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A Rare Sight

Wisdom is like a seed, Water it with knowledge, To become insightful and succeed.

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Welcome Friend.

Decided to Update this page, I need to shift into gear.

I feel I could be doing more, though I just get busy often.

Yet with upcoming changes to my life, I'll try my best to devote the time needed to this fandom and to those willing to give time to help it grow.

That said I'm a Acting Admin within the Group Weekly Contests. .

I'm doing my best with the help of fellow friend's and Admin's Smaug The Golden and Dusk and Moonblast a.k.a DaM, to put the group back on the fast track within the fandom.

I hope to one day lead the group to being, the main source of contest within the site.

I'm a writer by trade, I enjoy writing Adventure though I've been known to also span out into Comedy and Romance as well.

I've been known to give review's, I never hold back I'll tell the truth when I see a story that is in need of some TLC.- If you've received a review by me-you should know I can be quite brutal...In a loving way of course.

I'm quite a generous heart, I do my best to give back to the community and help those who need aide.

I've been writing FanFiction for almost a decade I guess.-From Pokemon, To Kim Possible and even Wreck it ralph fandom's I've done my best to keep sharp.

I have been published in a magazine before as well as been a mod for a gaming website in the past.

I know how to be fair and sweet.

Small thing's to know I guess.

I'm Female.

26 year's young.

Very Sweet.


And love to help other's.

If anypony has any question's or idea's on how we can Improve The Weekly Contest Group, Please share here or Pm any of the Admin's.

I'll get a jump on doing my best, to improve for our community of writer's and artist's.

Love, Rare.


Poniverse Spring Has Sprung Contest! · 9:54pm May 10th, 2015

Batbrony is hosting a Poniverse contest!

It features Art prizes and quite a wonderful prompt.- Cutie Marks!!!

Yes write your best story about Cutie Marks!- How a character got their mark, what a mark means and etc!

I say this contest is something unique and wonderful!

So please check out this contest and enter.

You shall not be dissatisfied I promise.:raritywink:

Check out the link for complete details!

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1930996 Awww thank you.-But so are you! :heart::yay:

You are wonderful! <3

Thanks for favoring In the Eyes of Beauty

that's great!~❤

i hope you like them in the future:pinkiehappy:

1908998 I read through a few of your blogs, they were quite interesting so decided to follow. :twilightsmile:

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