• Published 16th Mar 2014
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AOL - Skyler101

Aurora daughter of twilight sparkle and Trixie Lulamoon lives a happy life in till she starts high school and everything changes

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Jewels POV

I was surprised I didn't think she was going to ask me out 'aww she looks so cute right now, no don't fall for her remainder what happened last time'

"It's a nice gesture Cotton but I don't know if it will work out" I said comely as her hands fell and tears ran down her cheeks


"I'm sorry Cotton" I couldn't look at her face knowing she was crying

Cotton took a few steps near me before I knew it she was next to me "Its okay don't worry about it, but please don't look sad I don't ever want to see you sad" She picked my face up and looked in my eyes 'why is my heart racing don't tell me I feel for her already' her face was inches away from mine Cotton leaned in and kissed me it only lasted a few seconds but it felt like forever to me.

"I'm sorry" Cotton backed away "I'm sorry I'm sorry I'm sorry" she repeated taking to the sky as she flew away

'She kissed me why I'm I so happy' my finger touched my lips as a smile creeped on my face "Cotton wait!" but I was too late she flew flying away
Rose POV

I was waiting for Jewel and Cotton at the enters to the park when I saw Cotton flying away as fast as she can.

"Cotton wait!" I heard Jewel yelled out as she rand tours me

"Whats going on?" Stepping in front of her

"Its nothing, I just need to apologize to her" Jewel looked at me with tears in her eyes

"What happen, why are you crying?"

"Its nothing okay, can you just tell me where she live please" Jewel looked at the sky looking for Cotton but she was nowhere in site

"Yea she live next to sugar cube corner where her mom works" I told her as she started to run again but I grabbed her arm "You're going to tell me what happened tomorrow right?" Jewel nodded as I let go of her hand, she disappeared
Jewel POV

I raced through town looking for the building finally stopping when I saw a sighed saying Sugar Cube Corner next to it was a pink house that made the yellow building stand out. 'this has to be the house, I have to apologise to her' knocking on the door a high pitched voice came from behind the door.

"How is it" the voice asked

"I'm Jewel, i'm Cottons friend is she here?" I asked

"Yes she here"

"Can I talk to her?" The door open and a women that looked like Cotton but with hot pink hair stood in front of me

"She's in her room the door in the end of the hallway to your left" She point as I walked inside

"Thank you" I said walking up stairs as I hear crying walked closer to her room I could hear the crying die down stopping in front of the door I knocked.

"Mom go away I told you that I don't want to talk about it!" Cotton yelled from the other side

"Cotton its me Jewel can we talk about what happened?"

"What did you come to make fun of me!!" she yelled

"No I would never do that I just want to talk" there was no answer for a couple of seconds as Cotton opened the door

She sniffed wiping her eyes with her sweater "okay"

"Can I come in?" Cotton nodded moving away from the door as I walked inside her room it was the same color as her hair which didn't supreme seeing the outside of house she sitting in a chair by the window looking out

"I'm sorry" Cotton said again

"You don't have to apologise" I said walking closer to her

"Yes! I do" she yelled placing her head on her knees

'She looks so sad I can't stand it' "I'm sorry this is all my fault" I walked closer to her placing my hand on her head, Cotton looked up at me tears still in her eyes

"I'm sorry please don't cry anymore" I said wiping her tears with my hand

"No I'm sorry its all my fault I should've never done that" Cotton said placing her hand over mine

"Stop apologize okay" I smiled looking at her

"But…" I leaned in and kissed her to make her stop taking this kiss lasted a couple of minutes when we finally pulled I asked

"do you want to be my girlfriend?"
Cotton POV

"Yes yes yes!" I tackled Jewel to ground "I mean I would love to"

Jewel smiled looking up at me "Cotton can you get off me now" blushing I stood up helping jewel up as well

"Cotton can I ask you if we can keep this a secret until I work some things out"

"Sure how about we tell my mom that as well" Jewel looked confused as I walked to the door opening it my mom came falling inside sing I helped her up "You hear that mom don't tell anyone"

"Okay!dokey! I wont tell" she jiggle hugging me

"Thanks mom"

"Sorry to ruin a moment here but I have to go it's getting late" Jewel looked at her cell phone

"Do you have to go" I pouted

"Yea I'm sorry but can I see your phone for a sec?" She asked I nodded handing her my phone too her as she typed something in, handed it back to me

"There you have my number now so you can text me" I smiled at her "All see you tomorrow okay" she kissed my forehead before leaving the room

"Awww" My mom said

I blushed " I forgot you were here" hearing the front door close I jumped in joy as my mom joined me "best day ever!!"

Author's Note:

So what do you think so far?

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I thought I was cute well anyway thanks for reading