by Skyler101

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Chrysalis to terms that Luna has lost her memories and is trying to make her remainder how she is

Its been 1000 yer since Chrysalis has seen her mother Luna but only to find out that she has lost her memories. Chrysalis is trying to help her but also trying to figure out why Celestia left her to fen for her self something happened that night and she detriment to find out.

Piece of the puzzle

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In white tail woods Queen Chrysalis paced around her throne room waiting for one of her changelings to report. This made her nervous not knowing if she wanted to know if it was true, too caught up in situation she didn't notice the changeling whom entered the room.

"Your Highness I have gather the information you requested" The changeling informed her

"Good job Axle you may continue" Chrysalis said as she walked to sit on her throne

"Are intell has informed us that princes Luna has appeared in a small town of ponyville she was then taken by princess Celestia to canterlot and has not left the city" Axle explained

"Is that all?" Chrysalis asked

"Yes my Queen"

"Keep a close watch on her make sure that you are not spotted and report to me any new information" She order Axle

"Yes your Majesty" Axle said as he walked out the room

It has been 1000 years since Chrysalis was banish to the white tail woods by Celestia but back then she was only a filly back then she believed that Luna would look for her year after year that hope became anger. Chrysalis knew why she never saw Luna or why she never came to look for her Celestia banish her mother to the moon it was all Celestias fault.

3 months later

"Why have you not brought me any useful information!" Chrysalis yelled

"Your Highness we have tried to find new information but we are unable to get anywhere near her" Axle explained trying his best not to say the wrong thing

"Well try harder!" she ordered

Axles second in command stepped up "If I may speak your Majesty"

"If it's about you inputince in this mission I don't want to hear it Crayber" She glared at him

"No your Majesty we found useful information that I was not able to tell Axle before we arrived" Crayber explained as he got an annoying look from Axle

"What is so important that you have not told Axle" She stomped her hoop on the floor

"My team has found that princess Luna is going to attend Nightmare Night in ponyville this year" He informed her

She smiled at the news "Axle you and Mage are going to Ponyville on Nightmare Night I will also be attending but in the shadows"

"Yes you Majesty we will begin our preparations" Axle said as Mage came to his side

"You may leave now" She order as they nailed before leaving

'Its finally time I'm going to now what really happened that day' she thought as a nervous smile grew on her face

Canterlot castle Luna's room

"Hello princess Luna" A voice said

"Hows there why have you interfered with my dream" Luna said to the shadowy figure

"Oh Luna how don't you know that this is simply my dream and that I choose to see you" The voice said talking a few steps closer

"You are in my domain I can tell that thou hast trespass my dream sequins" Luna said comely as the shadow walked around her

"I should have none that nothing can get past you" The shadow laughed still walking around her

"How are you" Luna asked

"How am I, you should know how I am" The shadow stopped in front of as green eyes stared at her

"I do not how those is, show they self!" Luna yelled stopped her hoof

"Well met in due time" The shadow laugh "But if you really want to know how I am look into you pass" The shadow disappeared into a cloud of smoke as a door appeared with chains that cover it as spikes came out from the sides

"Go ahead look inside" The voice echoed in the darkness

Luna hesitated only taking small steps she seemed scared 'I've seen this door...why am I scared' She thought as tears started to run down her cheeks 'I can't wake up! wake up!' Luna yelled in her head

"You'll have to face this some day" The voice echoed once again

Luna woke up fear cover her face the thoughts of what had just happened rang through her mind 'What was behind that door, why can't I face it'

A knock came from the door "Luna are you up?"

"Yes sister I'm awake we...I'll race the moon in a second" Luna replied her sister

"Okay I'll see you at dinner" she heard Celestia hoofs step echo away

Nightmare Night

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Queen Chrysalis was lingering in the shadows of ponyville as Axle took the form of a stallion his coat was a light brown as his black mane was spiked up,not wearing a costume his cutemark was a golden ax. Mage was a mare with a blue coat, her yellow mane was braided to her right, she wore a witch hat, her cutiemark was a in alchemy circle. They walked through town passing little fillies and colts running around in their costume as their parents tried to keep up with them.

"When is the princess due to arrive?" Mage asked in a whisper

"Midnight at least that's what Crayber told me" He answers angrily

"Are you still going on about that"

"He should have informed me first, maybe I should find a new lieutenant" He said as they passed the game stalls

"If you do that he'll only hate you more" Mage told him as she looked at the stalls

"Yes I'm aware of that.." He was interrupted by a pink blur that appeared in front of him

"Oh my god oh my gosh oh my gosh you must have just moved to ponyville I never seen you around" The pink mare jumped up and down "I'm Pinkamena Diane Pie but everyone calls me pinkie pie what are your names" She smiled at both of them as her eyes glimmered "Uuu let me guess your ...Axle …. Mage" Pinkie jumped up and down as she gave her answer

"How did you know?"Mage looked at pink mare in confusion

"Just a hunch" The Pinkie smiled at them

"Oh kay.." Axle gave her a disbelieving glance

"This call for a welcome to ponyville party!"Pinkie yelled in excitement

"Were here to visit a friend will be gone by morning I don't think there be time for a party"Axle walked pass her

"Awww but parties are fun" Pinkie walked next to Mage as they followed him

"I think we should stick around" Mage said with a hopeful smiled that some banish with a glare from Axle

The sound of wings came from the sky as the moon was blocked by clouds a chariot came to land in the town square.

