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Aurora daughter of twilight sparkle and Trixie Lulamoon lives a happy life in till she starts high school and everything changes

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It was five pm Rose walked through town with her family. Luna said that she had one last gift for her but she tried to tell them that they have given me plenty Luna insisted on this gift. 'I guess that's okay I just think they're overdoing it this year' Rose taught as they walked through town.

"Hey Rose are you excited to come live with us?" Knight asked trying his best to fly over

"I guess, I mean I'm happy to go to Canterlot but leaving Ponyville might be a little harder than you think" Rose answered trying her best not to sound sad

"You now that you don't have to go right?" He said as Luna and Celestia shared a wary glance at each other

"I know but I can't leave you to handle everything on your own, in time this pain will go away" Rose said playing with her nickels once again 'I think'

"If you say so" Knight sighed looking at his mother whom wore a sad smile

As they continue to talked Rose didn't notice when they a ride in front of Sugar Cube Corner before she could notice where they wore Celestia cover her eyes "No picking now" before she could answer a door opened as Celestia removed her hands Rose was standing in center of a dark room.

"Surprise!" Rose jumped as the lights came on in their faces became clear.

"How're you surprise! how're you! how're you!" Pinkie pie and Cotton said as they hugged her

"Yes I was surprised" Rose said returning the hug

"Now let's get this party started!" Pinkie yelled pointing to a neon blue hair women begging a dj booth

Rose was surprised that everyone in town came, twilight was talking to Celestia as Trixie was potting on a magic show for the smaller kids. Luna and Fluttershy were sitting together as Pinkie pie jumped up in down in excitement.

Rose was sitting next to Knight on the couch "Happy birthday Rose!" Cotton yelled as she jumped in front of them

"Thanks but you know it's also my cousin bright day too" Rose said as Knight tried to walk away but she graded his shirt before he could escape

"It is?" She asked

"Yup" Rose said as Knight gave Cotton a small smile

"I better tell my mom…. oh and happy birthday Knight!" She gives him a quick hug as she raced tours her mom

"How did she know my name?" he asked as Rose simply shrugged

"Hey rose" A voice come from behind her

"Hi Jewel how have you been?" Rose asked turning to see Jewel

"I've been well my sister in the other hand was in the hospital for two days after the crazy fight you to had" Jewel explained

"I'm sorry…... is she okay?"

"Don't worry she okay, we all know that it's not your fault. When she got back to school A.J was back to her old self" she said with an annoying look

"Okay…. this is my cousin Knight" Rose said as Knight stood like a statue

"It nice to me you" Jewel said as extended her hand for a handshake

"Uuuuu…." Was i'll he said Rose playfully hit him on the back to snap him out of it "...It's nice to meet you" he almost yelled as a blush spread over his face

"How are you enjoying the party?" Jewel asked

"Its nice I don't know many people from ponyville since we only come invest a couple of days of the year" he explained

"Well I hope you have fun" she said with a warm smile "Rose do you mind waiting for me a minute my sister has something important to tell you" Jewel said looking around as she spotted her sister talking to Harmony "All be right back" she said walking off as Rose simply nodded

"So…"Knight said as Rose looked at him "Is she going out with anyone?"

"Not that I now of why... are you going to ask her out?" Rose smirked

"Maybe…." He said looking away from her

"Well this is your chance here she comes" Rose waved back to Jewel as she dragged A.J by the arm, Knight gulped as a nervous smile from on his face

At the other side of the party Twilight was talking to Celestia as Luna tried to keep up with the librarians speech on quanta physics

"Twilight I thought that Trixie had dropped the whole third person thing?" Celestia asked as Trixie wore her old magic hat, cape as the younger kids were amazed by her tricks

"She has but when she becomes nervous or feels out of places she's more comfortable with her hat, cape" Twilight explained looking over at Trixie with a smile

"If I may ask princess what happened to you and Luna?" Twilight asked Luna and Celestia

"Me and my sister transfer are last alicorn magic to Knight, Rose" Celestia explained as she could see her son talking to Rose

"That explains why she look so different but you still have wings that means that you can fly but can you still do magic?" Twilight asked

"We can certainly do magic Twilight but we can only do low-level spells, we can no longer control to sun and the moon the power relies on or children" Luna explained

