I doubt about that," Twilight replied unsure. "I know that will sound pretty weak as a answer, but the books didn't mentioned anything about me having gained this absurd strength. Is not like I'm suddenly able to lift a boulder."

"I don't even see you doing that," Rainbow Dash said, finding that ridiculous. "It's quite improbable."

"I know." Twilight agreed.

"There is one thing that doesn't add up," Applejack said, pondering about that. "After we had turned Princess Luna back to normal, that mysterious force suddenly attacked us. While we were unconscious-"

"I know what are you referring to," Twilight interrupted. "My body was moved somewhere else. The stranger thing was that brief, burning pain that seized my body and the migraines that I had when I was in the hospital."

Figures, they started to talk about what happened yesterday. What they don't know was that Vaelox attacked them and used them as hostages to use against me. Fortunately he was a very stupid kidnapper who wasn't capable at all to make a proper hostage situation.

Then, regarding Twilight having the migraines was probably due to the fact that I had to connect her original horn with that of the head of the clone that I used to fix her. During the... Corpse Remodeling, I saw that her horn acted as a backup memory center, where all the experiences, memories and her own magic were stored. That part was a real pain.

And now I'm feeling unclean. Again.... Wait.

"Now that I'm recalling, Nightmare Moon recruited as her personal hitman until I turned against her. And since she was purified, she will...!"

I stopped my pondering, having realized that Celestia will probably ask Luna about my involvement or Luna will tell her about that. In both cases, they will start to investigate my wherebouts.

"OH, NO!!"

"It's just my theory but... something happened to me in between passing out and waking up in the hospital." Twilight paused. "Can we talking about that later, please?"

"Sure," Applejack said, nodding. "Also, you don't have to worry about that extra ticket."

Not wanting to eavesdropping any further, I turned around and tried to walk away from the there. But, like a undesired plague, the familiar 8-bit sound ringed out of nowhere again, getting their attention.

To add salt in the injury, the RPG styled text box colored in green appeared on my right with anticipation. It looks like I had leveled up without me having done anything... In the wrong moment.

There are also the three rewards to choose, just like yesterday but I didn't have the time to take a quick look at it so I rapidly pressed the first option above without even reading it, making the box disappear.

Just like the last time, I instantly found myself knowing about everything related to that reward. In this case are about what I didn't expected to know: Ninjutsu, Mixed Martial Arts, Weapon Mastery, ecc. Of course all of these abilities does not include the worst and cliched kind of ninja stereotypes that you could find in any Godfrey Ho movie.

The mare's voices snapped me back to reality.

"What was that sound?" Twilight demanded.

"That sounds was a weird one." Rainbow Dash, startled.

"I don't know if find this creepy or unique." Spike commented.

"Hey! Who's there!? Come out!" Applejack yelled, looking at the bush in which I was hiding myself before.

Without even thinking, I turned around and ran away as fast a I could. Differently from yesterday, I became slightly more fast as I previously was. I hidden myself behind a tree and glanced behind. I noticed them being pretty much far from getting closer to me.

Exploiting their distance, I put rose up on my two legs and tried to do a ninja run, which seemed impossible for someone stuck in a equine body. I started running and, much to my surprise, it really works. I never end up stumbling. And most of all, my speed was doubled.

"I don't know where you are, but I know how to catch you!" Rainbow Dash's voice echoed from behind me.

Since she can still reach me, I hidden myself inside another bush and performed one of the techniques that I happened to have apprehended: Invisibility.

Technically is more like a camouflage technique since I turned my body of the same color as the bush and the grass beneath it.

After nine minutes, Twilight, Applejack, Rainbow Dash and Spike finally reached my position. They looked almost tired and breathed very heavily, except maybe for Applejack due to her having a great stamina, but still...

Applejack took a look at the bushes. She didn't had realized yet, but her eyes were looking directly into my own. I forced myself to not breath and remained mute. She then gave up and looked somewhere else.

She may be gone from my trajectory, she and her friends were still there.

"Ah didn't even saw his face." Applejack muttered. "Let's take a look over there."

They leaved me be without even known that I was there in that moment. I finally sighed in relieve and took a deep breath before returning being visible again.

I rummaged in my bag and took a look at the black orb, this time displaying a update of my progresses, including what reward I had choose before my escape.

Allen Nitrol
Level: 3
Abilities aquired so far:
-Corpse Remodeling
-Ryu Hayabusa's abilities: The ability to emulate any single move, skill and mcguffin from Ninja Gaiden

"Are you kidding me?" I said, slightly surprised. "So that Is where all that ninja knowledge came from."

At this point I couldn't help but feel a little exalted. I can practically do all my former hobbies again, only better. But then I became a little discouraged to do that since that abilities that I learned from the Videogame Logic bullshit made feel that I was cheating on that. I was a little conflicted about that.

After a minute of reflection, I putted aside that conflict.

"Oh, screw it. I have returned from the gray in a new form, so why I should be complaining about that?" I paused. "But not now. I think I will go home in this moment. I have done too much damage since yesterday."

