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Twilight and Soarin' live their lives together and have a foal on the way, read as the tale of two ponies in love unfolds.

NOTE: You do not have to read the first two really, the only thing you need to know is that they met at a summer festival in Ponyville, and Soarin' crashed while showing off for Twilight, losing his flight abilities.
But reading the first stories is a good idea, though Purple Skies isn't the best story out there.

Image by: Winter Shadowhooves
Co-Writer: Thewaffler
Blue Skies by WinterTwister is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-ShareAlike 3.0 Unported License.

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Chapter one of the Skies Threequal, or however you say it

Hope you enjoy it, we plan for this one to be long and really nice to be the swan song of the Skies ~ Team Joker

All right, already set this sucker to track!

This is gonna be LEGEN...DARY. This came out so good and it's great to finally see it all in one piece.

could some one get me the link for Purple Skies and Winter Skies??? :twilightsheepish:

Hmmm.... according to the comment I made on Winter Skies I have been waiting 2 weeks and 5 days for Blue Skies. Damn it felt a lot longer that that, o well whats important is that it is out and I can finally read what has probably become one of my most anticipated stories. So far it looks really good, though I don't like giving my opinion on stories until they are finished. I have read a lot of stories that I thought would be great only to see them drop the ball in the last few chapters or end up, how I like to say, "Wandering aimlessly with no apparent destination" AKA incohesive plot, but I digress.

I cant wait till the next chapter! :rainbowkiss:

Not so patiently awaiting the next chapter:
Wandering Topaz :twilightsmile:

198415 hey Topaz, and yeah I know its been that long, but trust me its better this way - the way this was originally planned was terrible, now we have this planned from start to finish. Its long, and its really good (please no dirty jokes from anyone)
:twilightsmile: :heart: (insert Soarin's face)

Thank you so such the is going to be so AWESOME:rainbowkiss:

Oh boy its here its here its here. I've been waiting forever and its finally here! :pinkiehappy:

Wow. If this is what you guys come up with I say bravo! This is so well done Twister. I think you've got gold. :pinkiesad2: Tears of joy.


okay, there is no way the father is not a Chekov and now I'm currious if this neglection is the ressult of him beeing a bad parent in general, a bad way to deal with his saddnes or him being just an asshole

ahm so happy i could just squee...:eeyup::eeyup:love the past stories and this was a good first chapter
!squeeeeeee! . . . . ok there it is....:twilightsheepish:

199400 Are you saying Soarin' is going to be a bad parent? Because if so, no way, Soarin' has become too mature to try and copy what his father did who ignored him and denied his existence. Soarin' wants to be above his father and be a great dad to his foal.

and if your talking about Clip being a bad parent, yeah he kinda was because he dealt with his wife's death by shutting everyone out of his life and focusing on his work only. So yeah he dealt with it wrong, an asshole? Probably, bad parent? Possibly, might have just thought of no way to react to his wifes death -

We'll find out.

okay now i have to explain my comment:fluttercry:
I meant that sorins father is a Chekovs gun, meaning that hes gonna show up in this Story and the only reason why is because they talked about him here.
Then i was wondering why he(Clip) neglected his Son(Sorin). Was it out of sadness(because his Wife died and hes shutting everyone out(like you said)), because he had no Idea how to be a parent(his wife did most of the work before) or because he was just an asshole who just didn't care about his child.
Each of this choices as the main-reason can develop this story in a different direction and i was wondering which way your are going to go.
Edit: the links i added because i don't know how many know what a Chekovs gun is and the link explains that pretty much. The other Links i added for fun.

200034 alright, but this story doesn't focus Soarin's past, He is taking the center stage sometimes but its still a story about both Twiligh and soarin equally , yu'll just have to find out later about how Clip is or isn't put into te story

also sorry for he errors but im yping on th worls worst keyboard and cuomputer atm - its a pain. not mine, its a computer lab

if you would just tell me you would take away all the fun in speculating. I mean i put this theories in so that other readers can read it, think about it, build expectations and then get them horribly crashed MUHAHAHA... ahm i mean share their ideas with me ... yes ....
If you give away spoilers it just spoils everything.
And i didn't say that it's gonna center around Sorin past, i just said that his father is gonna be a plotpoint in this Story.

Part 2 should be here tomorrow, idk why this went so slowly.. I need someone to take my PC and Xbox away lol:twilightblush:

Twilight continued to star out into the ocean

should be :

Twilight continued to stare out into the ocean

good chapter :)

Gotta say man.


233487 that'd be retarded. How can u write w/o a pc? Diggin the story's far, I personally would've re-worded a few things, but still good.

234521 I write on my laptop, my PC has a terrible keyboard and I can't type on it, but it has all my fun games on it.

234618 Oh, that makes sense *Sledge Hammer out of nowhere* KK I r can takez it away from u. 4evurrr GET MORE OF ALL THE STORIES!!!:pinkiecrazy:

great new chapter looking forward to the next one:eeyup:


so you have an xbox hu? whats your gamertag?

267673 Jolly Xercis, I play Battlefield and Halo for multiplayers, but recently I've been playing League on my PC


my gamertag is VeryRat (what a funny name) and i mostly play battlefield 3 and halo reach
and btw when are you finish with the next chapter?

270433 No idea, check my blog post.


ok, i have sent you a friend request at xbox live

Ha! Got it out... only 1 week later... hmm.... WELL! My spring break comes up next week, so I wont have any excuses for not getting more chapters out lol.
Hope you guys are liking this so far, I'm writing as well as I can for you guys who liked the Skies trilogy :pinkiesmile:

. All of this from one glass...? Maybe I should try and install a wine cellar at the library...

YES well done yet again and this story just makes me want to keep reading the next chapter more and more looking forward to the future:eeyup:

This is such an awesome story that I think I'm gonna comment on it! Hey I did it!:pinkiehappy:

All of this from one glass
this from one glass
from one glass
one glass

:ajbemused: Twi is a happy drunk. :rainbowkiss: I LOVE IT!

I know a hotel manager who's gonna be pissed ...


292443 She drank wine lol.
Wine is not harmful unless you drink alot. I would imagine that she drank one and a half glasses.

292464 It's fine, I thought the same thing until I looked it up. I wouldn't do anything to hurt (Censored to keep surprise), my favorite ship pair's child deserves to be healthy.

292464 btw your avatar is awesome.

Wow great chapter you had me laughing at how they "got a noise complaint" xD Keep it up im really enjoying it this is one of my favorite shipping story's, and trust me ive read hundreds of ficts /)

292947 Thanks! That means alot considering on how much criticism I've gotten on the Skies trilogy:pinkiesmile:

292952 Really you've got complainants its a great story ive never given a complaint where its not needed keep up the great work im looking forward to twilight's mom embarrassing her.
IT MUST HAPPEN!! :flutterrage:
If thats ok with you... :fluttershysad:
But really great work /) Brohoof

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