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Aurora daughter of twilight sparkle and Trixie Lulamoon lives a happy life in till she starts high school and everything changes

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After school Auroras POV

Class was over and I was packing my things when I notice that Rose was waiting for me outside of class 'awww she's waiting for me that's so cute I better hurry' Packing the last of my thing, I headed to the door but A.J called me.

"Hey Aurora want to hangout today?" A.J asked

"Oh sorry but I have plans with Rose today"

"So is it like a date or something?" I looked way my face bright red "Oh..okay" A.J looked disappointed

"How about we hangout tomorrow but as friends what do you say?" A.J asked

"Sure that sounds fun" I smiled at her

"Okay i'll see you tomorrow then" A.J wave goodbye and walked out the door

I waved goodbye to A.J, walked out of the classroom seeing Rose was waiting for me.

"Are you ready to go?" I asked

"Yup" Rose smiled as we walked through the hallway out the school door, we walked in silence through the town. The colorful buildings surrounded them they stopped at a shop that was lime yellow but showed its age as the paint peeled off on the top a sign said Sugar Cube Corner. They walked inside as music played in the background and the smell of fresh bake pastries roamed the store, they took a corner botte table as a hipper Pink headed women jumped near them.

"Hey! there Rose, Aurora haven't seen you in a while how you been"The pink hair women ask

"Hey there Pinkie I'm been doing great" I smiled at her

"Hello everything has gone well for me Mrs.pie" Rose smiled at her

"Oh Rose you can drop the Mrs thing around me" Pinkie giggle " So what can I do for you girls"

"Two milk shakes please" I told pinkie

"Okay dokey lokey" Pinkie smiled as she jumped away. There were a moments of silence and it started to get awkward.
Rose POV

It was getting awkward and we were just staring at the table. 'Maybe I should say something, should I tell her..ohh what do I do' she started to confuse myself 'just talk about how school went to start off' my conscience told me

"So..how did the rest of the school day go for you?" I asked

"It was fun we played a classical songs in music class, it seems that's all likes" She giggle at the thought

"So did those girls bother you today?" I asked her

"No I didn't see them today but A.J simed to notice something was wrong, I told her what happen. She told me that she knew the girl, that she'll take care of it" Aurora said playing with a napkin. 'If that girl ends up making it worse for Aurora all teach her some manners' I thought

"Thats nice of her to do" I looked out the window not even caring

"Yea"Aurora giggle "So...umm….Rose..can..I ask..you..something…"Aurora stuttered looking me in the eyes

"Yea was up"

"Well..you..see.." She started to play with her hair 'What is she trying to say she's so nervous'

"Well….I...I..I..L..Lo…"Pinkie pie pup out in front of them

"Here you go girls here are your milk shakes" Pinkie looked at Aurora her face red as a tomato "Did I interrupt something" She said placing the milkshakes on the table

"No not really" Aurora sighed drinking her milkshake 'I wonder what she wanted to say'

"Okey dokey" Pinkie said disappearing again

"So what were you going to say?" I asked her

"Umm..nothing nothing..never mind"Aurora looked away

"Okay then" I said taking a sip of my milk shake 'I wonder what's on her mind' I thought 'Tell her now ask her out' my conscience told me

Auroras POV

'Why why why I so close to telling her but I froze, good thing that pinkie came when she did' Drinking my milkshake it became awkward again, Rose slimed deep in thought again.

"Hey Aurora are you doing anything this friday?" Rose asked

"Ummm...let me think, I don't think so why" I said with a confuse look on my face

"Well you see" She rub her head "do you want to go on a date with me?" she asked 'OMG OMG yes yes'

"Yes!..I mean of course" A huge smile was on my face

"Okay then its set, let's get you home then" Rose smiled at me

"Okay" I said placing some money on the table, walking to the door.

"Bye girls see you next time" Pinkie yelled from the counter

Walking thru the town Rose carried my backpack even when I told her I could do it myself. We arrived in front of my house she handed my bag.

"All see you tomorrow okay" Rose wave at me as she walked away

"Okay!" I waved back, walking inside the house I ran up to my room joy over taking me. I picked up my favorite stuff animal, blue furry teddy bear

"She asked me out I'm so happy" I spun around the room, finally landing on my bed giggling a knock came from the door

"Come in"

"Hey sweetie I saw you run to your room is everything okay?" Trixie asked

"Yes mom everything's okay, I just have the best day ever" I smiled a my Mother

"So tell me what's gotten you so excited?" Trixie asked

"Well you see Rose asked me on a date friday!!" I said with a huge smile on my face

"Thats great honey! I'm so happy for you" Trixie jumped in joy as she hug me

"I...can't..breath." I patted her back so she would let go "Oh sorry about that" she let go of me, so I could catch my breath

"It's okay mom"

"So tell me how it happen" She took my hand

"Okay okay i'll tell you" I said giggling

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