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If you guys want a monster. A monster is what you will get. No one will be spared when I come through. Be prepared, cause I'm coming for you.


Plot Bunny Up For Adoption #1 · 7:42pm Saturday

Hey, all! Long time no post...

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He ain't, guys.

Though this was a while ago, I messaged him for permission to write scenes that were the same as his.

He responded with permission and reason to why the stories on here haven't any updates.

He is not a fan of MLP, but he is not against others being fans.
However, he still wrote stories on here with MLP theme. He says that he got flak for it irl, so he just dropped the stories.

His wording was "I wouldn't expect updates any time soon", which at least gives hope to stories getting updates sometime down the road, but it's best to not wait around for it.

Please read my story when you have time.

Hey, you coming back anytime?

Sorry if this comes off as rude, but are you ever gonna update, if not ask someone to write in your palce, i really want to see protectors move forward. If not then cancel it so we stop waiting for updates

Come back plz ;-; I need more alucard killing horses.

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As of today, I am claiming ownership of the Six OCs in my stories: Drago, Zaniphar, Jack(aka Alucard) Nick, Mike , and Ray.
If you wish to use them in your story, just ask me first and make sure that you stay true to their characters and in Alucard, Drago, and Zaniphar's case, don't let them lose.