by Skyler101

Jewel Finds out Rose secret

Rose POV

I was being dragged away by Jewel through the hallway, she stopped and let go off my arm and kept walking, I soon follow after her

"So for how long have you liked Aurora?"Jewel asked

" don't know what you're talking about" I blushed looking away

"I saw how you glared at my sister when she kissed her hand and how anger you wore when she grab her hand again"


"You can tell me I won't say anything"

"Okay i'll tell you but you promise not to say anything" I looked at the light Purple hair girl

"Yes I promise cross my heart hope to fly stick a cupcake in my eye" she gestured

I looked at her confused "It's a pinkie promise don't worry its just my way of saying that I promise"

"Umm okay, any way I started to like her a year ago but I haven't gotten the courage to tell her how I fell"

"Wow you liked her for over a year"

"Yea" I scratched the back of my head

"Where's your class at?" Jewel asked

"It's at the end of the hall third door on the left" I explained

"Okay I'm going to walk to class so we can plan a way for you to tell Aurora that you like her"

"What no I can't tell her are you crazy!..." I whispered yelled hiding behind her hair

"Now now nothing will go wrong you can do this" Jewel patted my back

"Well here we are, all see you at launch" Jewel wave goodbye and walked to the staircase

Opening the door I walked to the last row by the bookshelves taking my set a girl skipped getting near me 'oh no not now'

"Hey Rose good morning!" the girl with pink curly hair said energetically

"Hey there Cotton"

"Do you want to hang out today after school we could bake some cupcakes! or we could go shopping!or or"


"How about we go to get some ice cream or play a game of basketball….."

"Cotton!" the girl stopped talking and looked at me

"I'm sorry for yelling, but I have plans with Aurora today"

"uh are you going to tell her…."She was stopped by my hand over her mouth

"I don't now get.., lets just talk about something else" the pink haired girl nodded, I removed my hand from Cottons mouth

"Want to hangout tomorrow then so you can tell me how your date went!" Cotton said excitedly

"It's not a date!" I whispered yelled

"Sure it's not" Cotton giggle skipping away

The bell rang, class started, English was boarding and I feel to sleep through Math nothing more but a boring bay. I woke up when someone poked my shoulder looking up I saw Cotton was in front of me.

"Wake Up sleepy head there's a pretty girl here for you"

"Umm..what did you say" I rub my eyes

"Silly billy" Cotton poked my head "Theres a girl her for you"

"Thanks" I patted her head and walked to the door

"Hey Jewel was up?"

"Well we're supposed to have lunch with A.J and Aurora" She said in an anger tone

I lowered my head "I'm sorry I feel to sleep in class"

"Yea I saw that" Jewel glared at me shrinking in her gaze "Never mind that let's get going" I nodded followed after her

We walked in silence I made sure not to say anything, Jewel turn the corner into the lunch room seeing that her sister was still hitting on Aurora, but she keep turning her down. I stopped and looked at what Jewel was staring anger and pain sutured in my eyes.

"You see that my younger sister wants your little Aurora" Jewel pointed

"I won't let her, I'm supposed to protect her, I promised" I clenched my fist

"Wow! there tiger I don't think you can beat my sister in a fight" Jewel held her hands in defense " Least just work on a way for you to tell her, how about after school okay"

"I'm sorry but I can't today me and Aurora are hanging out"

"So it's a date" Jewel smirked

"No..its not!" I blush hiding behind my hair

"Sure it's not, how about tomorrow then" Jewel said with a smile

"Well I'm playing basketball with Cotton tomorrow…"I didn't look up at Jewels gaze

"It's a good thing I like to play basketball then"She said with an evil grin

"but" I tried to protest

"No buts well talk about this tomorrow, let's go eat for now"

Walking over to the table A.J simmed to be trying to feed Aurora but she moved seeing that Jewel was right behind her, smacking her on the head A.J glare at her older sister. We talked about class and random stuff but nothing interested me. When lunch was over I walked Aurora and A.J to music class while I went to gym class. I was getting bored with leasing to the teachers so I flee off to the nearest cloud to take a nap. At the end Cotton came to wake me up by making a rain cloud pour on me, she laughs as I flee after her at the end the pink hair girl got away. The rest of the bay when the same expect when Mrs.Heart through a book at me for spacing out in health class, as soon as the bell rang I flee to Auroras home room and waited for her outside.