by Skyler101





Mom wake up!

"I'm up I'm up" Luna answer slowly opening her eyes to see a small filly jumping up and down on the bed

"Lets go play outside" The small filly jumped on top of her mother as her green mane cover her face

"Alright well go outside it is your special day after all" Luna hugged the small filly how giggle

"Yay let's go!" She tried to break free from her mothers in brace. Luna released her daughter as she flew around in circles above her

"Alright at least let my tie up my hair" Luna walked out of bed and to the mirror using her magic to tie up her hair she keep an eye on the filly flying over her

"Come on the let's go!" The small filly pulled on her mother's hair

Luna giggle at her daughter's excitement "Okay okay I'm coming" She walked over to the door as she levitated two coats "Here put this on its cooled outside" the small filly put on the coat as it was green like her eyes but size too big. Luna picked up her daughter using magic as she placed the small filly on her back, she trotted through the castle making sure not to be seen or heard.

After walking through castle in silence they made their way into to the garden where fresh powder of snow shined in the moon light. Luna place her daughter on the snow as she started to chase snowflakes "Elpis come here I have something for you"

"You do mommy!" Elpis ran as fast as her small hoofs would take her but fell as the coat caught on her right hoof

"Are you alright?" Luna walked up to her

Elpis picked herself up as her face was cover with snow "I'm alright mom" She looked up to her mother how was giggling to herself "What so funny?"

"Noting my little changeling, now let's go see your surprise" Luna smiled down at Elpis. They walked through the royal garden as the flowers and trees were cover in snow "Are you ready Elpis?" Luna asked as they stood in the center of the garden

"Yes mommy" Elpis smiled as Luna's horn light up in a blue aura, the snow melted around them. The flowers blossomed into all different colors creating a rainbow of lights that surrounded them. Elpis smiled as everything changed around her and the lights danced.

"Happy birthday Elpis" Luna said watching her smiled

From atop the tower stood Celestia watching her sister from the darkness of her room. She tround closing the curtains as disappoint spread on her face "This has to end.."

"Sister are you awake" Celestia called out

"What is it sister is everything okay?" Luna asked opening the door

"I need to speak with you Luna it's about Elpis"

Luna closed the door making sure not wake her daughter "Oh what about Elpis"

"I know that we talked about this already but she can't stay any longer" Celestia tried to explain herself but was cut off

"Elpis isn't going anywhere she still a filly, I am her mother I won't let you take her" Luna said angrily trying not to yelled

"Look at your self" Celestia pointed her hoof at Luna "Have you seen the moon lately it's not as bright like the night before or any other night"

"Sister if all you have are crazy accusations please leave" Luna said opening the door to her bedroom

"Please Luna listen to me" Celestia tried to stop her younger sister

"Let go Tia" Luna said angrily

"Not until you listen to me"

"She is my daughter and that's never going to change"Luna broke free from her sister grasp "Now if you excuse me I need to rest" she said closing the door on Celestia

'I'm sorry Luna I hope you can forgive me one day' Celestia thought as she cast a spell from the other side of the door to make sure Luna was trapped in the dream realm in tell it was necessary for her to wake up 'I hope it worked' She thought opening the door.

"Luna" Celestia called out but there was no answer 'it worked' she smiled walking to second bed where Elpis was sound asleep. Levitate the filly out of bed she made sure not to wake her up, closing the door she walked through the halls of the castle. The guards at the front gates notice Celestia leave as she took to the sky as a small purple aura followed behind her. It was dawn as Celestia landed in White Tiger Woods placing Elpis on the ground she took flight as a small voice came from the ground.

"Where am I?" Elpis asked

"Elpis" Celestia called as the fillies green eyes stared at her

"Aunt Tia?" She asked again

"Don't you ever call me that!" Celestia said angrily "Elpis you are banish from canterlot I never want to see you again" She said looking down at that scared little filly "If I ever catch you in canterlot you will be killed"

The filly cried as her tears soaked the ground "I didn't do anything wrong" Celestia glanced at the filly for the the last time as she flew away

"Mom…" Elpis called out "Mom…" She repeated once again "Mom!" She yelled as she broke down in tears

"Call for her all you want she'll never find you" Celestia said as Elpis cries echoed through the woods. Walking through the castle halls Celestia broke her sister out of the spell and went to take care of her royal duties

Luna looked around her room as the sun beamed through the curtains, trying to stand she lost her valence and fell back on the bed "Elpis are you up" She called out 'Maybe she still sleeping' "Elpis its time to get up" Luna stood once again as she walked trowards Elpis bed trying not to fall. Standing in front of her daughter's bed there was no sign of her "Elpis where are you?" she looked around but everything was blurry "If you're playing a joke on mommy it isn't funny come out" She called out to an empty room. Luna's eyes came back to focus as there was no sign of her daughter "Come on this isn't funny" she said worried looking under the bed, behind the curtains and anywhere else she could think of until the room was torn apart to find there was no sign of her "ELPIS!" Luna cried out in the royal canterlot voice as memories of last nights fight with her sister came to mind anger took over her

Luna's cries could be heard from the other side of the castle Celestia sighed 'I'm sorry this is for your own good' she thought trying to get back to work. Something was wrong the floor seemed to shake as something came closer to her but stopped as it reached the door as it swung oped "WHERE IS SHE"Luna yelled

"Where is who Luna" Celestia said comely

"ELPIS TELL ME WHERE SHE IS" Luna's anger grew larger

"Stop yelling Luna look at what she done to you" She pointed at luna hows coat was pale, bags grew were under her eyes "I did this for you own good" Celestia said looking at her sister

"Please tell me" Luna said in tears as everything became clear to her "She can't survey on her own I'm her mother Tia please" She bagged but was only met by a cooled glare from her sister

"No I have work to do please leave" Celestia pointed at the door Luna left in tears as she walked through the wall way. Everything became black as she stood in darkness "I see that you finally opened the door" A voice echoed

"What do you want?" She called out

"Do you want to know what happened next?" The voice asked

"No please just take this memories away please make me forget" Luna said in tears

"I'm afraid I can't do that" A shadow stood in front of her

"What do you want from me?" Luna backed away

"Revenge on Celestial for taking away the only thing that I loved" The voice answer

"How are you?"

"I'm you, I'm the anger, sadness, darkness that was sealed away" Luna looked at herself yet she was different her eyes wore red as her mane draped down and bags rested under her eyes

"Were going to get revenge on Celestia for what she did"

"No" Luna simply answered

"It's not a request" The other Luna said as she jumped tours her

Luna bolted up from the ground looking around there was no sight of Mage and her brothers she took this as sigh to escape 'You can't out run this you'll have to face it sooner or later' words echoed in her head as she ran through the woods.