• Published 16th Mar 2014
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Aurora daughter of twilight sparkle and Trixie Lulamoon lives a happy life in till she starts high school and everything changes

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Harmony POV

On the other side of town sat a girl with short red in an open field, behind her was a house it wasn't fancy just a normal house. Getting up she walked inside nothing but dust-covered pictures frames, curtains cover the windows nothing but loneliness came from every room. walking up stairs I open my Mom's bedroom boor there she slept as the heart monitor beeped next to her removed a strand of hair of her face.

"Hi Mom I'm home" she didn't answer

"How was your day Mom, my day was great, dad sent a letter again it said that everything is going okay in Canterlot and that he might come home a month early"

"Its been years since he's been home maybe this time I hope that he can stay and maybe we can do something together again?" The beeps of the machine echoed through the room, tears started to roll down my cheeks as I closed the door not looking back at my mother. Walking back down stairs I sat on a couch in the living the tears wouldn't stop, laying down my tears soaking through the pillow my eyes grew heavy and sleep took over me.


"Mom! mom!" I cried out as nurses took her

"Mom! mom!"

"Whats going on where are they taking her?"

"Your mom is sick dear, she can't stay here" Nurse MerryHeart told me

"But I have no else, please don't take her away" I cried talking my Mothers hand

"Don't worry, where's your dad dear" She asked patting my head

"His in Canterlot on military duty"

"Is there anyone in town that you can stay with?" She looked at me sadly


"Please don't take her away!" Nurse MerryHeart held me, as they took her away

"Mom! mom!"

Waking up sweat dripping of my face I looked at the clock seeing that I only sleep a few minutes 'Why isn't the same nightmare each time' sighing I getting up and walking into the kitchen scanning the fridge nothing was there but some milk 'guess i'm going out to eat again' A knock came from the door 'how can that be no one comes here anymore' walking to the door the knocks didn't stop I opened the door seeing A.J was standing in front of me.

"Hey A.J was up"

"Can we talk Harmony?" She asked

"Sure but I'm about to go get something to eat, do you mind" 'I wonder if something wrong, ugh I'm too hungry to think'

"No all go with you"

"Okay" I smiled as we started to walk, A.J didn't talk to me at all 'I wonder what she wants to talk about' I stopped in front of a fast food place. The store was a light grey and the inside was decorated like an old 90's restaurant A.J sat down at an empty table in the back as I order my food. Taking my food I sat in front of her.

"So was up?" I asked taking a bite of my burger

"Harmony why did you beat up Aurora?"A.J asked

"I dont know what you're talking about" I took another bite of my burger

"I know you do, I talked to her and she told me a redhead girl and her gang beat her up"A.J sighed "Look i'm not anger at you, I just want to know why" she smiled at me

"Well..you..see..its that you're paying more attention to her" I looked away from her eyes

"Is that all, look where friend and I like you, I want you to get along with her okay"

"Why?" I looked at her again

"Because I like her" A.J blushed rubbing her head

"Oh" I stood up and ran out the old fast food restaurant I could hear A.J calling after me but I keep running 'Is that what she wanted to tell' my eyes started to water 'I should just forget her she'll only look at me as a friend' I rand for so long could never notice I was home. Opening the door I walked up stairs to my room, looking at the only picture not cover with bust 'We looked so happy back then' in the picture was my Mom Sunset Shimmer and my father Flash Sentry 'I was only five back then everything has changed so much'. Ever since the whole thing with my Mom got sick my dad barely shows up anymore he only send a letter once in a while with enough money to keep Mom in her treatment's. A knock came from my bedroom door I wiped my eyes with my sleeve standing in front of the door.

"Its me Harmony can we talk?" A.J asked

"No go away!, how did you even get inside the house I locked the door"

"You keep the extra key under the flower plot by the door" she explain "Can you open the door please"

"No please just live" I begged staring at the back of the door

"You now since we meet, you still act the same"A.J giggle sitting on the carpet her head leaning on the door

"Well you're not any different, still hitting on every girl you meet" I said in an angry tone

"Hahaha yea that's true"A.J laugh

"That's not funny A.J" I yelled to the door the laughing stopped

"Yea I know" Her tone became serious "Can you tell me why you ran out the restaurant?"

"I rather not talk about it"

"Okay if that's what you want" She sighed

I opened the door to see A.J fall on her back, she smiled at me waving a paper dag in the air "You never did finished your food so I brought it with me" she stood up handing me the bag

"Thanks" I giggled

"No problem" she walked into my room sitting on my beanbag chair "So want to about it now"

I sat on the carpet next to her, sighing I looked at her "Its nothing to worry about I promise"

"Okay I wont push the matter, but you have apologies to her"

"What! no! I'm not going to apologize" I yelled in anger

"You can either tell me what's wrong or apologies and I can drop this, its your call" she stared at me her sky blue eyes glimmer and at that point I knew she won.

I sighed "Okay all apologies"

"Good I'm hanging out with her tomorrow, your come apologies then" She smiled warmly at me

"Just so you now I'm only coming because you're going" I cross my arm

"yea I know" A.J petted my head as she stood up walking to the door

"I have to go all see you tomorrow don't be late or all come and hunt you down" She smirked at me, gulping I nodding to scared to answer

"See you tomorrow" A.J waved walking down the stairs as I sat there 'Did I really just agreed to that' hearing the front door close I stood up placing the paper dag on my desk 'I can't eat now, today's been a tiring day I'm just going to sleep' I laid on my bed, closed my eyes in hoped that the nightmares wouldn't come back.

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