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Takes place after A Slice of Life.

Is it possible to trust again?- After so many lies?

Can love overcome all?

Are ponies capable of a pure heart?

Does Equestria have gravity?

These are the question's one Gator shall ask himself.


Entry for The Weekly Contest #23.

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The nights worth of pancakes Twilight insisted on helping Pinkie Pie make.

They had to go somewhere right?

Fic Based off Pinkies Joke.- From Castle Sweet Castle.


Made Popular on April 12, Thank you to all for reading!

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This Fic is a Gift to my Friend BronyCooper for her Birthday!!

Octavia and Vinyl go their separate ways, when a chance to follow a dream comes to light.

The fear of change and the acceptance of a friends love, holds Octavia back.

Yet as the music from her world starts to fade away, She comes to the realization that a world without the ones you love.

Can be a place where the Melody of life simply doesn't exist.
Made popular on March 25th, Thank you to all for reading.

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