by Skyler101


"Hello there how can I help you?" The first year asked

"Can you get Juliet for me?" Jewel asked the student that nodded and walked into the classroom. Stopping in front of a desk where a girl with a purple hair as Jewel's but in a ponytail as hat was beside her. Her head was laying on the desk when the first year tapped her shoulder telling her something, she got up as fast as she could walking to the door with fear in her eyes 'maybe she's scared that she got caught sleeping' Aurora thought

"Hi Jewel was up" She looked nervously at her

"Were you sleeping in class?" Jewel asked


"Never mind will talk about this later, can you help Aurora today all buy you a milkshake after school and try to get along with her" Jewel said walking away

Juliet nodded and waved goodbye to her sister, she looks at Aurora like she never seen another person in the world.

Taking her hand she kissed it " Hello there my lady my name is Juliet but everyone calls me A.J"

"Ummm...i'm Aurora" Aurora stuttered as a blush spread across her face, looking around the classroom Aurora notice all the girls their throw daggers at her 'why are they looking at me like that'

"All help you out if you need anything, but class is going to start why don't you take the sit next to me" A.J said grading her hand and drag her across the room before she could protest.

Taking the set next to A.J, Aurora felt a chill running down her back looking around again the girls in the room glared at her 'Why do they keep doing that?' before she could ask A.J the teacher walked in.

"Morning class and welcome to home room" He said

"Morning Mr. Writer" The class announced

"All explain the schedule that we have" he said writing on the board

Monday,Tuesday, Thursday,Friday
1st math
2nd english
3rd - 4th is lunch
5th music
6th science
7th free period Doing homework and catching up on classes only 1 hour-long

1st-2nd Home ech
3rd-4th lunch
5th- gym
6th-7th psychology

"As you can see on Wednesday we have before classes, write this down in your notebook to keep with you" He said as the class copied it down

"Now let's start class open your english books to chapter one, today we're going to do book work and a pre test to see what we would have to revisit" he said

Class started normally for the first half we worked in are book which wasn't as hard as I thought, when he passed out the pretest I looked at A.J how was freaking out, focusing on the test in front of her. Flipping thru the pages I notice that I knew everything inside looking at the clock on the wall I timed myself 'okay ready set go' ' yay all done lets see how long it took me, umm 10 min new record I guess all read a book until the end of class'. After class end and we got 10 min break until the next class started.

"Hey how did the test go for you I saw that you finished it in the first 10 mint's" A.J said in amazement

"It was easier than I expected it to be" Aurora said looking at A.J

"Well that's good I was freaking out when I saw the test"

"Yea I saw that" Aurora giggled, feeling a chill running down her back, she looking around seeing the girls again glaring at her

"Hey A.J can I ask you something"

"Sure ask away"

"Why are all the girls glaring at me?" Aurora asked

"Oh that's simple there just some fan girls that are in a club they follow me around and stuff, but they think I'm paying you special attention they're just jealous, that about sums it up" A.J explained

"Not really, why did they make a club after you?"

"That you'll have to find out you self" A.J giggled

The teacher walked in and we took our seats math when the same as english. When lunch came around I asked A.J if she would show me to the lunch room, walking in to the lunchroom Aurora looked for rose she was easy to find since she was tallest girl in the school.

"Hey rose" Aurora said tapping her back

"Hey Aurora, hows your day going"

"My day is going well, boring at most and you?" Aurora asked

"Its okay noting fun get" she complained

"uh" A.J said

"Oh oops this is Juliet one of my classmates, she's helping me get around the school"

"It's nice to meet you Juliet my name is rose"

"It's a pleasure rose, but call me A.J" she said with a tilt of her hat

"Okay A.J, how about we get something to eat I'm starving" Rose said as her stomach started to grumble, both A.J and Aurora nodded as they tried not to laugh