by Skyler101

Piece of the puzzle

In white tail woods Queen Chrysalis paced around her throne room waiting for one of her changelings to report. This made her nervous not knowing if she wanted to know if it was true, too caught up in situation she didn't notice the changeling whom entered the room.

"Your Highness I have gather the information you requested" The changeling informed her

"Good job Axle you may continue" Chrysalis said as she walked to sit on her throne

"Are intell has informed us that princes Luna has appeared in a small town of ponyville she was then taken by princess Celestia to canterlot and has not left the city" Axle explained

"Is that all?" Chrysalis asked

"Yes my Queen"

"Keep a close watch on her make sure that you are not spotted and report to me any new information" She order Axle

"Yes your Majesty" Axle said as he walked out the room

It has been 1000 years since Chrysalis was banish to the white tail woods by Celestia but back then she was only a filly back then she believed that Luna would look for her year after year that hope became anger. Chrysalis knew why she never saw Luna or why she never came to look for her Celestia banish her mother to the moon it was all Celestias fault.

3 months later

"Why have you not brought me any useful information!" Chrysalis yelled

"Your Highness we have tried to find new information but we are unable to get anywhere near her" Axle explained trying his best not to say the wrong thing

"Well try harder!" she ordered

Axles second in command stepped up "If I may speak your Majesty"

"If it's about you inputince in this mission I don't want to hear it Crayber" She glared at him

"No your Majesty we found useful information that I was not able to tell Axle before we arrived" Crayber explained as he got an annoying look from Axle

"What is so important that you have not told Axle" She stomped her hoop on the floor

"My team has found that princess Luna is going to attend Nightmare Night in ponyville this year" He informed her

She smiled at the news "Axle you and Mage are going to Ponyville on Nightmare Night I will also be attending but in the shadows"

"Yes you Majesty we will begin our preparations" Axle said as Mage came to his side

"You may leave now" She order as they nailed before leaving

'Its finally time I'm going to now what really happened that day' she thought as a nervous smile grew on her face

Canterlot castle Luna's room

"Hello princess Luna" A voice said

"Hows there why have you interfered with my dream" Luna said to the shadowy figure

"Oh Luna how don't you know that this is simply my dream and that I choose to see you" The voice said talking a few steps closer

"You are in my domain I can tell that thou hast trespass my dream sequins" Luna said comely as the shadow walked around her

"I should have none that nothing can get past you" The shadow laughed still walking around her

"How are you" Luna asked

"How am I, you should know how I am" The shadow stopped in front of as green eyes stared at her

"I do not how those is, show they self!" Luna yelled stopped her hoof

"Well met in due time" The shadow laugh "But if you really want to know how I am look into you pass" The shadow disappeared into a cloud of smoke as a door appeared with chains that cover it as spikes came out from the sides

"Go ahead look inside" The voice echoed in the darkness

Luna hesitated only taking small steps she seemed scared 'I've seen this door...why am I scared' She thought as tears started to run down her cheeks 'I can't wake up! wake up!' Luna yelled in her head

"You'll have to face this some day" The voice echoed once again

Luna woke up fear cover her face the thoughts of what had just happened rang through her mind 'What was behind that door, why can't I face it'

A knock came from the door "Luna are you up?"

"Yes sister I'm awake we...I'll race the moon in a second" Luna replied her sister

"Okay I'll see you at dinner" she heard Celestia hoofs step echo away