by Skyler101

Canterlot Weadding

It had been six months since Chrysalis had talk to Luna, she gathered enough information over the couple of months to find out that the captain of the royal guard was getting married to no other than a princess. 'This is going to be my last chance' Chrysalis thought looking around the room seeing Axle arguing with Cyber, Mage sat ignoring the fight as she was more concerned if they were able to pull this off.

Chrysalis stood in front of the altar as Shining Armor stood next to Princess Cadence. Chrysalis looked up seeing that Celestia was still knocked out inside the cocoon 'I guess I should wait for Axle or Cyber to report' she thought walking to the window.

Celestia slowly opened her seeing Chrysalis pace around the room noticing that she was awake "Hello Celestia its nice to you that you're finally awake"

"Leave Canterlot if you know what's good for you!" Celestia yelled from the inside of the cocoon

"You shouldn't be making threats in your state" Chrysalis looked up with a grin

"What do you want?"


"She will never abandon Canterlot to play your silly games!"Celestia yelled

"Answer me this, do you remember how I am?" Chrysalis asked flying up to her gaze "Of cures I was no older than a filly back them" She stare at Celestia how looked away quickly

"Yes I remember...what are you really after?" Celestia said angrily

"Luna" she repeated once again

"She not here"

"You're lying! she has to be her"Chrysalis sadly looked at Celestia whom wore a grin

Laughing Celestia spoke up "You though you could just speak to her and everything would go back to normal"

"Why do you care "Aunt Celestia" you always seemed to know what's best for her" Anger took over Chrysalis

"Don't you dare call me that ever again!" Celestia yelled in anger

"Why do you hate me so much all I wanted from you was a smile a signed that you could love me. But now you're just cruel!!" Chrysalis told her as she flew back down

"Do you really want to know why I hate you so much?" Celestia laugh at the question itself Chrysalis stopped and looked back at her "Its simple you started to eat the love that my sister had for you, she didn't notice how weak she was becoming or how every time she would raise the moon it was never a bright as the one before. But I notice every little thing that change then it hit me if you stayed any longer she cloud of die"

"No you're lying!! I would never go as far as to kill my own mother" She said almost at the brig of tears

"It's all true"

"You're lying" She cover her ears with her hooves

"Do you know what the sad thing about this is my sister looked for you high and low everyday, one day I had enough of her nonsense and told her to give up that she'll never find you" Celestia said smiling as each word made her happier "She yelled at me saying it wasn't your fault and if I only gave you chances. Luna would tell me this every day as she cried out to me to tell her your location"

"Why....why did you keep playing games with her, why didn't you just tell her where I was then it wouldn't of come to this!" Chrysalis yelled not able to contain her emotions any longer

"Because after months of searching I had enough, I stopped playing her game of hide and seek for you" Celestia said comely "I cast a spell to erase her memories all the six years that you spent with her simply vanish into thin air and of curses the year that she spent looking for you disappeared. I simply replaces her old memories with new ones taking their place it was like you were never even born" She wore a evil grin seeing Chrysalis to lose control

"Why are you so cruel!" Chrysalis cried out "You seem to care more for your subjects than you do for your own sister. Lets see how you feel after each and every one of them is dead, the only one to blame is you" She said angrily as all hope banish from her eyes

The door opened as Axle walked in "Your majesty we could not.." he was stop by hoof

"Theirs a change of plan tell the changeling to feed until theirs not a single pony around!" She order

"Of curses but why the change of mind?"He asked

"Lets just say I got some new information" She said not making eye contact with him. Chrysalis was standing by the window watching her changeling feed on every single pony. She was so preoccupied that she wasn't aware of Princess Cadence was free and shining armor was out of her magic grasp.

"My love will give you strength" Cadence said to Shining Armor

Laughing she said "What a lovely but absolutely ridiculous statement" 'Look at where love has gotten me' Chrysalis thought

Princess Cadence and Shining Armor glowed as magic pulse surrounded them, releasing the magic a wave of energy beamed across Canterlot, as the changelings wore pushed out by the wave of energy into different directions as will for Queen Chrysalis. Flying back to White Tiger Woods Axle, Mage and Crayber followed after her.

"What's our next plan?" Mage asked as she flew next to her

"There is no plan…." Chrysalis said as she picked up speed making sure the three won't follow her. Mage looked back at Axle, Crayber as a worried look spread on their faces.