• Published 16th Mar 2014
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AOL - Skyler101

Aurora daughter of twilight sparkle and Trixie Lulamoon lives a happy life in till she starts high school and everything changes

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Rose POV after school

"So why were you late for class?" Cotton asked me

"I have to help my mom with the animals for a couple of days in tell my Mother works things out with her sister" I dribbling the basketball "Can you take notes for me? I won't get there until lunch like today"

"Sure thing" Cotton snatched the basketball from me and shoot from the side court

"Are you going to tell use how your "date" went with Aurora" Jewel picked up the basketball from the ground

"How about this since you haven't played a single game against us" I thought for a moment "If, only if you can make a shot from center court then i'll tell you oh and no magic"

Jewel smiled as she bridle the ball "Is that i'll?"

"You now she going to make it right?" Cotton said as she flew over me 'what did I get myself into'

Jewel stood in center court dribbling the ball three-time shooting the basketball she made it in one shoot a smirked spread on her face as she walked back "I told you not to underestimate me"

"But..how" I asked looking at her

"I us to play in canterlot before we moved back, we even went to nationals a couple of years" Jewel said taking a set on the bench as cotton sat next to her "So now that I out did you, how about to tell us about the so call "date" she air quoted date with her hands

"Well it wasn't a date but I asked her if she wanted to go on one this friday" I look at ground as my hand poked the cement then looked back up at Jewel as she just smiled at me

"That's Awesome!" Cotton jumped up as she tackled me to the ground

"You now she right" The purple hair girl pointed out

"Yea I know, Cotton can you let get off me now?" I asked as she let go standing up

"Oh sorry" she extended her hand helping me back up

"Dont worry about it" I looked over at jewel how was deep it thought

"I've got it!" Jewel yelled out as me and cotton jump in surprise "Oh sorry its something my mom does and now its one of my habits as well" She blushed

"What do you have?"Cotton asked " Is it candy, I love candy!" she jumped in joy

"No it's not candy" Jewel pointed out as cotton stopped and her hair looked a little deflated "What I was going to say is that we're going to help plan Rose's date"

"Oh that's even better" Cotton jumped in joy again

"What!? no I don't need your help" I looked at them both

"Nope now were going to help you" Jewel smiled as Cotton did the same I sighed in agreement

"Can we talk about this tomorrow it's getting late and I have help my mom with the animal"

"Sure I have to get home any way" Jewel said standing up as we started to walk out of the park

Cotton POV

"Hey Jewel can I talk to you?" I asked

"Surething Cotton was is it?" she asked as Rose stopped waiting for us

"Can I talk to you in private?" Jewel looked confused for a moment but then simply nodded

"All catch up to you this is will only going to take a sec" Jewel told Rose how nodded and walked a head

"Is something wrong Cotton?"

"WELL YOU GO ON A DATE WITH ME!" I shouted covering my face

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