• Published 8th Feb 2012
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Blue Skies - WinterTwister

Blue Skies, third and last story of the skies trilogy

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Chapter 2 part 2

Twilight woke up, her head ached from the lack of sleep, but nevertheless she was happier than she has ever been. She felt like jumping around the room exclaiming 'yes!' as she did as a filly when she obtained her cutie mark, she still felt the surge of happiness when Soarin' proposed to her.

Twilight looked at the face of her Fiancé, who was still in a deep sleep and gently kissed his muzzle before snaking out of his hooves and slowly exiting the bed. She silently trotted over to a table they had placed in the room against the wall across from the bed and used her magic to levitate a piece of parchment with a quill and ink to her from one of the bedside drawers. She laid the parchment flat against the wood table and pressed her quill against its blank white surface at the top and began to write.

To Star Sparkle,

7172 Canterlot

Hi mom, it's been awhile since we last spoke and I really miss you and dad, even being here in Tamphay bay couldn't ever make me forget about you two. I know it’s been a few years since I moved into the library here in Ponyville and I really want to see you and dad again. But my vacation here in Tamphay bay with Soarin' has been wonderful, the ride over here was smooth and when we got here the sites were incredible! The sand and the surf is mesmerizing and the sunsets really do the princess great honor. The room Soarin' rented for us looks like something ripped out of the castle back in Canterlot! Oh and speaking of Soarin', last night he proposed to me on the beach! He lost the ring and was pretty bent up about it, but when I told him yes we both forgot all about it. I never feel more special than I do when I'm with him. I hope that you guys can come visit us when we get back in town in a few weeks. I can't wait for you to meet him.

~ Love Twilight Sparkle.

Twilight placed the letter in an envelope and sealed it. She remembered that this hotel had its own postal services and decided to mail it right away.

Twilight trotted across the room silently and exited the room, but waiting right outside the door was a very tall sleek stallion that was wearing a business suit.

"Ah yes, hello ma'am I was just about to knock."

"Can I help you?" Twilight asked, clueless about whom the stallion was.

"Yes you may, I'm the manager of Hayton Hotel and I came to notice you about some...complaints we received last night." He said plainly.

"Complaints?" Twilight cocked her head in confusion, they hadn't done anything wrong.

"Yes...noise complaints... from this floor we’re having complaints about excessive giggling and very clear spring mattress noises."

"Oh...my..." Twilight didn't realize how much noise they had made last night.

"And! We have even more about a very high pitched scream from almost half the hotel. It gets very quiet here at night Ms. I want to ask you and your roommate to... 'Restrain' yourselves a bit please?"

Twilight's heart dropped as she was told her scream was heard from half the hotel, "I-I...um... I'm really sorry about that sir; it won't happen again, I assure you!"

The manager bowed politely, "Thank you for your understanding, I hope you enjoy the rest of your stay at our hotel." He eyed the envelope Twilight had been carrying, "May I take that for you miss? I will make sure that it is mailed downstairs."

"That would be lovely, thank you sir." Twilight handed him her letter and he bowed again before trotting off towards the elevator.

Twilight returned to the room and saw that Soarin' had awoken and was stretching out while sitting at the edge of the bed. She rushed over and tackled him over on the bed, pressing her muzzle against his. After a moment she released him and grinned widely at her fiancé, "Morning, honey."

Soarin' smiled back, happy to have woken up to such a warm greeting, "Morning, who was at the door?"

"Oh...Well... we got a warning."

"Warning... For what?" Soarin' asked showing clear confusion.

Twilight sheepishly grinned. "W-well... other ponies on the floor heard us last night..."

"Heard us?" Soarin' had perked his ears up from surprise.

Twilight nodded and blushed, "Yeah... and half of the hotel... heard me...." embarrassed, she chuckled as she hid her muzzle in Soarin's chest.

He wrapped his hooves around her head in understanding as she tried to bury her embarrassment while laughing with her, "I guess we did go kinda nuts last night, didn't we?" He was worried about the warning, but he also took little pride in himself, "You know what? We should go out to celebrate later, I saw a really nice restaurant down the street..."

Twilight looked up from nuzzling his chest and beamed at him, "That sounds really nice."

Soarin' stretched out as Twilight got off of him and they both got out of the bed and stood to face each other. They both felt different to each other, their coats now felt softer to their touch as if they really were connected.

Twilight leaned forward and pecked Soarin' on the cheek, "Let’s take a tour around the town and see what sites we can take in."

Soarin' nodded and they both exited the room, walking side-by-side with their tails intertwined.

Hours later they arrived at the restaurant, Soarin' had combed his mane down and Twilight was wearing blue star ear rings. They both wanted to look nice for their first dinner engaged.

The restaurant was well lit and the atmosphere reflected the ocean and beach. A dance floor was present with live music, and the restaurant was packed. They were seated at a table next to the side with a glassless window that looked out into the ocean.