"CITIZENS OF PONYVILLE I PRINCESS LUNA HAS GRACE YOU WITH OUR PRESENCE" Luna said in her royal canterlot voice as the ponies shiver in fear on the ground

In the shadows Chrysalis watched as the ponies of ponyville cowered in fear as Luna walked up to them sadness filled her face. Chrysalis followed Princess Luna as she walked out-of-town and into the everfree forest she decided that this would be the best moment to speak to her. Changing her appearance to a young filly she walked up to Luna who was laying next to the Nightmare statue.

"Hello Princess Luna" A small voice said as Luna turned her head

"Hello their child why are thou here" Luna said looking at the young filly

"Why are you sad Princess?" The dark blue filly asked

"I'm not sad little one, where are your parents?" Luna asked as the small filly that sat next to her

"There in town" She answer looking everywhere but at Luna

"Princess Luna I've looked everywhere for you" A purple mare who wore a weird costume walked up to her

"Hello Twilight I decided that it would for the beast if I left ponyville" Luna said walking up to twilight

"You don't have to leave, maybe I can help them understand" The purple mare gave her a hopeful smile

"But they fear me I do not think we can change their minds"Luna sighed looked at the ground

"Me and my friends can help you Princess" Twilight smiled at her "Least go see my friend Fluttershy"

"Alright, we should take this little one back to town" Luna said looking back to see that filly wasn't there anymore

"How are you talking about" Twilight said confused seeing that there was no one else there

"Its nothing shall we get going" Luna said following Twilight tours Fluttershy's cottage

'I was so close' Chrysalis though taking her normal form as she followed them from the shadows. She keep following them until they wore back in town as Luna talked to an orange mare Chrysalis looked for Axle and Mage.

"Axle, Mage how is everything going in town?" A small voice asked from behind them

Axle tround around to see a filly talking to them "Majesty are you a filly?"

"Is there a problem with that" She glared at him

"What he meant to say it that it's quite a surprise, you almost look like a miniature Luna" Mage said looking down at her

"I don't know what you're speaking of" A slight blush appeared on her cheeks "Never mind that, how is everything going?"

"Well it seems that everypony is warming up to Princess Luna" Axle said to the small filly

"Shall we keep an eye on her?" Mage asked

"Actually let's see if we can speak to her" Chrysalis said as they walked closer into the town square. Princess Luna was playing the spider tossing game as ponies gathered around her, Axle and Mage made their way up to the front.

"Hello princess" Luna turned to see the small filly once again

"Hello again little one" Luna said as Axle and Mage shared a worry glance " If I may what is thou name young one"

'Maybe I should tell her my real name' She thought before answering "Its Golden Wisp princess" Chrysalis made up

"Call me Luna little one" Luna smiled looking up at Axle and Mage "This must be your parents" Wisp simply nodded with a smile as they both stare in shock on what they just heard

Luna stare in confusion at the pair in front of her "Are they all right Wisp"

"There fine Luna there just surprise to meeting you" The young filly answered with a smile

"...Yes where just a bit surprised princess" Mage snapped out of shock as she taped Axle whom simply nodded

"Do you wish to partake in this game with me Wisp?"Luna asked with a smile

"I've love to" Wisp jumped up and down in excitement

The four of them played a few rounds of the spider tossing game until a blue mare with a rainbow mane hover a cloud over them. A lightning bolts hit behind Luna that set the towns ponies screaming in fear. Axle took Chrysalis in fear of something bad were to happen, Mage followed his lead turning to glance back to town square only see Luna fly away.

"Your highness I think its time for us to go" Axle said looking around to make sure that no pony was around

"No I will not live without telling her!" Chrysalis yelled in the filly voice

"Excuse for being rude your highness" Mage said looking down at the small filly "First if you're going to yelled you should change back to normal it's not berry menacing, second we spent at least an hour with her and you didn't say anything"

"How dare you speak to me this way" The little filly yelled as a blush a pried on her face now noticing what Mage was talking about "I just wanted to spend sometime with her"

"We know your highness" Mage hugged the small filly "We just need a better plan for next time"

"Alright but if you ever tell anyone about this moment I'll have you lock in the dungeon" She looked up at Mage with a glare

"If you do that then you wont have anyone to talk to" Mage poked her nose

"You are quite right" She said turning back to a changeling "But you are still not telling anyone" She glanced at Mage with a grin

"I wont tell a soul, I know you keep to your threats" Mage said

"Well then shall we leave" Chrysalis said taking to the sky as Mage followed behind her

"What just happened" Axle said out loud confused at the scene that was just in front of him. Axle looked up to see them both flying away "Wait for me!" He raced after them

Luna was happy that everything had settled down in town, she wonder where Wisp and her family had gone to. Looking up at she was three figures fly underneath the moon one of the figures looked familiar to her.

Canterlot Weadding

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It had been six months since Chrysalis had talk to Luna, she gathered enough information over the couple of months to find out that the captain of the royal guard was getting married to no other than a princess. 'This is going to be my last chance' Chrysalis thought looking around the room seeing Axle arguing with Cyber, Mage sat ignoring the fight as she was more concerned if they were able to pull this off.

Chrysalis stood in front of the altar as Shining Armor stood next to Princess Cadence. Chrysalis looked up seeing that Celestia was still knocked out inside the cocoon 'I guess I should wait for Axle or Cyber to report' she thought walking to the window.

Celestia slowly opened her seeing Chrysalis pace around the room noticing that she was awake "Hello Celestia its nice to you that you're finally awake"

"Leave Canterlot if you know what's good for you!" Celestia yelled from the inside of the cocoon

"You shouldn't be making threats in your state" Chrysalis looked up with a grin

"What do you want?"


