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Haunting nightmares follow this young mare Jinx but are her nightmare really or something she created? Will they ever end or is she going to surround herself with shadows.

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Its been 1000 yer since Chrysalis has seen her mother Luna but only to find out that she has lost her memories. Chrysalis is trying to help her but also trying to figure out why Celestia left her to fen for her self something happened that night and she detriment to find out.

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A humanoid version of them, they still have horns and wigs, this is a story about Twilight's and Trixie's daughter Aurora and her friends.

The main six are still part of this story as are their children.

Twilight X Trixie- Aurora Star
Rarity X Apple Jack- Juliet Apple, Apple Jewel
Rainbow Dash X Pinkie Pie- Cotton Candy
Fluttershy X Luna- Rose Petal, ???

Chapters (21)
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