"Are you sure they are ready?" she asked as Luna and Celestia simply nodded

"Hey rose…" A.J said staring at the floor

"Hi A.J sorry for what happened last time I hope your okay" Rose said with a warm smile

"Dont worry i'm okay….i'm ….sorry"She said as her hat cover her face

"What? I couldn't hear what you were saying" Rose said looking down at her

"I'm sorry…" She tried again but Rose couldn't hear her

Jewel notice and stepped in for her "She trying to apologize as well"

A.J noded moving her hat "I'm sorry I know it was my fault too"

"Its okay there's no needed to apologies" Rose petted her head as a small smile formed on A.J's face

"so umm Jewel I was wondering if…" He was cut off by a pink blur that peering out of nowhere

"Hey guys!" Cotton greeted them as she carried a tray of cupcakes

"Hey cotton" They all said as the took a cupcake

"What were you saying Knight" Jewel tround her attention back to him

"Well you see….I was...wondering if you like to dance…. yea dance" Knight said as she smiled at him

"Sure that sounds like fun" Jewel said not noticing Cottons expression change

"Awesome" He said as they walked over to the dance floor

"What was all that about?"Cotton asked

"Oh my cousin has a crush on Jewel he's going to ask her out" Rose explained

"Oh is he now.." Cotton said angrily walking away

"What's up with her?' A.J asked

"I have no idea" Rose said as her eyes followed Cotton into the crowd of people

Cotton didn't like Knight she feared that Jewel would live her. When she heard Rose explain what he was really up to anger boiled inside her she walked pass people on the floor bogging their dance moves. A smile came to her face as she spotted Jewel but simply vanish when her attention came over to Knight try to get close to her. 'I don't like him one bit maybe I should go talk to her' Cotton though looking at Jewels smiling face and decided to go work on the cake with Aurora.

What Cotton didn't notice was that Jewel saw her 'Is she okay I wonder why she left so suddenly I wanted to have a dance with her maybe I should go talk to her' She thought as she looked at Knight

"Knight I terribly sorry but were going to have to cut are dance short" Jewel said looking at him

"Why?" He looked puzzled at her "Did I do something wrong?"

"No that's not it at all" Jewel explained " I just have someone important to look for" she said as slight blush spread on her face

Knight notice the blush on her face 'I guess she already has someone in mind but I wonder who it could be' he thought giving a quick answer "Don't worry about it we can dance some other time"

Jewel smile "Sure that sound like fun thanks all see you later" she waved walking to the discretion of the kitchen.

"That was fast I thought you would be dancing with Jewel" Rose said as Knight came close to her an A.J

"Well we were but then something or someone caught her attention" Knight sighed taking a set next to Rose "Then she went after that person"

"Did you see how it was?" A.J asked

"No he left before I could get a look" Knight scratched his head "Do you know how it is?"

"I don't really now she hasn't talked about any one special if I recall but it might explain why she's been so happy lately" A.J explained

"I'm going to give up if she has someone in mind I don't think I could win her heart" Knight said as his hands cover his face

"Dont give up we don't know if any of this is true maybe you still have a chance" Rose said trying to make her cousin smile

"Your right" Knight stood up "I'm going to go talk to her"

"We'll be here if anything happens" Rose said as her cousin walked in the direction she saw Cotton walk a few minutes ago

"Hey A.J have you seen Aurora?" She asked looking round the party

"No last thing she told me is she going to help Cotton with something" A.J answered trying to think of what Aurora said the day before

"What do you thick Cotton?" Aurora asked looking at the decorated cake "Cotton are you listening?" she turned to find Cotton spaced out as she frosted the cupcakes "Hey are you okay" Aurora tapped her shoulder casing Cotton to jump in surprise

"Hey Aurora was up" Cotton finally came out of her trans

"I was asking you if the cake looked okay" She said pointing at the cake "Are you okay?"

"Yes why wouldn't I be?" She said trying to sound chipper

"Well first of look at the cupcakes" Cotton looked down noticing that the icing was barely on any of them instead it was starting to pile in front of her

"Oh well I was just spaced out a little" She tried to defend herself Aurora simply raised her eyebrow "What?"

