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Silver Streak, son of Twilight Sparkle... was an oddity even from birth. Where his father, Flash sentry was a Pegasus and his mother was originally a unicorn, he was an Earth Pony (or Earthling as he prefers though that's a derogatory term usually) then one day, he and his friends have to go back in time... but not even the demon Silver "contracted," Century, remembers why. and when Century's power is so strong the Sirens, THE FREAKING SIRENS don't want it... you know it had to be something big.

Chapters (5)

Arnold Strife (Arn to friends and Family) gets pulled into a whole new world where creatures he never saw in his life have to work with him to protect it. But why is Jenova attacking Equestia? Why did Celestia Summon Zack and Aerith for help? And why am I asking you these questions? I'm the one writing this story ain't I?

Chapters (4)

Sonic and the gang end up in a new world after a fight against Dr. ?Eggman... and start to fall in love as they go along with it.

Rainbow Dash has never lost a race in her life... so when she ends up tied with an anthropomorphic rodent in a race, and loses to another... well how do you think she'll react?

Really guys? It's a Sonic Crossover! WHAT'D YOU EXPECT!?

Chapters (5)

This story is a sequel to A New Flashlight

Flash Sentry came back in time to stop the rise of the Zeros from wiping out Equine life. now the Flash of the present must find the Shoehorn brothers and free the future from this threat and prevent it from happening in the first place.

Chapters (3)

Spyro, Cinder and Sparx are in a world where strange creatures fear the abundance of dragons. Twilight and her friends have to face the repercussions of helping a couple of Dragons. Celestia seems afraid of Spyro, but Twilight continuously tries to convince her that he's not bad.

Chapters (2)

Twilight was sure she didn't stand a chance with him. Flash was Certain that he wasn't good enough. That was the straw that Broke Shining's back as he played matchmaker... for a change, and set them up, unknowingly starting a whole series of events that would break his sister's heart and his subordinate's mind.

Chapters (7)

This story is a sequel to Fixing Flashlight

Things get awkward for Flash and Twilight after a sleepwalking incident, and Flash gets memories of being completely human at the same time as being a pony. investigation takes him to Canterlot high to return those memories, and repay that world's Flash for setting them up.

Chapters (21)

Twilight has never seen a male Alicorn before Wayvern, who has no memory of his own, but has the capacity to remember anything from any point of view, even if the memory holder doesn't remember the event at all. Being Celestia and Luna's older brother doesn't hurt either (Third time's the charm).

Chapters (20)

This story is a sequel to The Princess and the Sentry

Flash has a problem. He doesn't remember anything before waking up in the Crystal Empire's Military Infirmary. Apparently he has a girlfriend named Twilight Sparkle, and serves her brother, Shining Armor as a Private in the Royal Guard. He already hurt Twilight once. Now he's got the chance to right the wrong, after an impossible leap in military ranks and re-stationing in Ponyville as Twilight's personal Guard. But he's going to find out there's more to him than he ever remembered before.

Chapters (17)

Growing up on the streets is tough for anyone, but Champion found someone who brought him out of that childhood, Princess Twilight Sparkle, who arranged him to be Princess Celestia's student at Canterlot School for Gifted Unicorns. As one would expect, not everypony was happy when he was accepted, and this led to his dark disposition. but with the advent of a new student for Princess Luna, things start looking up for Champ, though he refuses to see it. (Spinoff to King of Equestria on Fanfiction.net).

Chapters (14)
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