• Published 16th Mar 2014
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Aurora daughter of twilight sparkle and Trixie Lulamoon lives a happy life in till she starts high school and everything changes

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Outside the classroom stood two girls one with long brown hair and the other with short black hair they took Aurora by the arms and dragged her outside the school were they couldn't be seen.

"So you must be the new girl that's been hanging around Juliet" A girl with short red hair said, as she walked closer to Aurora

"I have no idea what you're talking about"

"You know perfectly well what I'm talking about!" she said slapping my face

"No! I don't" aurora yelled back

"Fine you want to be that way! girls teach her a lesson, she will be main even if I have to take you down"

Five girls stood in front of Aurora kicking and punching her, after while they left her alone outside as she layed on the on the ground. With the last strank that Aurora had left she called Rose even if she was in class Aurora know that she would pick up.

ring ring ring

'come one please pick up please'

ring ring ring

"Hello... Aurora I'm in class what so urgent that I had to leave"

"Hello are you there…...Aurora"

"Rose…. can... you.. help.. me.."She stuttered

"Whats wrong?! are you okay, where are you at" Rose asked nervously


"Okay I'm on my way…you there Aurora….hello.."

I passed out after the call and when I woke up Rose was carrying me on her back to my house.

"Thanks rose.." Aurora whispered

"I see you're finally woke up, don't thank me I wish I could help you out more"she said sadly

"Dont be you came that's all that counts"

"What happened to you?"Rose asked worried

"I don't really know first I was being dragged away by two strange girls and next thing I know they started to beat me up out back I don't even know why" Aurora started to cry on Rose's back

"I'm sorry your sweater is all wet now" Aurora said wiping her eyes

"Its okay I'm just glad that you're okay"

We walked in silence until we got to the library and my house, Rose knocked on the door waiting a few minutes until my mom opened the door.

"Hey girls how was your first day…."Trixie was stunned when she saw her daughter's face

"Hello Mrs.Trixie can we come in" Rose asked

"Of causer sit her down on the couch and ill go get an ice pack"Trixie said walking into the kitchen, Rose sat Aurora down on the couch

"Thanks for the help" Aurora said to Rose Trixie walked back into the living room with an icepack

"Here put this over your eye" Trixie handed the icepack to Aurora

"Thanks mom.."

"What happened to you Aurora, how did this to you?" Trixie asked her daughter

"I don't now they just dragged me away and beat me outside the school…" Aurora explained "Can I go to sleep? I'm really tired.."

"Sure sweetie all explain everything to your Mom" Trixie smiling at Aurora

"Okay, thanks again Rose" Aurora smiled walking up stairs

Making sure that Aurora was out of sight Trixie turned to Rose "What happened to her?" she asked

"I don't really know, she called me in the middle of class when I stepped out to take the call she didn't answer for a minute or two. When she finally answer she told me that she need help, I rushed out to where she told me was at. When I found her she was passed out on the ground I made sure that she wasn't hurt badly. I placed her on my back and carried her home, I did ask her how did this to her but she didn't tell..I'm sorry I couldn't help out more" Rose explained sadly

"Don't be you did all you could" Trixie said "And for that i thank you, Its getting late do you want a ride home?"

"No I can walk"

"Okay all call your mom later to see if you can walk her to school tomorrow"

"Okay see you tomorrow... maybe" Rose waved goodbye walking out the door

Walking up stair to cheek on Aurora. She knocked on the door but there was no answer, slowly opening the door she saw her daughter sleeping soundly in bed, smiling she close the door. 'what do I tell twilight she'll just freak out' 'All just wait until she closes the library'

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