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Converting daydreams into stories helps me pretend to be human.


The world is about to end, but Granny Smith is havin' none of that now ya hear?
The Amulet of Bemethus has chosen Granny to save the world, and points her off in the right direction. Watch in amazement as Granny Smith puts the world in its place, and reminds it to call its mother every once and a while.
Armed with nothing more than her wit, and a devoted but skidish orderly who makes sure she takes her meds on time, she travels across Equestria giving everything a thorough lecture.

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One thing I learned from my great-grandmother (who was so much like Granny Smith I still get goosebumps) is that everyone is terrified of an angry old lady! Good job :rainbowlaugh:

7254041 I know right? And they're always right!


I've always wanted to do a comic about the time my 4'9" great-grandma chased a 200lb man down the street with a hose. I could see Granny doing something like that :pinkiehappy: And, oh my god, I don't hate Sombra like a lot of fans do, but your depiction of him here kind of made me go "Aww". I want to imagine Sad Sombra making Mombra a pie or something. :heart:

Oh, and who did the cover art, BTW?

7254055 https://www.walldevil.com/463670-flim-flam-and-granny-smith-wallpaper.html
Lol well if you want you can tell me the story and I'd be happy to add it in. Maybe Bulging Biceps?
And ya I was trying to think of a villain that would be funny to see Granny guilt trip and it just had to be Sombra.


Nah, don't want to take over---it's your story, after all. Can't wait to see what you do with it.

This... This is glorious! Granted it does feel a little rushed, but overall it is a very nice story good job.

7254470 I wanted it to be a short "intro" to test the waters. Future chapters will be longer

A few minor spelling and grammar errors, but no one can be perfect. You get a like and a favorite!

...This wasn't longer than the last chapter, but it was still an enjoyable read. Looking forward to the next chapter.

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