In the distance they saw the shoreline where the waves crashed onto the white sand of the beach and they could hear the seagulls fly over-head. The sun was setting away in the distance, barely in view but it was enough to cause the ocean to glimmer in its final rays with its approaching twilight.

A waiter that pushed a wine cart had come and greeted them unenthusiastically with a thick French accent, "Hullo, I am Jolttixeon - I'll be your waiter this evening." He levitated two glasses, bottle of wine, and two menu's on the table as he bowed, "Here are your menu's and I will be back very soon." The waiter disappeared in the crowded restaurant, regretting he didn't finish dentist school.

They both quickly scanned the menu and picked their meal and then set down their menu's to signal the waiter when he passed by again.

Twilight looked around and admired the decorations, "This place looks really nice..."

Soarin' also looked around, "Yeah... I think this restaurant is new, and I've heard its really good."

They both met eyes and held each others hooves across the table.

Their waiter returned, "Hullo again, the kitchen is ready for your order now." He looked at the two, annoyed that he was being ignored. He loudly cleared his throat.

Twilight and Soarin' jumped, forgetting where they were for a moment but then both sheepishly smiled at the waiter, "Sorry about that..." They both apologized, out of sync.

"I'll have the daisy salad deluxe please... with a side with a side of scalloped rose petals." He said politely as he hoofed his menu back to the waiter.

The waiter jotted down his order and turned to face Twilight. "How about you Miss?"

She blushed and replied, "It's Misses, and I would like..."

The waited readied his pen on the notepad.

"A steamed cheese filled seaweed wrap with chocolate sauce and banana slices on top, please." She said as she levitated her menu in front of the waiter.

The waiter raised an eyebrow, but jotted the order down and scurried back into the crowds of ponies.

Soarin' scrunched his muzzle up at the odd order to stifle a chuckle.

She noticed his restricted laughter and her face flushed from embarrassment. "I just had a sudden craving for that..."

He knew it was some of the side-effects of being pregnant kicking in. He looked over at the wine the waiter had left. He grabbed the bottle and read the back of it to make sure it didn't have too much alcohol in it, luckily it didn't and he began to pour a glass, "Do you want some?"

"I've only drank wine on special occasions... but I guess this counts as one, sure!" She said as she took the glass and looked at it.

"Here's to the most beautiful mare in the world." He said as he raised his glass with a wide grin.

She raised her glass and they both drank heartily.

Soarin' doesn't like alcohol, but he liked the taste of wine. Back when he was a Wonder Bolt he used to go to fancy parties in Canterlot, his favorite part was the wine.

Twilight had downed the rest of her glass, enticed by the taste. She had swayed a little to the side.

He looked over at her and couldn't help but smile. Wow... even when I had my first glass it felt like nothing. He decided to place the wine on the table beside them so Twilight wouldn't drink anymore, "You okay, Twilight?"

Her face had become flushed, "I'm fine..."

The live music began to play another song and Twilight's ear perked up to listen. She smiled and got up from her seat and went across to where Soarin' was sitting and pulled at his hoof, "C'mon! Let’s dance!"

The two made their way to the dance floor, but Soarin' was nervous, he had never danced before and he was clueless on what to do now. He waited to see what Twilight was going to do.

Twilight heard that the music picked up its pace and she began to dance wildly to it. She balanced herself on her back hooves as she shuffled her front legs in front of her.

The other ponies around the dance floor stopped to look at Twilight's frantic dancing and slowly backed away.

Murmurs came from around the dance floor, "What is she doing...?" along with inaudible whispers.

Soarin' couldn't contain his laughter and began to laugh at Twilight, but quickly mimicked her dance movements with Twilight laughing with him. They both just continued to dance awkwardly to the music, having too great of a time to care about anything else.

The other dancers saw the two having fun without a care and a few of the dancers returned to the dance floor, getting in the groove of things with the odd new, but enticing dance.

Soon, all of the dancers returned at the dance floor was filled with ponies moving frantically with constant giggles and chuckles from the crowd along with newcomer dancers that wanted to join in the fun.

The singer had begun to laugh with the crowd while he sang; sometimes messing up his lyrics but nobody seemed to care at that moment.

They had danced for an hour before returning to their seats to enjoy their meal, which had been sitting there for about ten minutes.

Soarin' and Twilight sat down to admire their plates.

"Wow this looks great... do you want some of mine Twilight?" Soarin' asked as he offered some of his scalloped rose petals.

Twilight shook her head, "No thanks." She pushed her plate forward, "Do you want some of mine?"

Soarin' looked at the plate of seaweed with the chocolate sauce and bananas. He felt ill just from staring at it. He remembered a time where he had seen something even worse, a plate of fried mayonnaise balls with cottage cheese dip that he saw a few years ago at the gala. A strange stallion with three hoof balls for a cutie mark was gorging on the plate with his wife trying to pull him away. "N-no thanks, