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Aurora daughter of twilight sparkle and Trixie Lulamoon lives a happy life in till she starts high school and everything changes

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Friday part 3


"Wait what are you doing?" Rose asked as she lost control of her body

'Taking what belongs to me!' The voice answer

"What! no!" Rose placed her hands on my head but it was too late she took over

"Finally!" she yelled getting closer to A.J "Now let's finish this so I can move on" picking A.J up from the ground, bring her wing up as a sharp knife came out from her father's, near to A.Js neck "Time to say goodbye" she smirked

"Hey let go of my sister!" A purple hair girl yelled as she was holding a pinked headed girls hand

"Tks I no business with you" She turning seeing the pinked headed girl as devilish grin grew on her face

"Well its nice to see you again Cotton" She let go of A.J letting her fall to the ground

"Cotton how is she?" The purple hair girl asked

"Thats Rose well part of her, when she lose control of herself well she becomes this.." Cotton explained as pure fear took over her "We need to get Luna she the only one who can stop her at this point"

"If I remember correctly I have some unfinished business with you" The blue hair girl said walking closer to them

"Cotton call Luna quickly" the purple hair girl ordered as Cotton pulled out her phone out

"What do you think that you're doing" she reached out for cotton but was stopped

"She a little busy right now you'll have to deal with me first" the purple hair girl smirked

"If you wish to die first then be my guess" Her green eyes light up in joy

"How said anything about dieing"

"Enough talking lets see how long you can keep breathing" she kicked her into a tree as it snapped in half

"Is that the beast you do" She spit out some blood as the green eye girl just laughed

She flew up, came down in top speed not taking a chance the purple hair girl set a magical barrier to buy some time. The in pack that was taken by the barrier was enormous but it held up only showing a few cracks the green eyed girl keep punching barrier as it keep cracking with one more hit it shattered into pieces.

"Well its been fun but you have to die now" she smirked

"Hey nightmare she has nothing to do with this!" Cotton yelled "Come get me if you can" she ran off

"Fine if you want to play this game let see how well you can hided" She flew off after Cotton

"Jewel are you okay?" Aurora asked stepping out from behind a tree

"Yea i'm okay" she said standing up "What's up with Rose or Nightmare if that's what Cotton called her"

"I never knew the whole story but when she gets like this Nightmare goes after anyone that steps in her away it only happened once before when we were in elementary school she almost killed Cotton and me but Luna came to stop her. Luna is the only one we now who can stop her" Aurora explained

"What! I have to go she's all alone with Cotton please look out for my sister" Aurora nodded as Jewel rand off

"Come out, come out wherever you are Cotton no one can save you this time" Nightmare

"You have to find me first" her voice echo through the tree

"I had enough of this!" Nightmare yelled as she let out a beam of light that shook the ground as the trees disappeared "You were always too good at this game" she smirked as Cotton stood out in the open field

"Nightmare this is enough" A voice came from the sky

"How do you think you are to stop me" She looked up

"You yet do not have all the power you need" the voice said getting closer

"Luna isn't nice to see you again its been over seven years"

"It has indeed Nightmare, I will not ask again leave"

"Leave what would give you that idea?" she smirked, without any choose Luna used a spell to stop her from moving

"I warned you" was the last thing Luna said before knocking her out and casting another spell on her this time flames took away the armor and Rose became normal. Sighing Luna looking over at Cotton "Are you okay Cotton she didn't heart you did she?"

Cotton POV

"No Luna but I think that Jewel and her sisters are hurt" I explained pointing in the direction that I came from

"COTTON!" someone yelled I looked over to Jewel running in my direction

"Jewel over here!" I yelled back

stopping to catch her breath Jewel looked at Cotton "Why did you do that you could have gotten yourself killed!"

"But you were hurt, she was going to kill you" I said with sadness in my voice

"Look i'm okay just promise that you won't ever do that again" Jewel patted my head as I nodded

"Ughum" Luna cough as me and Jewel turn around

"Oh silly me Jewel this is Luna"

"Its a honor to meet you Jewel" Luna said "I am sorry for any problem that my daughter my of cost you"

"I'm pretty sure that it was my sister fault for all of this" Jewel explained "Where's Rose I mean Nightmare?"

"Do not worry child she is back to normal" Luna said as I Point to the unconscious body on the ground

"Well I have to get my sister home or the hospital.." Jewel sighed

"Well I have to take Rose home before Fluttershy starts to worry"Luna lifted her body using magic, taking of to the air "It was nice to meet you Jewel" Luna said as she flew off

We walked back to where A.J, was seeing that Aurora was next to her.

"Thanks for looking after her" Jewel said with a smile

"It was nothing where's Rose?" Aurora asked

"Luna came and used some weird spelled that knocked her out like in a second it was amazing" I jumped

"Well I have to take my sister home Cotton can you take Aurora home" Jewel said picking up her sister placing her on her back

"Okay i'll see you later" I waved off bragging Aurora with me as she struggled to get free

"Bye" Jewel waved walking the opposite direction letting out a small chuckle

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