"She will never abandon Canterlot to play your silly games!"Celestia yelled

"Answer me this, do you remember how I am?" Chrysalis asked flying up to her gaze "Of cures I was no older than a filly back them" She stare at Celestia how looked away quickly

"Yes I remember...what are you really after?" Celestia said angrily

"Luna" she repeated once again

"She not here"

"You're lying! she has to be her"Chrysalis sadly looked at Celestia whom wore a grin

Laughing Celestia spoke up "You though you could just speak to her and everything would go back to normal"

"Why do you care "Aunt Celestia" you always seemed to know what's best for her" Anger took over Chrysalis

"Don't you dare call me that ever again!" Celestia yelled in anger

"Why do you hate me so much all I wanted from you was a smile a signed that you could love me. But now you're just cruel!!" Chrysalis told her as she flew back down

"Do you really want to know why I hate you so much?" Celestia laugh at the question itself Chrysalis stopped and looked back at her "Its simple you started to eat the love that my sister had for you, she didn't notice how weak she was becoming or how every time she would raise the moon it was never a bright as the one before. But I notice every little thing that change then it hit me if you stayed any longer she cloud of die"

"No you're lying!! I would never go as far as to kill my own mother" She said almost at the brig of tears

"It's all true"

"You're lying" She cover her ears with her hooves

"Do you know what the sad thing about this is my sister looked for you high and low everyday, one day I had enough of her nonsense and told her to give up that she'll never find you" Celestia said smiling as each word made her happier "She yelled at me saying it wasn't your fault and if I only gave you chances. Luna would tell me this every day as she cried out to me to tell her your location"

"Why....why did you keep playing games with her, why didn't you just tell her where I was then it wouldn't of come to this!" Chrysalis yelled not able to contain her emotions any longer

"Because after months of searching I had enough, I stopped playing her game of hide and seek for you" Celestia said comely "I cast a spell to erase her memories all the six years that you spent with her simply vanish into thin air and of curses the year that she spent looking for you disappeared. I simply replaces her old memories with new ones taking their place it was like you were never even born" She wore a evil grin seeing Chrysalis to lose control

"Why are you so cruel!" Chrysalis cried out "You seem to care more for your subjects than you do for your own sister. Lets see how you feel after each and every one of them is dead, the only one to blame is you" She said angrily as all hope banish from her eyes

The door opened as Axle walked in "Your majesty we could not.." he was stop by hoof

"Theirs a change of plan tell the changeling to feed until theirs not a single pony around!" She order

"Of curses but why the change of mind?"He asked

"Lets just say I got some new information" She said not making eye contact with him. Chrysalis was standing by the window watching her changeling feed on every single pony. She was so preoccupied that she wasn't aware of Princess Cadence was free and shining armor was out of her magic grasp.

"My love will give you strength" Cadence said to Shining Armor

Laughing she said "What a lovely but absolutely ridiculous statement" 'Look at where love has gotten me' Chrysalis thought

Princess Cadence and Shining Armor glowed as magic pulse surrounded them, releasing the magic a wave of energy beamed across Canterlot, as the changelings wore pushed out by the wave of energy into different directions as will for Queen Chrysalis. Flying back to White Tiger Woods Axle, Mage and Crayber followed after her.

"What's our next plan?" Mage asked as she flew next to her

"There is no plan…." Chrysalis said as she picked up speed making sure the three won't follow her. Mage looked back at Axle, Crayber as a worried look spread on their faces.

All For Her

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Days passed and not a word came from Chrysalis. Mage, Axle and Crayber became worried as the only thing they could do was wait, a week came to pass Mage decided that it was time to speak with her. walking down the hallway she passed many paintings of the three of them with Chrysalis smiling ‘Why can't it go back to what it just to be’ she thought reaching the two wooden doors at the end of the hall.

Knocking twice no response came “Chrysalis can I come in?”

A muffle answer came from the other side of the door “come in”

Mage opened the bedroom door seeing that Chrysalis wasn't in her room but sitting outside balcony. The walls of the room were empty except for one in the center where a painting hung. It showed a young colt Axle on the right as a young filly Mage stood on the left in the center Chrysalis smiled as she was holding baby Crayber as they smiled happily. Mage walked closer to the balcony her hoof steps being muffle by the carpet she notice that the mirror on the wall was shatters quickly looking around the room to see if anything else was broken. To her surprise there wasn't that much damage done to the room the wallpaper was ripped off as burn marks cover some areas of the walls it was the least amount of damage she could have done. Reaching the see through door for the balcony she stopped and looked at Chrysalis her mane was a mess, her eyes wore red from too much crying but she looked peaceful as she staid at night sky.

“Chrysalis” Mage spoke walking closer to her but she dint and answer “Chrysalis can you hear me” She steeped closer but nothing was said “Mom pleases answer me” tears formed in her eyes as Chrysalis didn't move

Chrysalis gaze moved from the sky when she heard someone crying next to her “Mage is that you?”

