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Welcome to main page readers! my name is Floral Essence (aka NinjaMare), and here you will find mostly HiE fics, among other kinds of fics. hopefully you all enjoy what I have to offer.


an adverb player of Buddyfight and his Buddy Monster get sent to the Equestrian Girls universe, and when they arrive, they noticed that some illegal monsters are causing havoc. So now Adrian and his new friends have to stop these monsters, well mostly Adrian and his buddy will have to deal with them, but who cares really. The illegal monsters need to be stopped.

Authors Notes:
-now this should be pretty obvious, but for this fanfic i'll have a few original cards, but not to many. the only OG cards is the main Impact that Adrian uses, as well as a new monster or two for his deck.

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An interesting Start, Show me where it goes and the deck Adrian uses. (cant wait to see more.)

i'll try. and the deck Adrian uses is one of my two main Dragonworld decks i use for fun. of course, for the purpose of the story i will plug in some OG cards i came up with for this story alone.

looking forward to seeing how much fun you have with this then. I wonder how the EQG will react to the Monsters they will see. I hope some to see some great fights.

well that's mainly why i'm making this fic. for both making more than just MLP Pony fics, but to also practice commentary battling in stories. oh and just a heads up for you, & anyone who reads this comment. the battles well always be their own chapters, and well be longer chapters as i want to make them not segmented. you know like ..... battle pt. 1 & .....battle pt. 2.

I Cant help but feel like that last bit was a jab at me....

I'm writing my own buddyfight story but mine takes place solely in the normal MLP world not EQG and all of my fights are recorded live fights between me and a few other people. It's called Cards wtih Power check it out if you want or not.

Good start can't wait for next chapter

sure. but why did you say it sounded like i took a jab out of you. did i offend or something? if i did sorry.

no no it was more of a joke because sometimes the matches take so long plus witty banter i have to space it between 2 or 3 chapters. you didn't offend me at all it was supposed to be more playful banter than anythign

oh! okay. sorry if i worried you. sometimes when i text or write back to people, i.....don't really explain things properly.

Good chapter good luck on next chapter

this is the first iteration of the story I've posted. there's never been any other rendition of this story.

Ooooooo!! This is good already~ Can't wait for more. Plus I love Buddy Fight~

Great fight and story and can't wait for the next chapter

Me too I watch all the episodes of buddyfight series

Dude.. This battle was good! Honestly I can see this happening in the anime. Not gonna lie.

The Dazzlings... This is gonna be good~

yeah i didn't want to put them in the featured panels on the main story page, cause it would make their appearance in the story less 'Oh my Celestia, best Equestria Girls villains are in the story'.

Well Orchestrated, Very realistic, and most importantly simple enough for any level of player to keep up on the draw. Masterfully done for a first fight.:moustache:

Oooh Sirens using fire? nice I can only wonder if the rest of the band will show up now

thanks. this is actually my first attempt to actually do a commentary. what did you think of hearing Fluttershy talk the way she did in the battle?

Pls update story so far is great

Great chapter :pinkiehappy: can't wait for the next chapter

this is gonna get crazy in the near future.

Can't wait for twilight first buddyfight match

i don't know. i fell like i rushed the ending.

I enjoyed this story. As someone who just got into the Buddyfight series I think you managed to capture writing the game very well.

i think i did good in the 1st battle, but for this one, i felt like a rushed the ending a little bit.

Can't wait for the next chapter

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