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AOL - Skyler101

Aurora daughter of twilight sparkle and Trixie Lulamoon lives a happy life in till she starts high school and everything changes

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Friday part 1

Jewel POV

"How can you lose her?" A.J asked "She has pink hair, she stands out more than an apple in apple tree!"

"She was next to me the whole time…" I looked around the park

"Im right here silly" Cottons voice echoed

"Cotton come out come out wherever you are" Harmony whispered yelled

"I'll give you some candy if you come out" I took a candy bag out of my pocket

"Did you say candy!" The side of a tree came off as she was stood next me

"How did you do that!?" A.J asked

"Oh that was nothing you should play against my aunt Maud" Cotton said filling her cheeks with candy

"Ummm….okay" we all said at the same time

"Why are they here again?" Cotton asked me in a whispered

"They overheard the plan, well A.J decided to eavesdrop"
3 days ago

Inside the fashion butik up stairs where three girls decasing a plan, but what the dint notice was the ear pressed on the door and a overhearing sister with her friend

"Okay heres what we have plan so far" I explained pointing at the paper "First you take her out for dinner at fancy french restaurant in town, then go for a walk in the park and I'm assuming that you have a plan after that?"

Rose nodded "I asked my mother forever"

"Uuu I want to now come on tell me" Cotton jumped up as she tackled Rose to the ground

"It's supposed to be a surprise cotton" She tried to explain before cotton could say anything else she was lifted up by magic as I stared at her she gulped in fear trying to escape my magical grasp

"I'm sorry" she finally apologize to Rose. with that I let her go as she fell on the floor

"Now back to the matter on hand" I continued as cotton held up illustrated pictures of what I just explained

On the other side of the door was two young girls one with purple hair and an ear on the door, the other with red hair leaning on the wall.

"Why do you care if they go on a date?" Harmony asked as A.J moved her hand over her mouth

"Shh do you want them to hear us" she removed her hand as she pressed her ear on the door once more " I don't care if they go on a date" A.J whispered

"Then why are you leasing to their conversion" Harmony crosse her arms as A.J glared at her. The door suddenly the door opened and A.J fell on the ground while Jewel looked at her.

"And what do you think you're doing?"

"Ummm…." A.J stuttered looking at Harmony

Sighing in defeat Harmony made up a excused " We came to see if you needed any help"

" I don't know if I believe you, but if you want to help.." I smirked as she dragged then doth inside the room closing the door
Present time

"Look there they are" A.J pointed as she turned around seeing that Cotton and her sister disappeared "Hey where they go?"

"Cotton what are you doing" I asked

"Shh I have a hunch that Harmony likes your sister" Cotton said looking true the brown fabric that hide us from the others

"Can we go home now A.J?" Harmony asked

" Why?"

"Because this is boring and I don't care if they go on a date" Harmony rolled her eyes " I'm leaving seeming like yer sister did that already"

"Harmony come on just a little while longer" A.J grabbed her hand

"No not this time" Harmony said turning around, and walking away

"What's with you all of a sudden fine leaved" A.J yelled

"Fine if that's what you want" She yelled in anger running away as A.J stood frozen

"You idiot!" I hit her on the head

"Hey what was that for" A.J glared at me

"Your an idiot for not seeing what was right in front of you" I lifted my hand forming the first again. I was going to hit her again but this time someone stopped my arm looking back I saw cotton a sad smiled on her face.

"A.J go talk to her I think she has something to tell you" Cotton said comely still holding my hand A.J noded she ran after her

"Cotton are you okay?" I looked over seeing tears forming in her eyes

"Please dont do that again...it scared me.." She sniffed between words

"I'm sorry I dint mean to scare you" I kissed her "How about we have some fun since there gone, I want to see you smile again" I suggested as her expression changed into joy as we walked through the park holding hands

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