by Skyler101

All For Her

Days passed and not a word came from Chrysalis. Mage, Axle and Crayber became worried as the only thing they could do was wait, a week came to pass Mage decided that it was time to speak with her. walking down the hallway she passed many paintings of the three of them with Chrysalis smiling ‘Why can't it go back to what it just to be’ she thought reaching the two wooden doors at the end of the hall.

Knocking twice no response came “Chrysalis can I come in?”

A muffle answer came from the other side of the door “come in”

Mage opened the bedroom door seeing that Chrysalis wasn't in her room but sitting outside balcony. The walls of the room were empty except for one in the center where a painting hung. It showed a young colt Axle on the right as a young filly Mage stood on the left in the center Chrysalis smiled as she was holding baby Crayber as they smiled happily. Mage walked closer to the balcony her hoof steps being muffle by the carpet she notice that the mirror on the wall was shatters quickly looking around the room to see if anything else was broken. To her surprise there wasn't that much damage done to the room the wallpaper was ripped off as burn marks cover some areas of the walls it was the least amount of damage she could have done. Reaching the see through door for the balcony she stopped and looked at Chrysalis her mane was a mess, her eyes wore red from too much crying but she looked peaceful as she staid at night sky.

“Chrysalis” Mage spoke walking closer to her but she dint and answer “Chrysalis can you hear me” She steeped closer but nothing was said “Mom pleases answer me” tears formed in her eyes as Chrysalis didn't move

Chrysalis gaze moved from the sky when she heard someone crying next to her “Mage is that you?”

Mage looked up as tears ran down her cheeks “Mom!!” She jumped tackling the mare into a hug

“Shh its okay Mage everything is going to be okay” Chrysalis hugged her daughter

“Your lying”

Chrysalis looked down at small mare “Why would I lie to you Mage”

Polling away from the hug Mage looked her into her eyes “Look at you at self, look at your!. Ever since we returned from Canterlot you shut yourself in your room we didn't know what to do it was like you disappeared without saying a word”

Everything became clear to her at that moment “I'm sorry... I didn't want to worry you three but it seems that I made a mess out of all of this” She hugged her daughter one more time “ I just need some time to think a few things over its going to be okay”

“You promise”

“Yes I promise”

Three more days passed and chrysalis would not leave her room Mage and her brothers would try to convince her to come outside but she refused. They decided to come up with a plan if their mother couldn't see Luna then they wore bring her here. The next few days Axle and Crayber set a barrier in the woods far enough that it couldn't be seen from the castle. Mage set a spell in the center of the barrier that was the easy part the hard part was setting the same spell in Luna's room but it was done no matter how many times she all most got caught. The day finally came everything was set to plan. There was nothing to do but wait in tell Luna fell to sleep in the morning at the same time that Celestia would raise the sun.

Canterlot castle-

Luna walked trough the castle hall making her way to her room. The echoed of her hoof steps came to no surprise as no other pony was up at this hour. Nights keep Luna busy checking for nightmares and helping the pony to make the right decision was a toll on her. Sometime she was to tired to keep her eyes open. Truing the hall Celestia waved to her sister they said their hellos and continued on their own way. Reached her room nothing but happiness overtook her as the thought of bed came to mind. Walking in she closed the door and walked over to her bed laying down she snuggled her face into the pillow as her eyes grew shut. Something was wrong Luna couldn't sleep she tossed and turned trying to get comfortable. Opening her eyes a purple aura of magic surrounded her, Luna fight it off the best she could but was too weak, collapsing the magic circle teleported her to center of White tail Woods.

“Where am I?” Luna asked as she picked herself up from the ground

“White tail woods” A voice answered

“Hows there? show your self coward!!”

“You know how I am we meet before or did you forget already?” The voice mocked her

“How dare you mock me show yourself!” She repeated

“If you inset” A mare walked out of the shadows as two colts stood next to her

“Mage is that you?” No one answered “Why am I here? Who are you really?”

