by Skyler101

Nightmare Night

Queen Chrysalis was lingering in the shadows of ponyville as Axle took the form of a stallion his coat was a light brown as his black mane was spiked up,not wearing a costume his cutemark was a golden ax. Mage was a mare with a blue coat, her yellow mane was braided to her right, she wore a witch hat, her cutiemark was a in alchemy circle. They walked through town passing little fillies and colts running around in their costume as their parents tried to keep up with them.

"When is the princess due to arrive?" Mage asked in a whisper

"Midnight at least that's what Crayber told me" He answers angrily

"Are you still going on about that"

"He should have informed me first, maybe I should find a new lieutenant" He said as they passed the game stalls

"If you do that he'll only hate you more" Mage told him as she looked at the stalls

"Yes I'm aware of that.." He was interrupted by a pink blur that appeared in front of him

"Oh my god oh my gosh oh my gosh you must have just moved to ponyville I never seen you around" The pink mare jumped up and down "I'm Pinkamena Diane Pie but everyone calls me pinkie pie what are your names" She smiled at both of them as her eyes glimmered "Uuu let me guess your ...Axle …. Mage" Pinkie jumped up and down as she gave her answer

"How did you know?"Mage looked at pink mare in confusion

"Just a hunch" The Pinkie smiled at them

"Oh kay.." Axle gave her a disbelieving glance

"This call for a welcome to ponyville party!"Pinkie yelled in excitement

"Were here to visit a friend will be gone by morning I don't think there be time for a party"Axle walked pass her

"Awww but parties are fun" Pinkie walked next to Mage as they followed him

"I think we should stick around" Mage said with a hopeful smiled that some banish with a glare from Axle

The sound of wings came from the sky as the moon was blocked by clouds a chariot came to land in the town square.

"CITIZENS OF PONYVILLE I PRINCESS LUNA HAS GRACE YOU WITH OUR PRESENCE" Luna said in her royal canterlot voice as the ponies shiver in fear on the ground

In the shadows Chrysalis watched as the ponies of ponyville cowered in fear as Luna walked up to them sadness filled her face. Chrysalis followed Princess Luna as she walked out-of-town and into the everfree forest she decided that this would be the best moment to speak to her. Changing her appearance to a young filly she walked up to Luna who was laying next to the Nightmare statue.

"Hello Princess Luna" A small voice said as Luna turned her head

"Hello their child why are thou here" Luna said looking at the young filly

"Why are you sad Princess?" The dark blue filly asked

"I'm not sad little one, where are your parents?" Luna asked as the small filly that sat next to her

"There in town" She answer looking everywhere but at Luna

"Princess Luna I've looked everywhere for you" A purple mare who wore a weird costume walked up to her

"Hello Twilight I decided that it would for the beast if I left ponyville" Luna said walking up to twilight

"You don't have to leave, maybe I can help them understand" The purple mare gave her a hopeful smile

"But they fear me I do not think we can change their minds"Luna sighed looked at the ground

"Me and my friends can help you Princess" Twilight smiled at her "Least go see my friend Fluttershy"

"Alright, we should take this little one back to town" Luna said looking back to see that filly wasn't there anymore

"How are you talking about" Twilight said confused seeing that there was no one else there

"Its nothing shall we get going" Luna said following Twilight tours Fluttershy's cottage

'I was so close' Chrysalis though taking her normal form as she followed them from the shadows. She keep following them until they wore back in town as Luna talked to an orange mare Chrysalis looked for Axle and Mage.

"Axle, Mage how is everything going in town?" A small voice asked from behind them

Axle tround around to see a filly talking to them "Majesty are you a filly?"

"Is there a problem with that" She glared at him

"What he meant to say it that it's quite a surprise, you almost look like a miniature Luna" Mage said looking down at her

"I don't know what you're speaking of" A slight blush appeared on her cheeks "Never mind that, how is everything going?"

"Well it seems that everypony is warming up to Princess Luna" Axle said to the small filly

"Shall we keep an eye on her?" Mage asked

"Actually let's see if we can speak to her" Chrysalis said as they walked closer into the town square. Princess Luna was playing the spider tossing game as ponies gathered around her, Axle and Mage made their way up to the front.

"Hello princess" Luna turned to see the small filly once again

"Hello again little one" Luna said as Axle and Mage shared a worry glance " If I may what is thou name young one"

'Maybe I should tell her my real name' She thought before answering "Its Golden Wisp princess" Chrysalis made up

"Call me Luna little one" Luna smiled looking up at Axle and Mage "This must be your parents" Wisp simply nodded with a smile as they both stare in shock on what they just heard

Luna stare in confusion at the pair in front of her "Are they all right Wisp"

"There fine Luna there just surprise to meeting you" The young filly answered with a smile

"...Yes where just a bit surprised princess" Mage snapped out of shock as she taped Axle whom simply nodded

"Do you wish to partake in this game with me Wisp?"Luna asked with a smile

"I've love to" Wisp jumped up and down in excitement

The four of them played a few rounds of the spider tossing game until a blue mare with a rainbow mane hover a cloud over them. A lightning bolts hit behind Luna that set the towns ponies screaming in fear. Axle took Chrysalis in fear of something bad were to happen, Mage followed his lead turning to glance back to town square only see Luna fly away.

"Your highness I think its time for us to go" Axle said looking around to make sure that no pony was around

"No I will not live without telling her!" Chrysalis yelled in the filly voice

"Excuse for being rude your highness" Mage said looking down at the small filly "First if you're going to yelled you should change back to normal it's not berry menacing, second we spent at least an hour with her and you didn't say anything"

"How dare you speak to me this way" The little filly yelled as a blush a pried on her face now noticing what Mage was talking about "I just wanted to spend sometime with her"

"We know your highness" Mage hugged the small filly "We just need a better plan for next time"

"Alright but if you ever tell anyone about this moment I'll have you lock in the dungeon" She looked up at Mage with a glare

"If you do that then you wont have anyone to talk to" Mage poked her nose

"You are quite right" She said turning back to a changeling "But you are still not telling anyone" She glanced at Mage with a grin

"I wont tell a soul, I know you keep to your threats" Mage said

"Well then shall we leave" Chrysalis said taking to the sky as Mage followed behind her

"What just happened" Axle said out loud confused at the scene that was just in front of him. Axle looked up to see them both flying away "Wait for me!" He raced after them

Luna was happy that everything had settled down in town, she wonder where Wisp and her family had gone to. Looking up at she was three figures fly underneath the moon one of the figures looked familiar to her.