Mage looked up as tears ran down her cheeks “Mom!!” She jumped tackling the mare into a hug

“Shh its okay Mage everything is going to be okay” Chrysalis hugged her daughter

“Your lying”

Chrysalis looked down at small mare “Why would I lie to you Mage”

Polling away from the hug Mage looked her into her eyes “Look at you at self, look at your!. Ever since we returned from Canterlot you shut yourself in your room we didn't know what to do it was like you disappeared without saying a word”

Everything became clear to her at that moment “I'm sorry... I didn't want to worry you three but it seems that I made a mess out of all of this” She hugged her daughter one more time “ I just need some time to think a few things over its going to be okay”

“You promise”

“Yes I promise”

Three more days passed and chrysalis would not leave her room Mage and her brothers would try to convince her to come outside but she refused. They decided to come up with a plan if their mother couldn't see Luna then they wore bring her here. The next few days Axle and Crayber set a barrier in the woods far enough that it couldn't be seen from the castle. Mage set a spell in the center of the barrier that was the easy part the hard part was setting the same spell in Luna's room but it was done no matter how many times she all most got caught. The day finally came everything was set to plan. There was nothing to do but wait in tell Luna fell to sleep in the morning at the same time that Celestia would raise the sun.

Canterlot castle-

Luna walked trough the castle hall making her way to her room. The echoed of her hoof steps came to no surprise as no other pony was up at this hour. Nights keep Luna busy checking for nightmares and helping the pony to make the right decision was a toll on her. Sometime she was to tired to keep her eyes open. Truing the hall Celestia waved to her sister they said their hellos and continued on their own way. Reached her room nothing but happiness overtook her as the thought of bed came to mind. Walking in she closed the door and walked over to her bed laying down she snuggled her face into the pillow as her eyes grew shut. Something was wrong Luna couldn't sleep she tossed and turned trying to get comfortable. Opening her eyes a purple aura of magic surrounded her, Luna fight it off the best she could but was too weak, collapsing the magic circle teleported her to center of White tail Woods.

“Where am I?” Luna asked as she picked herself up from the ground

“White tail woods” A voice answered

“Hows there? show your self coward!!”

“You know how I am we meet before or did you forget already?” The voice mocked her

“How dare you mock me show yourself!” She repeated

“If you inset” A mare walked out of the shadows as two colts stood next to her

“Mage is that you?” No one answered “Why am I here? Who are you really?”

Laughing Mage walked closer “I am Margaret de Crystalia princess of the changelings” She said changed back to her normal from “This are my brother Alexander and Gottbert but they go by Axle and Crayber” They followed her lead changing back as they walked closer to Luna

“What do you want” Luna said taking a few steps back but saw that they had surrounded her

“We want to talk that's all”

Luna raised her eyebrow “What do you wish to speak about?”

“Do you know how Queen Chrysalis is?” Luna tround her attention to Axle

“Yes I have heard of her, why does this matter?”

“Before you became Nightmare Moon do you recall having a daughter?” Crayber asked

“If I ever had a child I would have known” Luna said reverting her attention back to Mage “What is this really about?”

“I'm going to tell you a story that are mother use to tell us” Mage said stepping closer

“I want answers I don't plan to play this child's game” Luna looked down at Mage in anger

“It all started 7 years ago before the great Lunar war. There was a mare how was lonely and only wanted to be understood one day she decided to have a child but did not want to marry. So instead she decided to create one using magic….”

“I have heard enough” Luna spoke angrily as she spread her wings taking to the sky

“Tsk tsk tsk Luna you have to be more patient” Mage said “Axle, Crayber show Luna the new trick I thought you” She smiled at them as they grew a mischievous smile. There horns lit up as magic beams surrounded Luna taking hold of her “Let go of me!!” she yelled as grip became tighter “Bring her down” order Mage. Axle and Crayber shared a glance as the took a few steps back lifting themselves to their hind legs,and slammed their front hooves on the ground the magic brought Luna crashing down as she gasped for air.

“It didn't have to come to this but I'm sorry it did” Mage said looking down at Luna

“” Luna said trying to free her self

“Don't bother this are magic chains the more you the tighter they get, Now where was I” Mage took a moment to collect her thoughts “Oh yes the mare used magic to create a child in her own image to this she spent days in her room perfecting the spell. The townspeople started to worry about her and so did her sister in tell one day she went to check up on her only to find a repulsing smell coming from the room and a door that was cover with too many magic spells. After the spells were gone her sister walked in it was dark and a purple aura came from the back wall

“sister are you all right?” she asked walking closer as a baby started to cry

“Yes i'm all right” she answered standing next to the baby

“What have you done” Her sister said angrily seeing shuck a repulsing creature

“I made her in our image”She answered

“get rid of it, i'm worried about you people in town are spreading rumors about what you and what goes on in your room” the older sister said worried

“I'm not going to get rid of her she my daughter” She took the baby into her hooves

“Fine but she can't leave this house until I say so” She looked at younger sister whom smiled quickly. They spent six-year like that the child was never allowed to leave except when her mother would sneak her out in the night, One day her aunt came to visit she noticed something was wrong with her younger sister. The younger sibling looked pale and weak, taking notice she tried to get her out of the house but she wouldn't leave her daughter's side the older sister had enough of her nonsense and took matters into her own hooves. Morning came and the filly woke to a foreign environment, her aunt flew feet above way thing for her to speak

“If you ever come back you'll never see the time off day ever again” she warned the young filly as she fly away. The filly called out her mother day after day wishing for her to come but she never did” Mage finish and looked at Luna

“What does this have to do with me?” Luna asked trying to stand up

“Try putting the pieces together” Crayber said

“I still don't understand”

they sighed sharing a glance at each other “ Guys keep her still” Mage order

“What are you going to do?!?” Luna tried to back away but the chains became stronger

“A spell the help you remainder” Mage placed her horn next to Luna as the spell took effect she fell unconscious on the ground

“Let her go we need to get back before mom starts to worry” She told Axle and Crayber “Leave the food and water next to her” Mage said before walking off. They did as they were told and followed their sister

“Is she going to be okay?” Axle asked

“Don't worry the barrier will keep her safe from any harm, when she wakes up she'll just be dizzy for a little while” She explained as her brothers nodded in understanding


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Mom wake up!

