by Skyler101

A sudden surprise

Auguste 17- 10:30 am

"Rose it's time to get up" A soft voice called out from the other side of the door

"Okay" I answered lifting the pillow of my face as snow stretched on my side

"Your Mother said to hurry up she has a surprise for you" My moms voice said ' A surprise I wonder what it could would be'

Auguste 17- 10:50

I walked down stairs after brushing my teeth, making my bed. I decided to wear a black hoodie that had a picture of a half-moon on it and a pair of blue jeans my hair was short but still long enough that I could tie it up in a ponytail. I looked around the livingroom for my mothers noticing that Angel was tapping his foot as he looked up at me. "I'm coming Angel so where's Mom?" I asked as he hopped out to the backyard "Angle where are you going" I said following the small white rabbit.

"Well took you long enough" A males voice said 'I know that voice it can't de'

I turned around only to see my cousin "Knight!" I yelled in joy

"What no wait" was i'll he said before I talked him into a hug

"I missed you so much how have you been hows aunt Celie?" I asked as he struggled to breath

"Maybe you ask her yourself" He pointed as I looked in that direction Celestia was laughing at the site

"Auntie Celestia!" I yelled as I took the sky flying towards her

A purple aura of magic stopped me a few inches in front of her "Now Rose if you want a hug you can just need to ask" Celestia said placing my feet on the ground

"Sorry" I said blushing as I played with my hands

"You don't need to be" Celestia said as she pulled me into a hug. Now I bolide your Mother has something for you" She said polling away as my mother stood next to her

"Hello Mother" I said with a shy smile

"Hello Rose and Happy birthday my dear daughter"Luna said "Here is your gift" She said handing me a square looking box

"Can I open it?" I asked

"Of course you can" Celestia said before my Mother could answer but she just nodded in agreement

I open the box, inside was a butterfly pendant I picked it up by the silver necklace "Thank you can you help me put it on" I asked

"Of curse Rose" Luna said grading the necklace as I turned around "This pendant was specially made for you" My Mother said as she locked the necklace

"What do mean?" I asked confused

"This a pendant has as an ancient spell that is going to help you control nightmare" Luna said as I turned around "Now are you ready for your second gift?"She asked me

"Another gift but I think but I this one is enough" I said playing with the pendent

"Oh come on don't be such a spoil sport" Knight said as he walked over to my mom "Don't forget that's its my birthday too"

"But this gift is enough for me" I tried to protest

"Dont worry about it its going to be my gift to" He said as he bragged me to the center of the yard

"But I…" It was i'll I could say before he spoke again

"Well technically it's not a gift so come one its going to happen sooner or later" Knight said with a sigh as I simply nodded "Mom, auntie Luna were ready!" he said as they walked in opposites direction of us

"Rose, Knight were going to begin so try not to move" Auntie Celestia told both of us we simply nodded. Celestia and Luna lifted their hands as a magic circle surrounded us a blue aura surrounded me and a violate aura surrounded Knight. A bright light consumed us both I felt light headed as the magic surround me it wasn't long before it overpowered me I yelled in pain as tears ran down my cheeks.

August 17 -12:00pm

I opened eyes as the blue aura surrounding me started to disappear looking around I saw my Mother laying on the yard as my Mom nailed next to her. Trying to stand on my feet I slowly walked up to them "Mom are you okay…" I said weakly

"Rose you should rest" My pink heard Mom said

"I'm okay don't worry Mom" I said kneeling next to her something seemed off with my Mother her long dark blue hair became short and a lighter shade. My Mom took a potion bottle out of her pocket, taking the lid of she placed the bottle on her lips as the liquid entered her mouth my Mother gulped down the potion as she opened her eyes slowly.

"Luna can you stand?" Fluttershy asked

"I'm i'll right Fluttershy" Luna said standing up slowly "Did you get the extra point for my sister?"Luna asked Fluttershy how simply nodded and gave the extra bottle to Luna "Thank you" She grab the bottle and walked over to Celestia

"Thank you sister" Celestia said standing up she looked different too her hair was pink not the normal colorful colors it use to be

"Are you okay Mother?" Knight asked Celestia

"I'm i'll right Knight how are you feeling?" She asked

"I'm okay" He said before he noticed something on his back "Are those wings!?" He asked surprised

"Yes me and my sister transferred are last magical powers to you and Rose" Celestia answer

"Rose can you come here" My Mother called me over as I flew to her side "Rose you see the left over there I want you concentrate and try to levitated" I simply nodded stretching out my hand as a blue aura starting to from around my hand and the left slowly it started to levitate. "Good now bring it tours us" My mother told me as I brought the left closer to myself now holding it in my hand as my Mother nodded with a smile "One more thing can you teach you cousin how to fly" She said pointing at him "Me, Celestia and your Mom are going to go rest inside for now"

August 17- 1:00pm

After an hour of teaching Knight how to fly he gave up after multiple attempts he ended up crashing into the ground, bushes and a few trees we decide it was time for a break so we joined our Mothers in the kitchen.

"Hi Rose, Knight how are the flying lessons going"My Mom asked

"Not that well aunt Fluttershy I keep crashing into things" Night wined as I got a cup of water

"You just need to keep practicing you'll get better" My Mom cheered him on

"Rose I have some bad news" My Mother said "Me and your aunt Celestia have been talking and we want you to go with your cousin to Canterlot. We believe that you can help each other to roll the land, that means you would be moving to Canterlot with you aunt and Knight"

"Uuuugh….." was i'll I could say "When…. would... I.. have.. to.. live?" I asked barely able to being to complete my words

"Tomorrow morning" Luna answer

"Oh…" I looked sadly at the kitchen floor

"You don't have to go if you don't want to" Fluttershy hugged me

"I know Mom but its going to happen sooner or later" I said hugging her back

"Okay if that's what you really want" Fluttershy said as tears ran down on my cheeks

"I'm going to get ready for tomorrow" I said letting go of my Mom and walking to my room

August 17 - 3:00pm

I been packing my clothes and books away so they can be believer next week looking around my room I was going to miss this place.

A knock came from the door "Rose your Mom said that we're going out to eat are you coming?" Knight asked from the other side of the door

"I'm coming" I said opening the door

"Let's go there waiting for us downstairs" He said smiling