• Published 16th Mar 2014
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Aurora daughter of twilight sparkle and Trixie Lulamoon lives a happy life in till she starts high school and everything changes

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New Day

Waking up from her sleep, eyes still blurry, Aurora looked at the alarm it was clock 6:00 am 'It's so early maybe I should go back to sleep' placing her head back on the pillow she tried to pull the blanket 'why can't I move my blanket...come on move!' she yelling in her head. one last try to get her blanket she pulled with all her might a loud crash came from the end of the bed.

Aurora bolted up "Mom!?"

"Ouch!" Twilight said rubbing her head "Oh hey sweetie how are you feeling, I cast a healing spell on you when you were sleeping, I just wanted to make sure nothing went wrong when you slept " she explained standing up from the floor

"Oh...thanks mom I feel fine now" Aurora said stretching her arm

"I'm glad...when I heard what happen, I rushed to your room and when I got here you were sleeping.." she said sitting in the bed "..I wanted to talk about what happen at school, but your Mother told me to drop it…"

"So get up its time for breakfast" she said poking Auroras head

"Ugh can't I sleep in today...please" Aurora whinnied

"Nop" she flicked Aurora on the head "Now get ready you still have to go to school all be down stairs with your mother" twilight said walking out the room

"I just wanted to sleep in" Aurora threw a pillow to the door

Getting out off bed Aurora groaned 'One day I just ask for one day, I can sleep in' singing she walked over to the mirror, grabbing the hair brush that sat on top of her dresser 'I should get ready before she comes thru the door'

"Are you sure she should go to school today, after all that happened?" Twilight asked

"I'm sure don't worry, I talked to Fluttershy last night and Rose is coming to pick her up today, by the way don't you cast that healing spill on her?" The light blue haired woman asked

"Yea I did.."

"See she's okay, we should let her live some time"

Walking down stairs Aurora could hear the voices of her mothers talking, standing by the door she made sure that they couldn't see her.

"but.." the purple haired woman whined

"No buts just believe in her" Trixie smiled petting her head

"Okay but I'm still planning to go to the school and talking to principle about this, no matter what you say" Twilight pouted

"Oh is that so, why don't you try asking her first before stirring up more trouble for her" Trixie said pointing at the door "when were you planning to come in or are you just going to stand there all morning"

"How did you know I was out there?" Aurora asked surprised

"Oh just a guess, why don't you sit down and have breakfast" walking over to the stove Trixie picked up a plate of food and placing it in front of Aurora

"Thanks Mom, I'm starving" Aurora said stuffing her face with food

Trixie smiled and sat next to her wife "So Aurora I'm planing to go to your school and taking to the principle today"

"Its okay mom you don't need to"

"But what if this happens again, I just want to stop it before it does" Twilight explained

"And if it does happen again you'll be the first to now I promise"

" I know, but I just want to make sure that you'll be safe sweetie"

"Okay Mom do what you have to do.." A knock on the door interrupted her "That must be Rose, all see you later" Aurora waved goodbye as she walked out the kitchen
"Hey Rose ready to go?" Aurora asked

"Yea and you?"

"Umm..yea..wait I forgot my violin, all be right back" she said running up the stairs

"Don't fall!"Rose yelled smiling

"Pssst.." "Pssst.." She looked around trying to find where that noise was coming from, stopping in front of a bookshelf a blue hair women stood there waving at her

"G'morning Mrs.Trixie can I ask why you're hiding behind the bookshelf?" Rose asked

"Never mind that can you do me a favor?"

"Sure thing "

"Keep an eye on Aurora for me pleases, even if she protests against it, I know that she's nervous about go back to school today" she explained

"All do my best to keep her safe"

"I knew I could count on you.." Trixie was cut off by the footsteps that came running from the hall.

"..Sorry...I...took...so..long.." Aurora said trying to catch her breath

"It's okay, should we get going?" Rose asked looking over her shoulder to see that Trixie was there

"Yea.." Aurora said nervously as they walked out the house

Walking to school noting seem wrong just a normal day Aurora hope, Rose seemed to be over thinking something 'that's not good last time she did that we almost set her house of fire ha-ha the look on her moms face was hilarious any way I wonder what she planing' Aurora thought.

Aurora pulled on Rose's sweeter "Hey Rose we should do something after school today, uumm..maybe.. like.. a.. date…"She stuttered as her face turned red "..we could get a milkshake or go for a walk at the park..". There was no response Aurora looked up at Rose to see that she was still spaced out

"Rose... earth to Rose" Aurora wave her hand in front of her

Rose turned and looked at the little girl "Yea was up"

"I was saying that we should go…. get milkshakes after school, what are you thinking about anyway?" 'so much for a date..'

"Its noting that important, sure we can get milkshakes after school"

"Yay!"Aurora jumped in joy 'Maybe I could finally tell her how I fell' Auroar starting to hum a tune she walked ahead

"Why are you so happy suddenly?" rose asked

"Ummm..nothing" She blushed looking away

Walking the rest of the way in silence, Rose spaced out again but Aurora didn't notice she was too happy thinking of what will happen after school. As they walked in to the school Aurora spotted A.J with Jewel talking in the hallway.

"Hey Jewel,..hey A.J" Aurora said walking after them

"Oh hey Aurora" Jewel said looking up at Rose "And how might you be?"

"Oh this is Rose my best friend" she explained 'for now' Rose wave hello to Jewel and A.J

"G'morning ladies" A.J said kissing Auroras hand, Rose glared at A.J and Jewel seemed to be the only one to notice

"...Morning….A.J…" Aurora blushed

" Morning A.J" Rose said in a slightly anger tone

"Shouldn't we be getting to class?" Jewel asked

"Yup we should get going" A.J grad Auroras hand and started to walk away Rose and Jewel walked after them. Walking through the hallways Aurora stopped outside their home room.

"Can you let go off my hand now?" Aurora asked

"Oh yea" The purple hair girl back away with a light blush

"Arent you to two going to class?" A.J asked her sister and Rose

"Yes we are" They both answer at the same time

"Well isn't your class at the other end of school?" The purple ponytail girl asked her sister

"Yes but I'm just dropping you off like mom wanted"

"I know, I know"A.J rolled her eyes at her sister, looking at Rose "What about you?"

"I'm just taking Aurora to class"

"Not to be rude here but class is going to start soon" Aurora said looking at her watch

"Well see you both at lunch" Jewel wave as she bragged rose behind her, walking into class all the girls keep their eyes on Aurora and A.J sighing Aurora took her set and waited for class to start.

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