"I'm up I'm up" Luna answer slowly opening her eyes to see a small filly jumping up and down on the bed

"Lets go play outside" The small filly jumped on top of her mother as her green mane cover her face

"Alright well go outside it is your special day after all" Luna hugged the small filly how giggle

"Yay let's go!" She tried to break free from her mothers in brace. Luna released her daughter as she flew around in circles above her

"Alright at least let my tie up my hair" Luna walked out of bed and to the mirror using her magic to tie up her hair she keep an eye on the filly flying over her

"Come on the let's go!" The small filly pulled on her mother's hair

Luna giggle at her daughter's excitement "Okay okay I'm coming" She walked over to the door as she levitated two coats "Here put this on its cooled outside" the small filly put on the coat as it was green like her eyes but size too big. Luna picked up her daughter using magic as she placed the small filly on her back, she trotted through the castle making sure not to be seen or heard.

After walking through castle in silence they made their way into to the garden where fresh powder of snow shined in the moon light. Luna place her daughter on the snow as she started to chase snowflakes "Elpis come here I have something for you"

"You do mommy!" Elpis ran as fast as her small hoofs would take her but fell as the coat caught on her right hoof

"Are you alright?" Luna walked up to her

Elpis picked herself up as her face was cover with snow "I'm alright mom" She looked up to her mother how was giggling to herself "What so funny?"

"Noting my little changeling, now let's go see your surprise" Luna smiled down at Elpis. They walked through the royal garden as the flowers and trees were cover in snow "Are you ready Elpis?" Luna asked as they stood in the center of the garden

"Yes mommy" Elpis smiled as Luna's horn light up in a blue aura, the snow melted around them. The flowers blossomed into all different colors creating a rainbow of lights that surrounded them. Elpis smiled as everything changed around her and the lights danced.

"Happy birthday Elpis" Luna said watching her smiled

From atop the tower stood Celestia watching her sister from the darkness of her room. She tround closing the curtains as disappoint spread on her face "This has to end.."

"Sister are you awake" Celestia called out

"What is it sister is everything okay?" Luna asked opening the door

"I need to speak with you Luna it's about Elpis"

Luna closed the door making sure not wake her daughter "Oh what about Elpis"

"I know that we talked about this already but she can't stay any longer" Celestia tried to explain herself but was cut off

"Elpis isn't going anywhere she still a filly, I am her mother I won't let you take her" Luna said angrily trying not to yelled

"Look at your self" Celestia pointed her hoof at Luna "Have you seen the moon lately it's not as bright like the night before or any other night"

"Sister if all you have are crazy accusations please leave" Luna said opening the door to her bedroom

"Please Luna listen to me" Celestia tried to stop her younger sister

"Let go Tia" Luna said angrily

"Not until you listen to me"

"She is my daughter and that's never going to change"Luna broke free from her sister grasp "Now if you excuse me I need to rest" she said closing the door on Celestia

'I'm sorry Luna I hope you can forgive me one day' Celestia thought as she cast a spell from the other side of the door to make sure Luna was trapped in the dream realm in tell it was necessary for her to wake up 'I hope it worked' She thought opening the door.

"Luna" Celestia called out but there was no answer 'it worked' she smiled walking to second bed where Elpis was sound asleep. Levitate the filly out of bed she made sure not to wake her up, closing the door she walked through the halls of the castle. The guards at the front gates notice Celestia leave as she took to the sky as a small purple aura followed behind her. It was dawn as Celestia landed in White Tiger Woods placing Elpis on the ground she took flight as a small voice came from the ground.

"Where am I?" Elpis asked

"Elpis" Celestia called as the fillies green eyes stared at her

"Aunt Tia?" She asked again

"Don't you ever call me that!" Celestia said angrily "Elpis you are banish from canterlot I never want to see you again" She said looking down at that scared little filly "If I ever catch you in canterlot you will be killed"

The filly cried as her tears soaked the ground "I didn't do anything wrong" Celestia glanced at the filly for the the last time as she flew away

"Mom…" Elpis called out "Mom…" She repeated once again "Mom!" She yelled as she broke down in tears

"Call for her all you want she'll never find you" Celestia said as Elpis cries echoed through the woods. Walking through the castle halls Celestia broke her sister out of the spell and went to take care of her royal duties

Luna looked around her room as the sun beamed through the curtains, trying to stand she lost her valence and fell back on the bed "Elpis are you up" She called out 'Maybe she still sleeping' "Elpis its time to get up" Luna stood once again as she walked trowards Elpis bed trying not to fall. Standing in front of her daughter's bed there was no sign of her "Elpis where are you?" she looked around but everything was blurry "If you're playing a joke on mommy it isn't funny come out" She called out to an empty room. Luna's eyes came back to focus as there was no sign of her daughter "Come on this isn't funny" she said worried looking under the bed, behind the curtains and anywhere else she could think of until the room was torn apart to find there was no sign of her "ELPIS!" Luna cried out in the royal canterlot voice as memories of last nights fight with her sister came to mind anger took over her

Luna's cries could be heard from the other side of the castle Celestia sighed 'I'm sorry this is for your own good' she thought trying to get back to work. Something was wrong the floor seemed to shake as something came closer to her but stopped as it reached the door as it swung oped "WHERE IS SHE"Luna yelled

"Where is who Luna" Celestia said comely

"ELPIS TELL ME WHERE SHE IS" Luna's anger grew larger

"Stop yelling Luna look at what she done to you" She pointed at luna hows coat was pale, bags grew were under her eyes "I did this for you own good" Celestia said looking at her sister

"Please tell me" Luna said in tears as everything became clear to her "She can't survey on her own I'm her mother Tia please" She bagged but was only met by a cooled glare from her sister

"No I have work to do please leave" Celestia pointed at the door Luna left in tears as she walked through the wall way. Everything became black as she stood in darkness "I see that you finally opened the door" A voice echoed

"What do you want?" She called out

"Do you want to know what happened next?" The voice asked

"No please just take this memories away please make me forget" Luna said in tears

"I'm afraid I can't do that" A shadow stood in front of her

"What do you want from me?" Luna backed away

"Revenge on Celestial for taking away the only thing that I loved" The voice answer

"How are you?"