"Something on your mind you can tell me if something is wrong" Aurora had a worried look on her face

"I...ummm...you...its…" Cotton tried to say something but she couldn't make it out

"its okay just try to breathe one word at a time" Aurora comforted her


"Cotton are you in here?" Jewels voice came from the door

"Were in here" Aurora said but to her surprise a smile started to form on Cottons face

"What are you guys up too?" Jewel asked looking at the giant cake on the table

"I was helping decorate the cake do you want to help?" Aurora smiled at her

"No thanks I had enough of that yesterday" Aurora looked confused at Jewel "I came to check on Cotton"

"I don't want to talk right now I'm kinda busy" Cotton turned her attention to a new batch of cupcakes

"I think you need a break lest go outside for a minute okay" Jewel kindly said with a smile as Cotton followed behind her. 'I wonder what that was all about' Aurora though cleaning up the frosting that sat on the table

"Are you okay Cotton?" Jewel asked

"I'm fine" Cotton said trying to pull of her best smile

"Your lining to me your smile tells it all" She said reaching out for her hand

"Can I ask you something?" Cotton moved away from Jewel

"Certainly what's the question" she answered stepping closer

"Did you know that Knight was going to ask you out?" Cotton looked her in the eyes

Knight walked into the kitchen noticing a small girl cleaning up a mess to his surprise it was Aurora.

"Hey there Rora hows it been?" He asked

"Knight is that you?"

"Yup the one and only" he said putting on his beast grin

"You can drop the act around me you now" Aurora said tapping her foot

"Haha...I know but it's still fun, you still haven't answer my question you know"

"I'm fine and you?"

"I'm actually looking for a girl named Jewel did you see here she went by any chances?"

"She and Cotton are outside" Aurora pointed to the back door

"Thanks Rora"

"My is Aurora"

"I know and by the way you might want to clean the frosting of your face" He smiled tossing a wash towel at her before walking out the back door

"Hey Jewel can we talk" Knight said taking her by surprise as he saw someone run away to hide "Am I interrupting something?"

"No I was explaining.." She turned around to see that her girlfriend wasn't there " Cotton where did you go?" Jewel looked around trying to spot her

"Jewel can I ask you something" Knight said as a slight blush started to appear on his face

"Sure" She answer not noticing that he was blushing

"Well I now that we just meet" 'oh no….. I should do something' Cotton though as she keep out of sight behind a tree "And I was wondering if you….. like to go…. on a date with me..?" He asked as a period of silence came over them Jewel finally broke silence

"Knight thank you for the offer but I have to decline" Jewel said politely

"Oh okay" Knight looked sadly at the ground "Can I ask why"

"I'm actually dating someone right now and to tell you the truth she means everything to me right now even if she doesn't realize it I would do anything to protect her" she looked at Knight whom understood

"Okay" Was all he said before disappearing inside

"Did you mean that" A small voice came from behind her

"I meant every single word Cotton" Jewel smiled hugging Cotton

Back at the party Trixie stood in the front of the strange, tapping the mic to get people's attention "Trixie has something to say" people stared gather around "Trixie wants to wish Rose a happy birthday and would like her to come on stage"

A light beam in her direction 'I gauss' there no way out' Rose smiled as she walked her way to the stage

"Trixie knows that to-day is special" the crowd cheered " and to celebrate that Trixie and everyone in town help to set up this party"

" And to celebrate a special day we need a cake" Celestia walked on stage"But Trixie needs everyone's help now every count to three"

"One" the crowd yelled

"Did you plan this" Rose whispered to her aunt

"Two" Fog started to cover the stage

"I have no idea what you're talking about" Celestia smiled

"Three" A small explosion of color beamed from the stage revealing a ten layer cake that was decorated with a path of roses and petal scattered around on top stood a single candle

"Go on blow it out" Celestia told her

"You just want to eat the cake" Rose looked at her aunt whom was hypnotized by the cake

"Thank you all for this great cake" The crowd cheered "To day is also my cousin's birthday as well and I think that we should both should blow out the cable" Rose looked around for Knight

"That's a great idea!" Pinkies voice came from the back of the crowd. Knight don't know what was going on he was being pushed by the crowd to the front seeing that rose was talking to his mother as she tried to sneak a piece of cake.

"Come on let's blow the candle together" Rose said extending her hand as Knight took with a simple nodded. They flew to the top of the cake Rose made sure that Knight was next to her "Okay here goes one two three" The candle went out as the crowd cheered once again

"How wants cake!" Pinkie yelled now on the stage as she passed the cake out

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