by Skyler101

Casual morning

It was an early saturday morning in ponyville in the library not to far from town. There was a young women with purple hair with pink and light purple highlight in hair, sleeping at her desk this always happens to her she would over study or loses track of time and ends up staying up all night. Across from the office that Twilight was sleeping in was room there a young women sleeping. Her light blue hair white highlights cover her face, she woke up to see that her wife wasn't sleeping next to her, standing up even tho she hated to wake up this early but the thing that she hated the most was to wake up to an empty bed, walking out the room she knocked on the office door.

"Twilight are in there?" she waited for an answer opening the door she looked inside, what she saw didn't shook her it was Twilight being Twilight. Walking over to the desk she saw her sleeping again, a small poble of drool cover her book from the library.

"What I'm I going to do with you Twi" she whispered moving a strand of hair from her face

"Mmmm" Twilight answer

"Twilight wake up its morning" She tapped her shoulder but Twilight didn't answer 'I wonder if she'll be mad if I pulled a prank on her' she smirked at the thought 'Oh well here goes' she took a few steps back

"Twilight! wake up the house is on fire!"She yelled over dramatically 'three, two, one' she pointed at Twilight

Literally falling out of the chair she jumped to her feet and run to the door, laughter came from the side of the desk Twilight stooped in front of the door. Turning around she notice her wife trying to hold back her laughter.

"Trixie! that's not funny" She yelled

"I have no Idea what you're talking about" Trixie said trying to keep a straight face

"But you...and the laughing...and the yelling..ugh did I fall to sleep at my desk again.." Twilight blushed as she looked at the carpet

"Yup and that's what you get"

"I'm sorry.." she tried to explain

"Dont be, but next time you do well… the prank isn't going to be so pretty" She smirked as the purple hair women gulped in fear


"I was joking..., well if you just plan to stand there I'm going to go see if Aurora up" Trixie said walking out the room.


Across the hallway was a room, there laid 12-year-old girl sleeping soundly when she heard a scream coming from the other side of the house she took this as a cue to get up since her Mother's are awake now.

"What time is it?" she asked looking at her alarm clock

"What! its only 5:30 ugh!" she yelled "There's no point going back to sleep now, Mom is going to come and to see if I'm awake, men I could of sleep for another hour" a knock from the door snapped her back into reality

"Aurora are you awake?" Trixie asked

"Yea Mom I'm up"

"Sorry we woke you up again" she apologies opening the door

"It's okay Mom I should get up anyway"

"Okay sweetie, I'm going to make breakfast before your mom figures out what I told her" she explained with a smirking

"Trixie!"Twilight yelled across the house

"Well that's my cue to leave" She said closing the door

"Good luck mom" Aurora laughed hearing screams coming from down stared and footsteps running around 'I should get ready for school'