"I'm you, I'm the anger, sadness, darkness that was sealed away" Luna looked at herself yet she was different her eyes wore red as her mane draped down and bags rested under her eyes

"Were going to get revenge on Celestia for what she did"

"No" Luna simply answered

"It's not a request" The other Luna said as she jumped tours her

Luna bolted up from the ground looking around there was no sight of Mage and her brothers she took this as sigh to escape 'You can't out run this you'll have to face it sooner or later' words echoed in her head as she ran through the woods.

An unlikely friend

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Luna ran through the forest as the moon rose over her, the sound of someone and hoof prints came from behind her ‘There must be way out’ She thought, taking a glance to see if there was anyone following her. The barrier came into sight, as she ran close, Luna stopped, placing a hoof near the barrier, it sent out a shock wave as it repelled her touch “ouch” She yelled, backing away “There has to be a way out of here” Luna stopped as the sound came closer ‘I have hide’ She thought, taking cover behind a bush.

‘He looks familiar’ Luna though making sure the he didn't get out of site ‘It can't be’ The figure walked through the barrier unharmed.

“Discord!!” Luna yelled, getting as close to the barrier as she could.

Discord turned around, hearing his me being called out “Why Luna, isn't this a surprise?”

“Discord, I may sound crazy, but I need your help.” Luna said looking away from him.

Discord grinned at the request “What is it you need help with princess?” he asked curiously.

“I need to break out of this barrier.” Luna held her hoof on the barrier as she was shocked.

“Well isn't this a problem, but what do I get out of this?”

“What do you want?” Luna tried not to yell at him

“I am saving a princess after all.” He said as his grifon claw tourled his goatee “I know a parade in Canterlot.”


“An article in the papers."


“How about a biography about yours truly."


“You're no fun." Discord crossed his arms “A'll right then, you have to be my friend, how does that sound?" He smiled down at Luna.

“I guess I can do that, but only if you free me from here." Luna said, with her best fake smile. ‘I just have to put up with him for a little longer’

“Oh, and one more thing." He got closer to whisper something in her ear.
Luna looked up at him in surprise, as her cheeks became red “I don't know Discord..” Luna said, as her hoof started to dig into the ground. ‘Is he mad, where would he get this idea?'

“Oh, why's thats?” He asked, raising his eyebrow.

“Well..its not like you don't have a chase like any other stallion…I just don't know if she will agree.” Luna smiled nervously.

“Well if you want to get out, you're going to have to find a way to make it happen."

Luna sighed “All right, I'll try to get you a date with my sister.” ‘Why in equestria am I agreeing to this?'

“Thats all I needed to hear.” He snapped his fingers as the barrier disappeared “Now I assume that you would like to clean yourself up? I live near here” He said, walking away “ You can come if you want." Luna walked after him, not wanting to be left alone.

They arrive at a cabin at the base of the mountain, lights wore on inside as a shadow of a pony came over to the curtains.

“Do you have company?” Luna asked looking at the cabin

“Why yes, a friend of mine came to visit." Discord answered, opening the front door as they walked in, closing the door with his tail.

“Discord, did you get the ingredients for Angle bunny?" Fluttershy asked, stepping out of the kitchen as Angle taped his foot on the ground.

“Of course." He snapped his fingers as it appeared in front of her basket “We have a guest staying." Luna stepped out from behind him.

“Oh, hello Princess Luna." Fluttershy said, slightly blushing.

“Hello Fluttershy” Luna grited with a smile

“Now that we have the introductions out of the way,” Discord said “Luna, why don't you go freshen up?” Luna nodded, heading up stairs, Fluttershy was going to speak but Angle threw a pillow at her and pointed at the kitchen. ‘My my, if this couldn't get anymore interesting’ He thought, a grin formed on his face.

Angel sat on a pillow enjoying his salad as Discord started to speak “Fluttershy, do you like Luna?”

“Well she's a good friend and hasnt hurt my animals.” She answered with a smiled.

“Thats not what I mean Fluttershy.” He said, as she looked confused at him “What I meant is if you're in love with her."

Her face became crimson as she tried her best to hide behind her hair “Is it that obvious?"

“What so obvious?” Luna asked, walking back down stairs.

“Would you look at the time, I should get you something to eat” Fluttershy raced out of the room.

“Is she alright?” She asked.

“Dont worry about her.” Discord chuckle ‘I guess its not obvious to everyone’


Cryber raced down the halls of the changeling castle, he stopped to catch his breath before knocking on the door. “Mage, we have a problem” He said from the other side of the door.

“What is it Cryber?” She said slowing opening the door

“Luna has escaped our barrier.” Cryber waited for a loud and anger eruption from her but instead she grinned in amusement.

