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Aurora daughter of twilight sparkle and Trixie Lulamoon lives a happy life in till she starts high school and everything changes

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The thrid day

Its been 3 days since the accident in the park, my mother won't let me out of my room she said that its good for me. The only time I get to see my mom is when she brings me my meals "Don't worry petal your Mother is working on a way to control what happened" my pink haired mom repeated to me every day. 'I wonder how everyone is doing' I thought as my pet squirrel entered through my window. "Hey there snow" Rose said as she petted her head. snow is a flying squirrel her fear is brown but the tip of her tail hair is white. "How do you think everyone is doing?" I asked her. snow sat on the top of my head as her small arms hung over my hair. " I guess you're right...there fine" Rose sighed as snow fell to sleep in my hair.

"Luna when are we letting Rose out" Fluttershy asked

"My Dear our daughter almost killed her friends I just want to keep her under my watchful eye" Luna said as she help Fluttershy with her animals

"I know Luna it's just that we can't keep her locked in her room forever" Fluttershy said as she feed the birds

"Dear she won't be stuck inside forever I have Twilight working on a special item that is going to help her control the curse" Luna said as the animals gather around her

"How long is that going to take?" Fluttershy asked as the animals started to chase Luna

"If everything works out tomorrow" Luna said running away from the animals

"Oh..my" Fluttershy said as she tried to hold back her laughter "Luna just let go of the food!" She yelled seeing the animals tackle Luna i'll at once

"Now now you know better" Fluttershy spoked to the animal as they hung their head in shame "Luna are you okay?"

"I'm i'll right Fluttershy" Luna said as the animals sat next to her "I'm just glad you're good with animals" Fluttershy giggled as Luna stood up

"Dont worry about Rose by tomorrow she'll be out with her friends having fun" Luna took her wifes had "Now I believe that you have to talk to Pinkie about tomorrow or she'll go overboard with the party"

"Oh you're right I'll see you at diner" Fluttershy kissed her cheek before flying away Luna waved good-bye from the ground 'I guess I'll see how twilight is doing with the amulet' she thought looking up at Rose window as snow climbed out. 'That might be a good idea before she goes insane' Luna took to the sky flying to the library

"Mom have you seen my math book!" Aurora yelled as the echos filled the house

"No sweetie had you tried looking in your mothers office?" A woman's voice answered back

"She won't let me"Aurora answered once again looking through the pile of books on the floor

"Are you sure it's not in your backpack?" The voice came from behind her

"Yes I'm sure mom I looked through it five times already" Aurora turned around

"Well let's go check in your moms office then" The blue haired woman said as Aurora nodded. Twilights office door was close as a purple shine of magic came from the bottom of the door as Trixie and Aurora stood outside her office.

"Mom are you in there I just want to get my book" Aurora said knocking on the the door

"Twilight are you okay you haven't been outside of your office for 3 days, I just want to know that everything is okay" Trixie said reaching for the door nod but was replied by a magic force field

"Ouch" Trixie held her head in pain

"Are you okay mom?" Aurora asked

"Don't worry Star I'm fine" Aurora nodded as a knock came from the door down stairs "Can you get for me I'm going to get you mom out of their" Aurora nodded once again and walked to the front door.

Opening the door Aurora notice Princess Luna "Hi Luna"

"Hello there Star is Twilight home?" Luna asked

"Ummm…. she is but…" There was an explosion of light before she could finish. Luna and Aurora race upstairs to Twilights office. The door was open as Twilight laid on the floor, Trixie held her hand. In the center of the room was a pendent as a circle of books and chalk drawings of magic symbols were scribal on the wooden floored that started to loses their purple glow

"MOM!" Aurora yelled as she raced to Twilight's side

"I'm okay" Twilight said trying to stand from the floor

"No you're not" Trixie tried to argued with her wife

"Twilight I believe your wife is correct" Luna said walking closer to her "You must rest over using your magic is not a trivial matter that can not be over seen"

"Lunas right" Trixie agreed as Twilight slowly tried to stand up on her feet

"I know Luna but its done the pendant you asked for" Twilight pointed weekly as she was being held by Trixie

"I thank you Twilight for doing this my magic isn't as strong as it use to be" Luna walked up to Twilight giving her a hug

"No problem Luna what are friends for" Twilight hugged her back as she used the last bit of her magic to levitated the pendent to luna

"Thank you Twilight" Luna took the pendent and placed it into a box "You should rest now"

Twilight nodded but was unable to stand any longer Trixie caught her before she fully fell onto the floor "Don't worry Luna i'll take care of her" Trixie said lifting Twilight bridal style out of the office

At Sugar Cube Corner

"Hi pinkie" Fluttershy greeted her friend

"Hi Fluttershy did you come to see how the party is coming along" Pinkie said tackling Fluttershy into a hug

"eep" Fluttershy squeaked as Pinkie pie tackled her into a hug"Oh….yes I came to see if you needed any help"

"Sure you can help out silly" Pinkie said letting go off Fluttershy

"Okay...what do you need help with?" Fluttershy asked

"Well…" Pinkie though for the moment "Placing the streamers, balloons or setting the table or helping bake the cake"

"What do you want to do first?" Fluttershy asked

"You can place the streamers" Pinkie pie said as an idea came to mind "Cotton!" she yelled out

"Yes mom" a light pink headed girl popped out from behind a booth

"Can you help Fluttershy with the decorations?" Pinkie asked her daughter

"Sure thing" Cotton said as she flew over to them

"Jewel can help me out with the cake" Pinkie said jumping up,down as a girl with purple hair came out from the same booth

"Umm..sure thing Pinkie" Jewel said with a small smile

"This is going to be so much fun!" Pinkie pie yelled as she dragged Jewel by the hand, Cotton giggle at the site

Few hours later

"Everything look so awesome" Cotton said as she glanced around the room

"I hope that Rose likes it" Fluttershy said

"Are you kidding me this is going to be the best party in ponyville" Cotton cheered as a cloud of flour came from the kitchen

"Pinkie pie are you okay in there?" Fluttershy asked as the two of them walked closer to the kitchen

"Everything is going absolutely perfect" Pinkie said happily

"If you say so" Cotton said as her and Fluttershy walked into the kitchen

"We just had an accident" Jewel, pinkie said as the where cover with flour. Cotton, Fluttershy couldn't help but laugh as pinkie join in and soon after Jewel did the same

"Do you..need any…. help cleaning up" Fluttershy said trying to catch her breath

"Nop I think me and the girls can handle it" Pinkie said as pulled Cotton and Jewel to her side

"Are you sure I don't mind staying to help" Fluttershy gestured

"Aww flutters you're a great friend but" Pinkie pointing to the clock on the wall

"Oh... my you're right I need to get home to feed the animal and Luna is probably worried about me" Fluttershy said surprise at the time

"Are you sure that you don't need help" Fluttershy went on as Pinkie Pie drag her to the door

"Don't worry silly aunt pinkie will take care of everything" Pinkie said as she placed Fluttershy outside

"I'm a year older than you" Fluttershy said with a slight anger tone

"I know silly" Pinkie giggle

"Okay then I'll see you tomorrow" Fluttershy said taking to the sky as Pinkie wave energetically at her

Even from the sky you could her Pinkie as she talked to the girls "This is going to be so much!!"

"Awesome!" Yelled Cotton as Jewel tried to look for a way out

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