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Takes place after A Slice of Life.

Is it possible to trust again?- After so many lies?

Can love overcome all?

Are ponies capable of a pure heart?

Does Equestria have gravity?

These are the question's one Gator shall ask himself.


Entry for The Weekly Contest #23.

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Nicely deep.

As my friend lifts me up, I place my gums around the side of her head, latching on with all my might.

This line made me smile. I love it how Gummy's apparent weirdness is just part of how he shows affection. :pinkiesmile:

I daresay there were a few grammar oddities, though. It seemed like commas were missing in a few places where they would have helped to break-up compound sentences. There were also some times where apostrophes were misused... e.g., question's (implying a thing possessed by a question) instead of questions (implying the existence of multiple questions).

Still: Upvoted. :scootangel:

6128561 Thank you.:raritywink:

I'm working on getting a proofreader, My Achilles heel is the use of punctuation-I'll admit that.

I barely was able to enter this into a contest.

But I thank you for your words, everytime someone takes time out of their day to help point thing's out is very appreciated.:twilightsmile:

6129147 Thank you.-I'm happy you enjoyed it.:raritywink:

Gummy is most deep Philosopher in MLP...most excellent!!

AAAAW :heart:

and yeah, Gummy, yes you are a piece of something bigger..............and you´re also being sold in a toystore thanks to an evil "WE´VE-GOT-TO-HAVE-MONEY" corporation

also, you keep refering to Lyra as "the Minty one" Does he not know Lyra´s name?

6134382 He knows Lyra's name I just thought it would help Gummy sound quirky to speak of her as a minty one lol.

It also came from a friend I used to have a friend back in HS, he'd refer t everybody by name except me- who he called The Whispering One.-I was way too soft spoken in HS.-though I grew out of it when I got older, I was just afraid of speaking out my ideas.

Again it was just a quirk I thought would fit Gummy.-make it sound less bland then saying Bon-bon and Lyra.-I'm glad you enjoyed the fic too.


Why hello again Rare... Sorry I haven't helped out in the group for a while... I still need to review for my College Entrance Test... This story was a great way to take a break!

6188672 Thank you.

Also take your time, we've all been kinda busy as of late.

This a certainly a fine gem. Gummy's narration almost feels like a wildlife documentary

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