“Don't worry Cryber, there's only one creature in this forest that would take her in." She smiled as flames grew in her eyes “Get Axel, we leave immediately." Cryber gulped, not wanting to know what she was planing, as he raced off to get his brother.
Chrysalis stood in the shadows as she heard what they wore planning ‘So that's what they been up to’ she thought as Cryber ran down the north hallway ‘I have to get to Luna before they do’ Chrysalis walked in the shadows, making sure no one spotted her, but one changeling could spot her, Mage stood at her door, a grin grew on her face ‘Everything is falling into place’

Luna, Discord and fluttershy sat in the kitchen as they ate an awkward silence filled the room.

“So Luna, I've been wondering, why you, of all ponies, were trapped in White Tiger Woods?” Discorded asked.

“Its something I rather not talk about." Luna looked down at her soup.

“Well if you don't want to talk about it, we understand." Fluttershy said, trying her best not to blush.

“Wait, don't tell me that you, princess of night, got tricked, or better yet, they captured you for some weird war abomination plan." Discord laughed

“Now Discord, if she doesn't want to tell us, we shouldn't be pushing at the matter” Fluttershy said, looking at him.

“Its alright Fluttershy." Luna smiled at her, a knock came from the door, Luna shivered as fear came to her eyes. ‘Is that them? I have to hide’ She thought, looking around “Discord, please don't let them in." She asked, looking around the room for a place to hide.

“Are they the bad ponies who did this to you?” Fluttershy asked, Luna simply nodded “Discord, can you see who's at the door while I try to calm her down?"

Discord walked out of the room without saying a word ‘I've never see Luna act this way in front of anyone’ He thought, opening the front door “Well hello, haven't seen you in a long time." ‘Well, doesn't this day keep getting interesting?' He smirked.


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“Hello Discord, its been a long time." Chrysalis said.

“I believe that last time we meet you tried to kill me." He added.

“Why don't we let bygones be bygones?" She smiled at him.

“Not to be rude but to what do I owe this visit?”

“I'm here looking for Luna and you're the only critter around here that would help her."

“You can leave now because she's not here” He said closing the door.

“Wait." she stopped the door with her hoof “I don't want to hurt her, I just need to speak with her."

“Like I said, she not here." Discord removed her hoof from the door.

“Please, it's important."She said on the verge of tears.

Discord sighed opening the door “Alright alright, just don't cry." Chrysalis smiled walking inside, he lead her to the kitchen where Luna was back to her normal self as Fluttershy kept an eye on her.

“There's someone here to see you.” Discord said as Chrysalis walked out from behind him.

Luna eyes widened as Chrysalis waved at her “Why is she here?” He shrugged and sat on the chair in front of her.

“i'm not trying to hurt you." She stepped closer “I just want to talk."

“what do you want to talk about?” Luna asked.

“You need to get out of here.” She said.

“why's that?” Luna asked as Chrysalis looked away from her.

“Its seems that my children might of got it in there mind that to the only way make me happy is to make you like me or to kill you." She said “I don't want anything to happen, so please, just leave."

“Elpis." Luna said as Chrysalis stared at her in shocked “I know the truth." she stepped out of the chair and walked towards her.

“I….Im…..” Chrysalis was to scared to speak as Luna stood in front of her “No…You're lying.” She said as she slowly stepped back.

“Elpis, its alright." Luna replied, hugging Chrysalis as tears ran down her cheeks. Discord and Fluttershy sat in silence not knowing what was happening in front of them.

“We don't mean to interrupt this touching moment, believe me.” Discord said, rolling his eyes “But what in equestria is going on?"

Luna let go of her daughter as Fluttershy handed her a tissue “Thank you.” Chrysalis said. Fluttershy squeaked and hid behind Discord.

“Well, you see, Chrysalis umm, I mean, Elpis, is my daughter.” Luna answered, as silence filled the room. Discord raised and eyebrow as Fluttershy didn't seem surprised at all.

“How about we explain later, we need to get out of here." Chrysalis said, sniffling as Luna nodded, heading towards the front door.

Opening the door, somepony spoke “ Why, look who's here."

“Hello Mage." Luna said angrily, making sure that Chrysalis stopped before being seen.

“Why don't you make this easier to yourself and come with us?" Mage said, stepping aside.

“And what do you think you're doing?" Chrysalis said angrily, stepping outside, ignoring Luna's attempted to hide her.

“Mom!!” Cryber and Axle yelled, surprised.

“Hello mother." Mage said calmly “Looks like your finally out of your room."

“It seems so." She answered back as the atmosphere became uncomfortable.

Chrysalis looked at her sons “What do you think you're doing?"

“We…..ummm….. She…..and her…” She placed a hoof up stopping them.

“Who gave you permission to do this?” She asked as they tried to calm down. They glanced at Mage who stood still not saying a word “I see."

Mage looked at Luna ignoring what was happening behind her ‘what should I do? now my plan is ruined’ ‘Finish what you started’ a voice answered ‘but shes part of our family now that she knows everything’ Mage said back ‘How do you truly know that is what happened? she could just be playing with your mother emotions’ ‘No, she would never do that’ Mage said angrily ‘I had hopes for you but it looks like your weak like them' The voice mocked.

“Mage, what were you thinking, kidnapping a princess?” Chrysalis looked at her daughter.

Mage smirked “What was I thinking?" She laughed "I was going to set you free from the pain, sadness, the loneliness you put yourself in each day because of her." Mage pointed to Luna.

“Its not your decision to make."

“It might not of been but it drove me insane watching you every day like that and that's why I'm going end her.” Her eyes glowed red.

