by Skyler101

Rose Petals family news

Rose POV

As soon as I waved good-bye to Aurora, I took to the sky flying in joy, I flew a home to tell my mom. The house was on the outskirts of town it was a cabin which was an animal daycare as well, my mom really loves animals. I aride outside the cabin opening the door couple of dogs ran trousers me.

"Hi guys...okay okay I get the point you missed me" They licked my face as the pinned me on the ground

"Hi Petal how was your day" A voice echoed walking close to me "Oh my let me help you, come now let her up" A light pink haired women told the animal as they moved out of the way

"Thanks mom" I said geting up, It was funny that I had to look down to speak to her well I'm as tall as my Mother

"How was your day patel" She asked again

"It was a great day mom I finally asked her out and she said yes" I jumped in joy

"I'm so happy for you honey" she jumped with me " I almost forgot your Mother wants to talk to you in her study"

Gulped in fear as i took a deep breath " Okay"

"Good luck Petal!" My Mom cheered for me in a whispered yelled

I walked up the stairs to the second floor, walking to the door at the end of the hall I knocked three times waiting for a responses.

"Come in" a voice came from the other side

"Hello Mother how was your day" I asked walking inside

"My day was fine Petal, please take a set" she pointed at the chair, as I took my set

"So what seems to be the problem?" I asked

"Well as you know your turning 15 soon and the training that you have been taken will soon be over, you'll become a princess and take over the crown from me"

"But Mother I'm not ready yet" I try to explain

"Do not worry Petal everyone gets nervous at first but all be there for you. But you have to get use to the fact that you'll be the new princess of Equestria that means you'll have more responsibilities from now on"

"What about school and my friends?" I asked

"Do not worry about that dear for now you will go to canterlot on the weekends, you wont miss any school"

"Okay Mother, can I say something"

"You may speak" she rolled her head

"Well I finally asked Aurora out on a date so..yea" I smiled blushing

"Thats great Petal I'm happy for you" she smiled at me "but don't let it interfere with your royal duties" she looked serious at me

"Of curses Mother, my I leave now"

"Yes yes of course, your mother needs help with the animals go and help her please I still have some work to do" she excused me with her hand as she scanned some papers. Walking out of her office I sighed and walked down stairs to see if my mom needed help, looking around the living room my Mom's pet rabbit came running trousers me.

"Hi Angle where's Mom?" I asked the small rabbit as he pointed to the back door "She's outside" he nodded "Thanks angle" walking outside I saw my mom was on the ground, without thinking I rushed over to her

"Mom! are you okay" I picked up her up gently "Mom you're burning up let's get you inside" Carrying her inside I laid her down on the couch 'you over work yourself again haven't you'

"Umm.."The light pink hair women open her eyes "Hi petal what's wrong?"

"Mom are you okay I found you on the ground outside"

"I'm okay don't worry" she said trying to stand up

"Mom but you can't even get up, stay here all take care of the animals and dinner you just get some rest, would you like some tea?" I asked she nodded laying back down

I walked into the kitchen and put the kettle on the stove, walking over to the sleeve above the sink I grade my Mom's favorite tea Twinings Lady Grey I don't really like this brand but what ever makes her happy. The kettle sounded and I poured the water into a tea-cup and placed the tea bag in the water, walking back I grab an ice bag from the freezer. I placed the tea on the table only to see that she fell to sleep on the couch I placed the ice bag on her head and let her sleep.

"Angle look after her please I have to take care of the rest animal" he nodded and sat next to her "Thank you". Several hours later I finished feeding and tending to the animals, I came inside to prepared dinner nothing fancy just some veggie burgers since my mom is vegetarian. Setting the table I called Mother down and helped mom to the table.

"Sorry for not being able to help you" My mom tried to explain

"Its okay mom don't worry, just don't overwork yourself okay" Fluttershy nodded and kept eating

"Its 7:00pm Mother don't you have to raise the moon"

"Yes you're right but I'm going to put you Mom to bed first" Luna stood up and walked over to her wife, picking her up bridal style she walked up stare. 'Well I should do my homework now, but first I need to take a shower after I clean the kitchen of course' I signed cleaning off the table and washed the dishes I saw Mother fly out her bedroom window, after a few minutes the moon was in the sky. Luna walked through the backdoor and sat down "Petal I have something to tell you" Luna looked at me

"Yes Mother" I said sitting next to her

"You Mom is pregnant, that's why she fainted outside and she's in a week condition right now so we have to whatever we can to help her out" She explained

"Mom's pregnant?" I asked frozen in shock


"I'm going to have a little brother or sister?"

"Yes" Luna repeated again

"That awesome I can't wait!" I jumped in joy hugging my Mother

"I now Petal but keep it down or you'll wake up your Mom" Luna giggle hugging me back

"Oops sorry" I apologies and took my set

"I'm going to send a letter to my sister telling her off are news" She got up and walked away

'I can't believe it I'm going to be a big sister yay!' I finished cleaning the kitchen, walking up stair I check on my Mom, she was sound asleep closing the door I walked to my room, walked into my private bathroom. After taking a shower I glanced at the clock 'Its 8 I should have enough time to do my homework'. Picking up my backpack and placed my books on the desk. A few hours later I finally finished my work looking at the clock aging 'crap its midnight I should get to bed' walking to my bed, I got confe and fell to sleep.