• Published 8th Feb 2012
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Blue Skies - WinterTwister

Blue Skies, third and last story of the skies trilogy

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Chapter 2 part 1

It has been a week since Soarin' and Twilight had arrived to their vacation in the paradise of Tamphay Bay, today they are enjoying a nice day on the white sandy beach of the coastal town.

Twilight was on the beach, reading a book while resting on a beach blanket in the heat of the sun. It was about mid afternoon, she and Soarin' were enjoying a day at the beach.

Soarin' was playing in the waves with some young foals that recognized him as a Wonder Bolt. He was running through the coming waves and toppling over from the force driving him back along with the foals and laughing.

Twilight was constantly looking over the brim of her book to watch Soarin' play with the foals. It warmed her heart to see him being so friendly, even to strangers. She began to lose interest in her book, watching him dash into the waves repeatedly, and began to think of Soarin and why she loved him so much. He was compassionate, logical, not the brightest but he was by no means dumb ,which she thought was cute. Twilight began to look more closely at Soarin' as the water was running down his coat and began to blush as she noticed that he had become more muscular and refined now that he no longer had use of his wings. She began to wonder what she did to deserve such a stallion that loved her back as much as she loved him.

Soarin' stopped playing for a moment to rest. While he was catching his breath, and admiring the foals stamina, he looked over at Twilight who was preacfully reading on the dry beach. He began to forget where he was and only saw her, and his mind began to fill of the reasons why he lover her. She was mindbogglingly smart, very mature, and he can't ever help but notice how adorable she looked when she read. Her eyes shone, lost in the words, mouth agape, and sometimes losing track of time.

Twilight levitated her book in the air as she stretched out, popping her joints to refresh herself.

Soarin's jaw dropped and his eyes widened. Twilight's excessive reading sometimes left to forsaken meals and it lead to her keeping a very attractive and curvy body that drove Soarin' insane. He wondered what he did to deserve an amazing mare like her.

Twilight finished stretching and saw Soarin' staring at her so she shyly waved and threw a smile at him.

Soarin' returned the smile with much enthusiasm and before he could wave back, a large splash of water soaked him from behind along with fits of laughter from the foals. He turned and began to splash back at them, laughing along with them. He continued to play with the foals for awhile longer, but then grew tired again and decided to return to the dry sand. He said bye to the foals, who were disappointed at first, but accepted his farewell. He shook the water off of himself as he exited the water, and then trotted over to where Twilight was lying, still reading her book. He yawned and stretched out before lying next to her on the beach blanket.

Twilight was nearing the end of her book when Soarin' laid down next to her. She could feel his still wet coat against her own and began to tilt to lay her head on his shoulder as she continued to read her book on motherhood.

Soarin' laid his head on top of Twilight's and then he began to read from the book. He had gotten halfway through the first page before the pages were turned. He decided to give up trying to keep up with her reading pace and began to affectionately muzzle Twilight, with a few kisses to her neck that made her giggle. He had his proposal in mind, he was still trying to decide when he was going to finally pop the question, but began to feel sleepy and began to drift off to sleep, feeling the warmth of Twilight's body temperature and the crashing of the waves onto the shore.

Twilight finished reading her book and closed it with a yawn. When she closed her book she could hear Soarin' snoring lightly beside her. She laughed and turned her neck to plant a gentle kiss on his muzzle.

Soarin' abruptly woke up, almost forgetting where he was, but then he saw Twilight and smiled and then returned the kiss.

The sun was beginning to set and they got up to roll up the beach blanket and return it to its place in Twilight's saddlebag.

Soarin' carefully slung his saddlebag over his back, careful about the ring still inside of it. He looked out into the sea, the sun was almost touching the horizon and he was suddenly hit with an idea. "Twilight?"

"Yes?" Twilight asked, strangely hopeful.

Soarin' looked quickly out at the beach, most of the ponies had packed up and gone, leaving the beach bare, just for them. "Want to go for a walk on the beach? I want to watch the sunset."

Twilight nodded and smiled and the two began to walk along the shoreline, only inches away from the water crashing onto the dry sand.

The two walked with barely any space between them, tails intertwined. Two ponies who loved each other, walking along peacefully with the serene beach, leaving hoof prints in the white sand behind them as the sun began to touch the horizon in the distance.

Soarin' stops walking and looks out into the ocean, waiting for the sun to disappear from view with Twilight next to them. They held hooves as they stood and watched the sun becoming consumed by the vast ocean ahead of them.

"I love watching the twilight at the end of the day.." Soarin' said before taking a deep breath, and then breathing out and closed his eyes.

Twilight continued to star out into the ocean, Soarin's change of breathing had gone unnoticed as she thought of the twilight. The suns final rays of light shining over the earth as it disappeared, but the sun was still in half-view and she awaited the moment.

Soarin' opened his eyes again, his breathing pace slightly increased as he saw the sun half consumed by the ocean. He tried to steady his breathing with another deep breath and feeling that this was the best time. He turned to face Twilight with a warm grin, which it was happily returned before he began to speak.

"I also love another Twilight... One that I have no idea where I would be now if I never met, but I do know I wouldn't be as happy as I am with you now... Twilight Sparkle." Soarin' turns his attention fully to her and starts to kneel as he took both of her hooves in his. "I love you, and I would gladly give up everything I've ever had to be with you. All those months ago at the Summer Festival I wasn't sure when I first met you because I never believed in love at first sight, but now I do, and each time I look at you I feel the same wave of love as I first saw you... Twilight Sparkle... I want to ask you something."

Twilight finally realized what was happening and cupped a hoof over her mouth with her eyes shining and the other hoof still in his hooves.

