by Skyler101


Aurora POV

I woke up by the scream of my mothers like any other day, getting ready for school my Mom called me down for breakfast grading my favorite purple sweater I walked down stairs. Stuffing my face with chocolate chip pancakes still smiling from yesterday " Aurora, Luna called and told me that Rose can't come and pick you up today" my mom told me. Nodding looking back down at my plate 'I wonder why she's not coming, all ask her at later'. Puting my plate in the sink and waving good-bye to my Mothers I walked to school a worry look spared over my face 'I wonder if she okay'

Walking into class A.J greeted me like any other day a kiss on my hand I said hello while a blush spread over my face. We talked about what we are going to do today A.J told me that she had a surprise for me which got me curious about the whole thing. Class went like a breeze maybe because I was spaced out the entire time. Lunch came around and I was overly excited, this time I was dragging A.J throw the hallway 'Yay lunch time, lunch time, lunch time' I hummed as a smile grew on my face. Looking around for the tallest person in the room, I spotted her sitting down next to Jewel, letting go off A.J and walked over to them.

"Hi girls" Jewel greeted us

"Hi Jewel and Rose"

"Hey there sis" A.J waved ignoring Rose

Rose sat in silence not noticing that I was next to her but I notice something was wrong

"Rose, are you there hello!" I waved my hand in front of her

"Ugh….oh hi Aurora when did you get here?"

"Just now, what's wrong you seem more spaced out than usual?" I looking up at her

"Its nothing to worry about" she smiled patting my head

"Okay" not wanting to push the subject any more

Lunch went by like flash, Rose had a worried look on her face the whole time 'I wonder why she's so worried I should ask her, but she's just shrugs it off like I didn't say anything' singing I walked to my next class not noticing A.J trying to catch up to me. The rest of the day went the same as the first. The bell rang and school was finally over A.J told me to wait for her at the entrances because she had something to take care off, with a simple nod she left the classroom. Waiting outside I saw Rose, Cotton and Jewel walking and for the first time today Rose was smiling.

"Hey Aurora whatcha doing!?" A hyper pink hair girl asked

"Waiting for A.J" I told Cotton as she jumped up and down "Where are you guys going?"

"We're going to play a game of basketball and rose is going to.." She was stopped by a hand over mouth, I raised my eyebrow in curiosity 'I wonder what she was going to say'

"We're just going to play a game of basketball isnt that right cotton" Rose said removing her hand off her mouth Cotton just nodded

"Wait Jewel's is coming too? I don't think that you liked sports?"

"Yea I was supposed too! when Rose told me she was coming, I thought she was joking" Cotton laugh but stopped suddenly when she saw Jewel glaring at her

"You now just because I don't look the part doesn't mean I can't play" Jewel looked at us annoyed

"Sorry" we said at the same time

"Well we have to go" Jewel grab Rose by hand and started to walk away a wave of jealousy came over me 'why is she holding her hand that should be me' I stared at them not noticing that Cotton was doing the same after a few sec she raced after them. Someone tapped my shoulder turning around seeing A.J standing there.

"You ready to go?"

"Yea" A.J tilted her hat

"So where are we going?" I asked curiously

"We're going to sugar cube corner to eat and were meeting someone there"

"How are we meeting?" I asked

"Thats part of the surprise!" she poked my head as we started to walk 'I wonder how this person is, A.J semmes overly happy maybe its one of her friends' I tried to get her to tell me how we we're going to meet, she just told me to be patient as we arrived into town.

"Come on tell how it is" I whined dragging my feet

"I told you to be patient, were here any way" A.J pointed at the store

Walking inside Pinkie pie grated us with a smile "Hey Aurora and Juliet"

"Hey Pinkie pie" I said

"Wait how do you know my name have we meet before?" A.J asked

"I know everyone's name in Ponyville!" pinkie smiled "I also know you Mother before she moved away"

"That makes sense" A.J said as we walked to a table near the window

"How are you enjoying ponyville, I haven't seen your mom since last week when I give her the Ponyville welcome maybe all go visit her today and all bring cupcakes!" The pink hair women jumped in joy as she went on

"Is she always like this?" A.J asked I simply nodded as pinkie went on

"Pinkie hey pinkie I think Mr and Mrs cake are calling you"

She turned around as Mrs.cake waved at her "Well I have to go"

"Before you go can I have the usual?" I asked

"Sure thing, two milkshakes coming right up" Pinkie jumped away

"Well that was something" A.J signed

"Yea, but you get us to it over time don't worry" I pointed out "So when is this person coming"

"She'll be here in a minute" A.J said as her phone rang checking to see how it was a smiled creeped on her face as she stood getting up " I'll be back in a sic" She left the shop as Pinkie came back with the milkshake, placing them on the table I thanked her as she went back to work. Seeing A.J walk back into the shop as someone hided behind her.

"Dont be shy now" A.J moved as a girl with red hair was trying to hide behind her again but A.J sat down. She stood there looking at the ground

Surprise was written all over my face "What is she doing here!?" I look at A.J and back, to the red-head

"Well she has something to tell you, don't you Harmony" A.J stare at her as she simply nodded.

"I dont want to hear anything that she has to says after what she did to me" I looked at A.J standing up

"Please dont be mad that her" Harmony said still looking at the ground "I'm sorry for what I did, I know that an apology won't make up for anything but I like to be friends with you" She finally looked up honesty written in her eyes.

'sometimes i'm to nice for my own good' singing I sat back down "I can try but I can't promise anything" A.J face light up with happiness as Harmony sat next to her a small smile spread on her face. We sat there for a couple of hours talking about random things it was getting late and I waved goodbye to both of them as I walked out the door.
Harmony POV

"I don't think she likes me A.J" I sighed

"Don't worry she'll come around" A.J patted my head

"If you say so" I shrugged

"We should get home it's getting late" A.J placed some money on the table as she stood up "Do you want me to walk you home?"

"No its okay, but thanks any way" I followed her out the store as pinkie waved at us

"If you say so" she waved walking the opposite direction 'I wish you can see me the same way as you see her' singing I walked home