Laughing Mage walked closer “I am Margaret de Crystalia princess of the changelings” She said changed back to her normal from “This are my brother Alexander and Gottbert but they go by Axle and Crayber” They followed her lead changing back as they walked closer to Luna

“What do you want” Luna said taking a few steps back but saw that they had surrounded her

“We want to talk that's all”

Luna raised her eyebrow “What do you wish to speak about?”

“Do you know how Queen Chrysalis is?” Luna tround her attention to Axle

“Yes I have heard of her, why does this matter?”

“Before you became Nightmare Moon do you recall having a daughter?” Crayber asked

“If I ever had a child I would have known” Luna said reverting her attention back to Mage “What is this really about?”

“I'm going to tell you a story that are mother use to tell us” Mage said stepping closer

“I want answers I don't plan to play this child's game” Luna looked down at Mage in anger

“It all started 7 years ago before the great Lunar war. There was a mare how was lonely and only wanted to be understood one day she decided to have a child but did not want to marry. So instead she decided to create one using magic….”

“I have heard enough” Luna spoke angrily as she spread her wings taking to the sky

“Tsk tsk tsk Luna you have to be more patient” Mage said “Axle, Crayber show Luna the new trick I thought you” She smiled at them as they grew a mischievous smile. There horns lit up as magic beams surrounded Luna taking hold of her “Let go of me!!” she yelled as grip became tighter “Bring her down” order Mage. Axle and Crayber shared a glance as the took a few steps back lifting themselves to their hind legs,and slammed their front hooves on the ground the magic brought Luna crashing down as she gasped for air.

“It didn't have to come to this but I'm sorry it did” Mage said looking down at Luna

“” Luna said trying to free her self

“Don't bother this are magic chains the more you the tighter they get, Now where was I” Mage took a moment to collect her thoughts “Oh yes the mare used magic to create a child in her own image to this she spent days in her room perfecting the spell. The townspeople started to worry about her and so did her sister in tell one day she went to check up on her only to find a repulsing smell coming from the room and a door that was cover with too many magic spells. After the spells were gone her sister walked in it was dark and a purple aura came from the back wall

“sister are you all right?” she asked walking closer as a baby started to cry

“Yes i'm all right” she answered standing next to the baby

“What have you done” Her sister said angrily seeing shuck a repulsing creature

“I made her in our image”She answered

“get rid of it, i'm worried about you people in town are spreading rumors about what you and what goes on in your room” the older sister said worried

“I'm not going to get rid of her she my daughter” She took the baby into her hooves

“Fine but she can't leave this house until I say so” She looked at younger sister whom smiled quickly. They spent six-year like that the child was never allowed to leave except when her mother would sneak her out in the night, One day her aunt came to visit she noticed something was wrong with her younger sister. The younger sibling looked pale and weak, taking notice she tried to get her out of the house but she wouldn't leave her daughter's side the older sister had enough of her nonsense and took matters into her own hooves. Morning came and the filly woke to a foreign environment, her aunt flew feet above way thing for her to speak

“If you ever come back you'll never see the time off day ever again” she warned the young filly as she fly away. The filly called out her mother day after day wishing for her to come but she never did” Mage finish and looked at Luna

“What does this have to do with me?” Luna asked trying to stand up

“Try putting the pieces together” Crayber said

“I still don't understand”

they sighed sharing a glance at each other “ Guys keep her still” Mage order

“What are you going to do?!?” Luna tried to back away but the chains became stronger

“A spell the help you remainder” Mage placed her horn next to Luna as the spell took effect she fell unconscious on the ground

“Let her go we need to get back before mom starts to worry” She told Axle and Crayber “Leave the food and water next to her” Mage said before walking off. They did as they were told and followed their sister

“Is she going to be okay?” Axle asked

“Don't worry the barrier will keep her safe from any harm, when she wakes up she'll just be dizzy for a little while” She explained as her brothers nodded in understanding