I wanted to make some test about that, but I wasn't in the mood at all to do that. I leaved the orchard and ran my way at home, two legged and running at a very fast pace.

Arrived nearby my own mound, I returned two legged and walked toward the entrance. I was thinking at that sudden level up. That didn't add up.

Until I had realized one thing.... Maybe that Corpse Remodeling that I have done on Twilight count as a way to raise my level. That couldn't be the case but is kinda possible.

So possible that made me cringe.

"I just going to sleep again," I said. "That would be lazy but hey... I know what could possibly happen. It's the ticket thing. Maybe that 'increased strength' wouldn't compromise Twilight's adventures."

Since is still morning, I spent most of my time to test my newfound ninja abilities in so many ways. Including jumping from the top of a tree after another, learning some new stealth trick, put some martial art moves into practice, and of course, done any type of free style movements. That is dancing or just go apeshit with trying to screw with the limits, I'll just do that.

Evening finally arrived. I was a little tired off after all that moving around, if not bored. I didn't even ate anything during that wasted time.

But I didn't cared at this point. I was pondering about what to do the next day since Celestia will probably go after me, right after she heard Luna's testimony about my own involvement.

"I have done enough damages for now," I said, slightly crestfallen. "I think I should move away from there, tomorrow. But for now, I will just take my time to think about that before Celestia will start the Investigation.

I entered in my house and stepped inside the stone coffin. I lay down and covered my own body under the black blanket before putting my head on the pillow. I slowly closed my eyelids, but I was then stopped by some doubts regarding Twilight's compromised normality.

"For the love of... Let's just said that if something grave happened to her, I will bring myself into justice and try to fix my screw up," I said to myself. "But for now... I think I should leave her to Celestia's best judgement."

I closed my eyes again and after two minutes of struggles, I finally managed to get some sleep.

"That's it!?" Aunt Death voice ranged in the pitch black darkness. "Are you kidding me!? I saw sleeping sequences that are more justified and convincing than yours."

"Just shut up," I said. "Do you have to bother me in my dream? I won't give you what you wished for."

"And I wasn't even trying to convince you, I was joking remember?" Aunt Death replied. "By the way, someone just tried in vain to enter in your dreams in this lapse of one hour and fifty-four minutes."

I slowly opened my eyes. Dazed and puzzled by Death's last words in the dream, I slowly rose up and went out the coffin, but not before having covered my bag with my blanket. Since there are no windows in this mound, I turned toward the exit without even looking at it.

As I lifted my head, I saw a taller, dark-blue figure blocking my way. I glanced at it's transparent, night-themed blue mane being illuminated by the moonlight. That was enough to struck me in awe. Her figure may be darkened by the darkness of the place combined with the oncoming night, but that is definitively Luna.

"Luna!? What the hell is she even doing here?! I though she wouldn't even step out before the events of Season 2... Wait, now that I'm remembering her powers... She may be the one that Death talked about. And she wasn't able to look in my dreams?.... Wow!"

I stared at her figure, not even wanting to look in her face. I bet she's still pissed at me. I mean, I was the one who blasted the freezing projectile at her when she was still Nightmare Moon.

"I never thought to find you in a place like this," Luna said, slightly surprised and not talking with her royal voice. "Do you seriously live in this mound?"

"Is the same thing I'm asking since yesterday, ma'am" I replied, nervously. "But since that was the first thing that I found, I couldn't even complain about that."

"Oh dear," Luna facehoofed. "And you don't have any problem to sleep inside that coffin, while there's no windows or even a door to close you entrance?"

"I have a futon, a black blanket and a pillow. So that wouldn't be a problem for me." I said. "Seriously, she came all the way here for that?... I don't think so."

Luna stared at me dumbfounded as she was glancing at a very insane pony. Her eye twitched a little.

"What is wrong with you?" Luna asked, quietly.

"Say whatever you want. But that is my home... for now." I responded nonchalantly.

Luna remained silent for a moment, blinking her eyes twice. She then let out a deep, resigned sight and looked at me again.

"Nevermind. Let clarify my reason for that visit." Luna said, almost apologetic. "First of all, I want to apologize for having involved you in my own folly."

I sighed, feeling a little awkward about that. Not because she was apologizing, but because she would asking me about some other factors regarding my involvement. Thanks for the pain, alternate Vaelox.

"Is not needed," I replied. "Trust me. It's all in the past. I mean, that force made-"

"It's my jealousy." Luna interrupted. "I was also responsible for having grown my own flaw."

Wow. I expected her being very shaken by what she has done in the past, but seeing her like that in live gave some serious impression.

"Everyone can commit some mistake," I said, trying to comfort her. "It will took time of course, but you can still atone for that."

Luna's expression shifted into a very surprised one, not expecting this coming from me. I didn't had any expectation in my own words whatsoever but... That surprised me in the most unpredictable way.

Thought that I'm still hoping to not caught for bring Twilight back as a Zombie.

