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If there are 9 eggs, and you have already mentioned 7 getting a partner, who gets the other two?

Apollomon and Dianamon are the obvious choices for them, but I am curious to see what partners you going to do for everyone.

I would wait until you finish season 3 as a major event happens at the end of it that may change your story. Also, if your not going to watch all of seasons 5-9, at least watch the two parters (the majority of the important events happen during them), and look up summaries of the other episodes for inspiration for this fic.

Great start so far, love to see what you got cooking.


Possibly. As it stands, my current plan is to mostly go through Season 1 as is, save with the Digimon being there causing changes. As well as some story beats focusing more on dealing with hostile Digimon. I plan to work more out as I go along.

I am glad Spike is gonna get his own Digimon partner too.
If I read that description right.


He is indeed. It didn't feel right to leave the little dragon guy out.

Small correction. Chibomon is that Digimon's Fresh (Baby I) Level. The Digimon you're showing is DemiVeemon.

I think Spike should get Coredramon (blue) to go with his good heart.

Actually, no.


I am using Wikimon as it actually applies the original Japanese Naming for the Digimon instead of their English Dub names.

In Japanese DemiVeemon is called Chibimon in its Baby II Stage and its Baby I Stage is called Chicomon.


Huh, you learn something new every day. Carry on then.

Curious on how powerful Spike's Digimon will be when it reaches its high-stage

Well, the remaining Digimon are Sunmon, Moonmon, Nyaromon, and Babydmon. The first two are most likely going to be Celestia and Luna's Digimon, and given the other two are a Cat and a Dragon going to Spike and Rarity, Spike will likely get Babydmon, which is the In-Training form of Dracomon. Draconian has two evolution lines based on which Color its Champion form Coredramon is. Green Coredramon becomes Groundramon, which becomes Breakdramon, and Blue Coredramon becomes Wingdramon, which becomes Slayerdramon. Both are incredibly powerful, but if you can make both DNA Digivolve together, they will become Examon, an absolutely gigantic Red Dragon that is one of the Royal Knights.

Questions is based on Digimon anime


Sort of.

The Digital World the Digimon are from is an AU version that I made, however it shares many rules and themes with the Digital World of Adventure Season 1 and Frontier. You'll see what I mean as we go on.

So, since you seem to have compressed the two Baby levels down to one stage, does that mean that Kyupimon is supposed to be a Rookie here instead of an In-Training?

Wondering how the gang will have their Digimon reach the higher stages?

Nope. To be exact, Baby I isn't really a Stage most Digimon need to worry about. Most are either born at Baby II or go into Rookie with one evolution.

But Cupimon is...different. I don't want to spoil anything though.

Through the Magic Of Friendship baby!

...No, seriously, friendship and all that stuff are power sources for Digimon. It's literally why they were able to reach Rookie within a day here.

Ah... I think I get it. Might be pretty cool if I'm right about this.

Looks like a fight is incoming.

“Aaanndd there,” Fluttershy said as she finished placing the last of the eggs within the makeshift bed she had made from pillows and straw. The seven remaining eggs all sat in silence as Fluttershy nudged and adjusted their position in the bed. After a few moments, she stepped away from the bed and looked over her shoulder at her passenger, “Would you mind passing me the, um, the cover, little guy?”

Don't you mean eight remaining Digi-eggs?


Huh? Thanks.

Surprised you haven't my first comment commenting to another reader, concerning about The Protectors very illogical AU setting of Equestria and some plotholes.


That's because you are correct and I am not planning to ever continue The Protectors as it currently is. That story is shitty and was written when I was too deep in my own ass to realize my stories sucked.

Of course the setting is illogical. I wrote it when I was like 14 and I just wanted to shit on MLP cause it was popular.

I have since changed and plan to actually try to write a good story here. I want Our Digital Friends to be actual quality.

So when there is a mistake here I will answer it. I am leaving The Protectors published to remind myself of what I used to be so I can avoid falling back on those habits.

Didn't expect the remaining one to become Madleomon theren.

Will this story have fan-made digimon in it?

Being honest that is a very large MAYBE right now

I don't plan to add them in willy-nilly or anything. But I am juggling whether to make them for future evolutions.

I mean, it's not entirely wrong what Lopmon said that Friendship is essential, but that mostly works through rookie and sometimes champion. With enough time I imagine even higher, but that bond between Digimon and Tamer grows stronger when it's tested through trial and fire. In the show, most of the tamers have been put through high stressful situation to reach that higher level. The kids of season 1 needed the Crests to reach those higher stages.

But on another note. This are some unique digimon, can't believe you gave AJ Loogamon of all things. And we already know what Veemon will turn into. Having X-antibody digimon is wild too. And that's the rookie for Meicoomon. Wonder what Cutemon will turn into later.


You are correct, but in general it was that friendship and the bonds between them that allowed them to get through all of those trials. Heck, the original Adventure kids got the Crests through the very traits that made them great friend with their Digimon.

And yeah, I wanted to give each of the characters interesting Digimon. I was thinking of doing Labramon for AJ and maybe the Lilymon line for Rarity, but thought these would work better.

Yeah, having a great friendship basis is key. I always like it when Tamers and Digimon have good relationship, since the alternative is Dark digievolution that puts the digimon and everyone else at risk.

Just Gazimon? Not too bad. Tutorial enemies if I'm being frank. Especially against the Rookies that the Mane 6 and Spike have.
Plus the Mane 6 are there.
I'm intrigued in this army, and I guess the Gazimon are just a scouting team to measure the strength of the Ponies.

At least Pinkie's party introduced the rest of the populace to the nice digimon before this ones ruined that perception.

I take back what I said, this Gazimon were impressive. Came in with a plan beforehand whereas most would've just gone in. Those holes were a good idea, but the girls work very well together. And Cornelius is pretty smart too. Damn impressive teamwork to end the fight in a snap. Even used the holes against them.

Fluttershy is like TK. Doesn't want to fight and likely doesn't want Cupimon to fight either. So they will definitely be the last to digievolve, and I imagine this Fluttershy hasn't learned her assertiveness yet.

Now we get to see how they do against a Champion. A MadLeomon at that. They better hope that he doesn't have his Chainsaw.
Something I just noticed, will they even get a digivice? or is that simply going to be skipped and the magic they have will act as the medium?


To answer a few questions:

1. The Chainsaw version of MadLeomon is actually a subspecies/different evolution. This one is just the main one.

2. I do have a plan for a Digivice, but I don't want to spoil it.

3. This is before Fluttershy got assertive. As it takes places right after the first episode of Season 1 (I.E. When they beat Nightmare Moon). I set it up like this cause...I'm still working my way through the show for one thing. But also cause I wanted to make it so that the Digimon can be with the Mane Six and Spike during their adventures and grow with them. Cause, that leads to evolution.

4. Fluttershy and Cupimon are a bit...special. I don't want to reveal anything yet. But I can say almost everyone will have their Champion Form come next Chapter.

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