by Skyler101


6 am- Kitchen

Aurora walked down stair to the kitchen where she saw her mom making breakfast she looked mad for some reason 'maybe I should ask what's wrong'

"Morning Mom is something wrong?"She asked the blue haired women

"No sweetie.. just my fun got me in trouble with your Mom again" Trixie explained

"Hahaha I knew it"

"Hey no laughing at your mother it's not my fault she over reacted" Trixie pointing the spatula at Aurora

Aurora held her hands up in defense "Okay okay well lets see what she say's, morning Mommy"

"How long have you been standing there?" She asked twilight while she walked into the kitchen

"The whole time I came to apologise for over reacting but I guess that can wait now" Twilight answered glaring at Trixie

"...I'm sorry Twi I really am" Trixie tried to explain

"Can I have breakfast now" Aurora interrupted as Twilight sat down across from her

"Sure thing" Trixie smiled, placing pancake’s on three different plates, she walked to the table and placed a plate in front of Aurora and Twilight and took her set next to her wife.

"Are you excited for the new school year?" Twilight asked

"Not really, can't I stay and be home schooled?" Aurora whinnied

"Don't worry Aurora just because you skipped a couple of years of school doesn't mean that its the end of the world" Trixie explain as Twilight glared at her again

"What you Mom is trying to say is that everything is going to be okay sweetie" A knock from the door interrupted her "How can that be this early?"

"All get it" Trixie walked out of the kitchen to open the front door

Front door

"Good morning Mrs. Trixie" A tall pale girl with black hair said

"Good morning Rose, not to be rude but why are you her so early?"She asked

"Twilight said that it would be a good idea if I took Aurora to school with me...I mean if that okay with you…" Rose hide her face behind her hair

"Oh so my wife put you up to this?" Rose simply nodded as a faint blush covered her cheeks

"Well come in, all get Aurora for you" She said walked back in the kitchen


"Aurora, Rose is here for you" Trixie said as she walked in

"What why?!"She asked

"Why don't you ask your mom" She pointed to Twilight


"Yup I knew that you would back out at the berry last moment. so I talked to her Mother and because she's going to the same high school as you I thought I would be a good idea" She explained "Oh and I know about the little crush you have on her" Twilight teased Aurora

Standing in shocked a blush cover Auroras face "...umm when did you find out?"

"A while ago, now get your stuff she waiting"

"ugh fine" Aurora whined getting my backpack, walked to the front door

"Did you really now that she liked her?" Trixie asked in a whisper

"No but I had a hunch for some time now"

"Wow you're good" Trixie smiled as she placed a kiss on her cheek

"Thanks" She grinned with a blush

Front door

"Morning Rose"

"Morning Aurora, why's your face all red" She asked

"Its nothing..isn'" Aurora stuttered

"Your right if we don't hurry we'll be late" She said taking Auroras hand and running out the house what rose didn't see was the blush on Auroras face, when she took her hand.