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Aurora daughter of twilight sparkle and Trixie Lulamoon lives a happy life in till she starts high school and everything changes

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Friday part 2

Rose POV

The date wasn't going that bad except when I saw Jewel, Harmony looking at us from behind the corner as A.J glaring at me. Looking around Cotton wasn't their curiosity took over me seeing how close she and Jewel have gotten after the fight in the park a few days ago 'they're hiding something from me' I thought 'Jewel told me it was just a misunderstanding and they worked it out, but I feel that something bigger was going on' The problem came at the park when I heard A.J scream and Harmony running in our direction.

She stopped in front of us "You this is all your fault" Harmony took Aurora by the shirt

"What are you talking about?" I put a hand on her shoulder

She slapped my hand away as she let of Aurora "Don't petty me its your fault just as much as hers"

"Come down Harmony I don't know what your talking about" without a responses the redhead girl swung her fist at me with all her might but was stop by a barrio of wings 'she strong but not as strong as Mother' I smirked

"Look I don't want to hurt you so how about you tell us what's wrong" I said comely but harmony did not answer. Harmony tight in her fist as she threw another pouch one after another I dauge every one of them but it seem to fuel her anger even more 'Okay I had enough of this' I thought as she threw another punch I grabbed her wrist flaping Harmony on her back. She let out gasp of air but didn't stay down. 'She isn't going to give up is she' I got in my fighting stance but Harmony stood there motionless 'maybe she gave up?' I asked myself. Harmony seems to be looking for something when her eyes finally spotted Aurora the girl who stole the person she love without waiting for a second chance Harmony raced up to her, fear cover Aurora face as she came face to face with Harmony.

"Harmony I don't know what's going on can we talk about it?" Aurora asked as her voice ringed in fear. There was no answers only anger and sadness filled her eyes as she walked trods Aurora but what Harmony didn't notice was Rose standing behind her as a pair of wings cut her off from Aurora.

"I won't let you hurt her" I said as I shelled Aurora. She grab the back of my sweater

"Get outta my way this has nothing to do with you" Harmony said as her thoughts finally caught up with her

"I said move!" Harmony yelled raising her fist again as she went for another punch but stopped as she hit my wing, without a second although I sent her fling a few feet from us as she gasped for air again trying to get up.

I turn around looking at Aurora she was shaking from fear but I had to go or she would get hurt. I count live with myself if that happened. Walking forward Aurora held on to me sweater " Aurora pleases let go" She simply looked at the ground "I know you're scared but I have to stop her just stay here" I patted her head as a sad smile appeared on her face.

Looking at Harmony she simed to be having a hard time standing up 'Maybe I over did it' walking up to her noticing tears in her eyes that replaced her anger. Sighing I stopped a few steps in front of her as she struggled getting up.

"Look Harmony can you tell me what's wrong?" I asked looking down at her

"Go away I don't want to talk to you" Harmony said grading her left shoulder as she started to walk away but stopped when she say A.J run in our direction she took a few steps back but was stopped when she walked into me.

"Harmony!? what happened to you!" A.J yelled in surprise seeing that Harmony was bleeding from the side of her head and bruises cover her body.

Harmony didn't answer she looked away "Rose I don't want to talk about this right now but can you do a favor?"

"umm...Okay" I answered in confusion

"Please don't let her follow me" Harmony turn around to face me before I could answer she grade me by the neck giving a hug "I'm sorry that I let my anger out on you and Aurora pleases tell her how sorry I am, maybe someday we can become friends" She whispered letting go of me

"Harmony can we please talk?" A.J asked taking a few step closer but she was walking away once again holding her shoulder

"Harmony look I'm sorry for what ever I did" A.J walked after her

Throwing around anger and sadness cover her face " How can I forgive you when you don't even know what you're apologizing for!" she yelled walking away once again. A.J stood in silence trying to think of something not knowing what to do she tried to follow after her but I grab her arm.

"Rose let go" A.J said comely

"Look I don't know what you did to upset her but I did promise not to let you follow her" sighing looking over to Aurora who was walking up to us

"Why? did you promise that?" A.J asked as her tone became lifeless

"Because she deserves the benefit of the doubt" I let go of her arm

"Now do you mind explaining what's going on?" I crossed my arms as Aurora stood next to me

"Look I don't even know why myself okay she ran away before I could ask" A.J explained

"Are you sure?" Aurora asked stepping closer to me

"What do you mean?"

"Well Harmony seemed aware of what she was doing, she was even clearly motivated when she attacked me and Rose" Aurora explained as I nodded shock came over A.J but didn't say anything

"You're Hiding something from us" I said

"I don't know what you talking about" A.J said trying to make eye contact

"You're lying your face say it i'll" I smirked

"I said I don't know!" She yelled angrily

"Look it's over now let's just leave" I suggested

"You can live but I'm going after her" she walked past me

"Why do you have to be so stubborn!" I stopped her again

"I'm only asking you once and only once to let go" A.J warned me

"Look we been over this I can't let you go!" It was too late she kicked me my left side sending me flying into a tree. Aurora raced to my side trying to help me but A.J placed her booth on my chest as pain shoot through me.

"Oh come on is that all you can take" A.J smirked as light blue eyes turned emerald red

"Leave her alone" Aurora crying out

"Oh and what are you going to do you can even do magic" A.J let go of me, moving closer to Auroras as her face filled with fear and helplessness not knowing what to do

"Leave her alone!" I shouted barely being able to stand up

"Oh look it your princess is coming to save you" A.J laughs looking as she looked at Aurora "Ready for round two make sure not to give so easily this time" She smirked running towards me

Dogging her attacks was the best that I could making sure that I was leading her away from Aurora "Is this the beast that you have" A.J kicked me again as I feel to the ground 'we have to stop her before she gets out of control' a voice told me 'What can I do she's almost as strong as mother' 'use me we can win' the voice suggested 'No I can't, not with what happened last time' I tried to fight back. "Aww giving up so easily" A.J kicked me again "Maybe Aurora can put up a better fight than you" she said walking away 'she going to hurt her can you live with that' 'no I won't let her' I screamed in my head 'what can you do, you can't even stand up' the voice mocked me 'Help me pleases help me' I begged 'If that is what you wish'

A green light in gulped me as the flames disappeared there were traces of green fire on her but I didn't look like self anymore. She wore dark blue armor her beautiful ocean blue eyes became green like the flames that surround her. Her hair no longer short or black but long and dark blue that shined like stars.

"I told you to leave her alone" I yelled at A.J

"Yea and what are you going to do your too weak to do anything" A.J said turning around looking at me smirk on her face "It seems that I'm not the only one with hidden powers lets see how long you can last" She started to punch me once again but I used the armor to block each hit 'lets finish this it's getting pathetic' the voice told me. Grading A.J's wrist I set her flying into a nearby tree she gasped for air as she laid motionless on the ground 'Maybe we over did it' I thought taking a step closer to her 'now finish her off or shell hurt you again' 'what no I'm not going to kill her!' I yelled back 'I knew that you wore week if you're not going to do so I will!' the voice laugh as the echos filled my head

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