by Skyler101


"Hey Rose can you put me down?" Aurora said trying not to look down

"Oops im sorry I forgot that you don't like heights" she said flying closer to the ground

"Yea for a Pegasus and my best friend I thought you would remember" She explained

"Yea..sorry about that.." Rose said with a light blush placing Auroras feet on the ground

"All just walk the rest of the way I think that I'll be safer for me"

"Okay" Rose said sadly placing her feet on the ground and walking next to her "I'm sorry..."

"It's okay Petal I'm sorry that I over reacting"

"Apology accepted" Rose smiling down to the small girl how blushed "Were almost there just over that hill" She pointed

"Uhhh…..okay" Aurora said lost in her day bream

They walked up to the building of the old school that looked like a castle from a history book. Aurora was amaze at the size of the building and the number of student that entered 'I can't believe she got me to come here what I'm I supposed to do now?' 'Don't overreact it's just a school you can do this' her concession told her. Next to her, Rose notice the worry look on Auroras face placing her hand on top of her head to get her attention Aurora looked up to her.

"Don't worry everything is going to be okay"

Aurora nodded " For such a shy person you can brave when you want to"

"Well yea" She said walking away trying to hide her blush "Are you coming?" Aurora walked after her as fast as her small legs would take her. Getting their home room number from the counselor they notice that they had different classrooms, seeing that made Aurora sad since she wanted to spend time with Rose.

Rose petted her head "don't worry all see you at lunch and if anything happens come look for me or text me, all text you my home room number "

"Okay"Aurora smiled at rose

"I have to go, see you later" Rose said as she ran through the hallway

"Okay time to look for my classroom" Aurora exclaimed as she walked through the hallways

'I'm lost how did I get lost' she notice a girl taller than her walking in her direction 'I should ask her for help' but she froze in fear.

"Are you lost?" The girl asked, Aurora just nodded her head

"Want me to help you find your class?"She asked, again Aurora nodded

"Can I see your schedule" Aurora handed her the paper the girl with the light purple hair "Oh I know where this class is, my younger sister has the same home room all take you there"

"ummm...thank you …"

"Jewel my name is Apple Jewel but my friends call me jewel what's yours?" she asked

"Nice to meet you jewel, my name is Aurora star, thanks for helping me"

"No problem Aurora" Jewel said as they walked through the hallway "We better hurry if you don't want to be late"

Stopping in front of a classroom on the other side of the building Jewel opened the door and a student came to talk to her.