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Dark Chocolate

Converting daydreams into stories helps me pretend to be human.


Spike and Big Mac think it would be fun having an alicorn play with them. Being a natural gamer, Luna volunteers and everything goes downhill.

Will make a few more chapters if this goes well.
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Celestia and Luna retell the story of Nightmare Moon to a class of foals. Things don't go well.

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Twilight has finally neared the end of completing the biggest list she's ever made. She feels she should be rewarded and prepares a quiet night with the symbol of her success, becoming closer to her work than ever before.
Only a few more items left to complete before Twilight treats herself in a way that would make all of her friends (and Celestia) blush.

If you actually get off on this, you're a complete weirdo and we need to be friends immediately.
Also feel free to check out Jack Stone In Equestria if you liked this.
Now with a Youtube reading!

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The world is about to end, but Granny Smith is havin' none of that now ya hear?
The Amulet of Bemethus has chosen Granny to save the world, and points her off in the right direction. Watch in amazement as Granny Smith puts the world in its place, and reminds it to call its mother every once and a while.
Armed with nothing more than her wit, and a devoted but skidish orderly who makes sure she takes her meds on time, she travels across Equestria giving everything a thorough lecture.

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Whisked away on a magical adventure with a pony princess, I quickly realize she's probably using me for something. But hey, beats work right?

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There are four realms: A good and bad of both pony and human universes. Each universe has its own unique tree with its own elements that it may grant when it feels the need. Unfortunately, they don't always communicate.

Written completely 100% out of canon. This short story takes my main OC Raiden from King of the Dead, and puts him at the mercy of the trees guarding their elements in every realm. As a brief miscommunication occurs, it lands him with more elements than he can handle.

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The names Jack Stone
Solver of over 1 billion crimes.
Bad guys eliminated: 121
Cars destroyed: 69
Total arrests: 1
Total civilian casualties: Not my god damn problem.

Jack Stone is both the best and worst super cop. Casting aside such silly things as collateral damage and civilian casualties, he catches (or rather kills) the bad guys left and right, no matter how many times Cadence punches him in the crotch.
His morals are awful, his comebacks are even more awfuler, and his grammar is....passable.
Step in to a world
where the 4th wall curls up into a ball and cries like a bitch.
Where criminals and innocent civilians are the same thing!
Where one moment things are all bright and sunny, then Jack Stone shows up and ruins everything in the name of justice!

Are there confusing plot holes and continuity errors? CONSTANTLY!
Is there randomness and an utter lack of focus? BACON!
Do you miss johnny Bravo? Of course you do.

Disclaimer: I guess you don't technically need to read the chapters in order. You might not understand a running gag though.

So in all seriousness, Jack Stone was a character I played in a small video series with a friend of mine. The idea is for Jack to be a parody of every super cop movie/series. I've studied many cliches and tropes, and out came Jack Stone. It also parodies a lot of Mary Sue HiE stories. If you don't get the humor, then maybe this will help...or you just suck, who knows.

If you're liking what I'm doing, do me a solid and favorite, hit that thumbs up and leave a sweet, delicious, bullet-filled comment for me please!
Sex tag for...well there's a lot of sexual humor.

Here's a little something to help you after you've read it.

Best comments about Jack Stone:
"The FUCK Kinna crazy shit did I just read?..."
"Jack Stone: the maniacal cross between Horatio Caine, a 90's cop, and that one kid down the street who's probably insane but doesn't admit it...
...I see no problems with this guy's logic for solving a crime."
"His existence offends me..."
"you really don't give two fucks about a plot do you?..."
"Jack Stone is the reason my romantic night with Pinkie Pie happened."
"No one pistol whips like Gaston."

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Twilight Sparkle hears rumors about a school that desperately needs her help. Uneducated, under funded, and under disiplined, will her powers of friendship be enough to save this hell hole?? Or will she head back to Canterlot in tears?
Lots of language and bullying, based on a true story of my experiences at Heritage Middle School in Colorado.

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