Soarin' let go of her hoof and slid his saddlebag off of his bag and began to search through it to retrieve the ring. He had a big grin on his face as he began to look for the ring... but then the longer he searched for the ring, his expression changed from happy, to confusion, and then to despair as he couldn't find the ring. He couldn't believe it... he lost the ring! He started frantically looking back in the distance, as if trying to spot the ring in the sand, but to no avail as he finally sat down in defeat.

Twilight saw him move around frantically and then just sat down, staring into his bag. She put a hoof on his shoulder. "Soarin'?... Whats wrong?"

Soarin' could only faintly reply. "I-....I lost the ring... I was going to propose to you with it..but it's gone." He hung his head in embarrassment and despair at his mistake.

Twilight was filled with joy as she pushed over Soarin' in a loving hug.

Soarin's back was digging into the sand as Twilight was lying on top of him. The sun was now out of view, but the glory of its twilight now shone over the landscape in its final rays of glorious sunlight.

"Soarin'! Of course I'll marry you!" She hugged him and began to shower him with kisses, leaving him confused, but happy.

"So... I don't need a ring?" Soarin' asked, now filled with hope.

Twilight could only giggle at the question, but replied. "I don't need a ring Soarin'... I just need you." She continued to shower him with kisses, with Soarin' returning each one. She had been expecting this for awhile, she knew Soarin' loved her too much to be an unwed mother.

The two had stayed on the sandy beach together, pushing their muzzles together in the bliss of the moment. Sharing together in pure ecstasy their thoughts, almost telepathically as they began to roll in the sand as their tongues danced against each other. The sun was gone now, its rays now blackened and diminished, leaving the two in the darkness with only half a moon in view.

They finally arose from the spot they had been together for the past half hour and made their way back to their hotel.

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They were in front of the hotel room door, and before Soarin' slid in the key card he surprised Twilight by picking her up with his hooves.

Twilight blushed and wrapped her hooves around his neck and began to kiss at his neck as he held her, but then he did something that really shocked her.

Soarin' began to flap his wings and they rose a feet feet above the floor and Soarin' quickly moved the key card into the card lock and opened the door and flew them inside the dark room, kicking the door shut behind them.

Twilight gasped and squinted to look at the ground from above, seeing Soarin's back hooves above the ground. "S-Soarin'! You're flying!" she looked back up at his face, her eyes shining from the moment, but saw that he was in deep concentration as he flew them forward a few feet into the room.

He barely made it to the bed and released her gently and landed softly next to her, with a few beads of sweat down the side of his face.

Twilight rolled over on top of him, nuzzling his chest and praising him. "Soarin' you flew again! That was amazing!"

Soarin' took a deep breath and smiled back at her, feeling his wings strained from the sudden use after such dormancy. "Y-yeah... I did..." He didn't even think about it at the time, it just happened on impulse, and looking back at the brief moment of his flight, he felt the joy that he had back when he was a foal and gained the use of his wings.. but even more so that he flew with the love of his life in his hooves. He looked down at his fiancée who was still nuzzling his chest, and he bent his neck forward to kiss Twilight's horn.

Twilight immediately stopped nuzzling his chest as Soarin' continued to kiss her horn. She looked up at him, her face blank but flushed to where it was an even deeper shade of purple.

Soarin' was surprised on how much that effected her, he had read in a few books in the library that a unicorns horn was sensitive, but he didn't realize that sensitive.

Twilight moved herself up higher and she began to kiss at his neck again, but she noticed that his breathing was still rigid and stopped to take a quick gaze at his wings. She saw that his wings were twitching. She still couldn't believe that Soarin' flew, just for her.

"Soarin'?" Twilight asked sympathetically

Soarin' was still lightly panting, but looked into her eyes in an answer.

"...D-Do your wings hurt?"

Soarin' could feel his wings ache and his spine began to tingle, but responded. "Only a little bit.. I'll be fine though."

Twilight remembered back when she was in school, learning from Celestia in anatomy class. She recalled the bone structure of pegasi wings and had an idea.

"Honey, can you please roll over?" Twilight asked with a genuine smile.

Soarin' didn't know why, but he didn't question his fiancée and rolled over on his stomach with his hooves stretched out. Twilight resumed her position over top of him, now placing her hooves on his back. 'What's she do-... Oh sweet Celestia...'

Twilight began to massage Soarin' down his spine, focusing around the spot between his wings. She pushed her hooves against his spine going outwards to relieve some of the pressure that caused him pain.

Soarin' began to quake from pleasure as she continued up and down his spine.

Twilight moved her hooves back to the spot between his wings for a moment to try and relieve as much pressure as possible, then she began to work her hooves towards his wings. She started at the base of his wings where they met the back at his axilliaries.

Soarin' flinched when she touched his wings, they still ached but they were quickly soothed by her gentle touch massaging his wings. He let out a satisfied sigh and let his wings relax enough to fall down as she continued over the margin of his wings, keeping a slight circular movement.

Twilight worked her way to the spot that was most delicate on a pegasi's wings, the carpal joint. As soon as she had began to work her hooves over it Soarin's body became limp and became succumbed over the pleasure of the massage. Twilight leaned forward into his ear. "Do you feel better, honey?"

Soarin' could only lazily nod as she still caressed his wing's joints.

Twilight allowed him to get up and roll back on his back, and then crawled back up his chest.

"Thanks... My wings feel alot better now." He smiled gratefully as he looked into the eyes of his bride, he never grew tired of her purple irises and wrapped his hooves around her. He blushed as his next words came out of his mouth. "...Do you wanna...?"

Twilight blushed as well as she shyly nodded, but then pressed her lips against his.

That night, the moon seemed a bit bigger for the two.