"Maybe you are right but... To be honest, I'm not sure about that. Maybe I will follow your suggestion." Luna paused. "However, it's still not nice of you blasting that freezing bullet in my face."

I knew that she will brought up that fact. She looked almost pissed upon thinking about that but then calmed down a little.

"Putting aside that... Were you seriously able to see the future?" Luna asked.

"Absolutely not," I said, lying because no one in this world is going to believe that the events will go like in the MLP show.

And now that I'm thinking about that, that will sound unheroic of me but... Maybe I should change the world a little bit with style. I guess that I could avoid boredom...?

Wait, I'm just agreeing with what Death said to me?

"And now for the real reason of my visit," Luna said sternly. "I command you to tell everything about that mysterious force that assaulted us during the last night."

Luna paused, toning down her serious expression as I became almost startled by that.

"Please." Luna added.

I slowly regained some confidence, but sadly that doesn't mitigate the nervousness of what I had to say.

"Ok, ma'am," I said. "Let me explain that."

So I had explained that the mysterious force that attacked them was Vaelox, with the difference that I made her believed that is a demonic entity, without mentioning him being a alternate universe version of it's original and it's affiliation with the Granite Dagger. I had also said that when Luna , Celestia and the Mane Six were knocked out by Vaelox, he moved Twilight's body inside a cave and tried to use her as food for some ferocious monsters.

As for me, I invented the story of me being a pony completely fed up of being considered as a divine fortune teller and traveled in the world to experience something new, and that I was conveniently passing nearby that cave and saved Twilight.

All of these are serious lies. In a very severe American state or other, with a heavy justice system, lies could put you in very serious troubles if they find those lies out. I don't even want to describe.

Good think that Luna couldn't enter in my dreams, for some reason. And now that I'm thinking about that, I must have some kind of luck. Otherwise she would had know that I turned Twilight into a Remodeled Corpse.

As I finished my explanation, Luna didn't had any other reaction outside half bafflement. She didn't gave me so much security about that. Just some sporadic questions in which I bluntly asked with equally sporadic answers.

We stopped our verbal exchange for a moment. Then she spoke again.

"So that's what happened," Luna said, half convinced. "It's hard to believe that story."

"I'm still having a hard time to believe that you can't enter in my dreams." I replied.

"Same thing for me," Luna paused. "Do you still have that gauntlet?"

"Yeah. You want me give it to you?" I asked.

"No, you can keep it. If you don't commit any crime with It, of course." Luna said.

"It's not in my style," I said, calmly. ""Just one question that doesn't had to do with me."

"What is it?" Luna asked.

"Did Celestia gave six tickets for that so called gala to the Mane Six?" I asked.

"I never check up to my sister's duties, but according to one of my guards... Yes, she did." Luna said as she looked at me with suspicion. "Why you ask?"

"No reason," I replied. "Except that I learned from somepony that Celestia found this gala being 'awful' every year. So having these six mare will, maybe, made the party livelier."

"Really?" Luna asked, unconvinced. "Isn't that just a excuse that you have to boycott it?"

"I'm not doing anything like that, I'm just saying that the gala is overrated." I said, convinced. "I know that I have no right to ask you but... Don't tell anything about the gala part. After all, I have to explain just the essential part that is about what happened during your return... Right?"

Luna glared at me a little. Probably she was metaphorically asking me if I was trying to manipulate her. Then her expression shifted into a puzzled one. Is that ok?

"I don't know why you ask but... Perhaps I could keep this a secret." Luna assured, in part. "If you cooperate."

"I will do it." I confirmed. "You need something else?"

"That won't be necessary," Luna said. "Except for one thing."

"What is it?" I asked.

Luna remained silent, looking at me unconvinced, as she has really something to ask but wasn't sure about it being a great idea.

"My sister, Celestia, asked your presence in the her castle, for tomorrow. You better take you gauntlet with you."

"What?" I asked.

"She's serious about that."

"So... It's mandatory I guess."

"Celestia said so. I don't understand her intention, I know one thing. She needs to know about what you told to me as well. Which is why she insisted that I paid you a visit and required your presence in the castle."

That's not good. Luna believed my story, but if Celestia doesn't? The answer is simple.

I'm fucked.

Next Level Up:

1)Chaigun: Ranged Weapon at rapid fire.

2)Berseker Charge: Power to turn any living creature into a raging beast..

3)Corrupter:Item with the power to twist any living creature and transforming into something devastating according to the owner's preferences.

Author's Note:

For those who hope that the fic won't take the canon of the show, I have a proposal. I will compress a number of episode into one chapter while freeing some spots to write some new original material of mine. That is the example.

-Applebuck Season
-Griffon The Brush Off
-Boast Busters

-A.S, G.T.B.O., B.B. (Compressed)
-Free Spot
-Free Spot

That would be a good Idea. Besides, the reward choice for level up was supposed to be voted in the comments by the deadline of eleven days. But if there's no comment, no problem. I will do it in your place after the said eleven days.

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