“What are you doing?!" Chrysalis yelled “ Put us down this instant!"

“Aww, but what fun would that be?" she smiled, looking up at her mother “Now you get to see her die in front of you eyes.” Mage shot a beam of magic at Luna.

“Is that the best you can do?" Luna asked, stopping the beam.

Mage stomped her hooves in anger “Why don't you find out?!"

“Gladly." Luna smirked.
“Don't you think we should help them out?” Fluttershy asked from the inside of the house, seeing the beams from outside.

“It's there own family matter, why not let them figure it out on their own?" Discord said, taking a sip of tea.

Luna summed swords, shooting one after another at Mage, whom dodged them as quickly as she could “Agh!" she yelled out as a sword went through her front left hoof. “Is that all you have? you're going to have to do better than that!" she pulled the sword out her hoof.

“Just give up, you can't last long with that sort of injury." Luna said as swords surrounded her.

“Why would I ever do that?" Mage asked, casting a fog spell. She levitated the sword to the ground, beginning to draw a pattern.

“You think a simple fog spell will keep you safe?"

“No, of course not." a shadow appeared on her left .Luna swung her sword at the shadow “But how confident are you with killing something that you can see?" shadows appeared all around her.

“I've had enough of you games!!” Luna shouted as swords flew in every direction.
“I think we should help them now." Fluttershy said worriedly, seeing blood outside.

“Fine, you're no fun.” Discord said “Heres the plan." He said as a board appeared in front of her.

Mage laid on the ground as blood surrounded her “No!!” Chrysalis yelled, trying to escape the spell she was in.

Luna walked closer, levitating a sword up to her neck “You should of surrender.” She lifted the sword walking towards Chrysalis.

“And you should've of killed." Mage said, trying to stand up.

“Stay down."

“Maybe you should look where you're standing." Mage said as a magical circle surrounded them.

Luna tried to summon a sword but nothing happened “What did you do?!"

“It's the same spell as the barrier you were in, which is stopping you from using any source of magic.” Mage smiled levitating the sword out of her side “I believe its time for you to die."

Luna dodged the swings as blood ran down her cheek “I may not have magic but I won't give up."

Mage held the sword up to her neck but something was wrong, the spell was getting weak. Luna took this chance to escape, trying to walk across the barrier “Agh!” she yelled in pain.

“You're not going anywhere." She said, swinging the sword again, stopping as something caught her eye “What do you think you're doing?” Mage asked, walking closer to the small yellow pony whom ran away “Get back here.” Mage ran after her.

“Pst, Luna." Someone called out from behind a rock “Luna.”

She turned around to see “Fluttershy?” Luna said confused “If you're here then who is she chasing?"

“Mage is chasing after Discord, he thought it would be fun?" She smiled weakly and erased the marks on the ground made by the sword.

The barrier fell as Luna stepped out “Thank you” but was stopped by screams. Chrysalis, Axel and Cryber came crashing to the ground “Are you okay?” Luna asked the boys who nodded, standing up as Chrysalis ran past them as Luna followed after her.

Discord stood in front of Mage “What did you do!!” Chrysalis yelled.

“Don't worry, I just knocked her out, she'll be back to normal soon." He said, looking at her “What, do you think I would kill her? I'm not a murder you know.” He crossed his arms.

“I'm sorry I yelled." Chrysalis said, looking down in shame.

“Just next time, keep a closer eye on her." He said as Chrysalis nodded, levitating Mage onto her back.

“I'm sorry for all the trouble we have caused you." She said as Luna walked up next to her.

A beam of light appeared in front of them “Luna, are you okay?” Celestia asked, hugging her sister.

“I'm alright sister.” Luna pulled away from her “We should just leave” ‘Maybe she won't notice them’

Celestia nodded, noticing Chrysalis and Discord standing beside Luna “Luna, stay behind me." she said, charging up her horn.

“No, stop." Luna stood her ground in front of her.

“Luna, move” She ordered.

“They didn't do anything." She spread her wings to protect them ‘Please don't hurt them’

“Fine, let's just leave." Luna nodded, turning around to give Chrysalis as hug “I'm sorry." she whispered, letting her go.

“Luna, it's time to go." Celestia said, as Luna looked at her, then at her daughter ‘I'll come back for you, changeling’ Celestia thought angrily.

“I'm not going” Luna said “I've missed enough of my daughters life I'm not going missing any more” Chrysalis smiled hearing those words

“Luna, enough games, it's time to go home.” Celestia ordered.

“This is my family and you took them away from me." she said “Now, if you excuse me, we have to get Mage home."

“Luna, wait, can we talk this out?" Celestia asked ‘I'll be back for you, like it or not’

“No, good bye sister.” Luna walked ahead as Chrysalis followed after her, looking back, Celestia was shooting a cool glare at her ‘This isn't over, changeling’

“Are you sure this is a good idea?” Chrysalis asked.

“Don't worry about her." Luna smiled “She'll come around…... eventually.” Chrysalis nodded, heading back to see the boys playing with Angel bunny as Fluttershy giggled.

“Axle, Cyber, its time to go." Chrysalis called out as they stopped what they were doing.

“Thank you Miss Fluttershy." They said as they walked over to their mother “Is she going to be okay?" They asked worriedly.

“Don't worry, she'll be okay." She answered as they took to the sky they waved good bye to Fluttershy and Discord. Celestia stood in the same spot, staring at them in rage.

“So, what now?" The boys asked.

“I plan to stay with my family, if she'll have me." Luna said as the boys smiled.

Chrysalis smiled, hearing those words, nodding “Then lets go home."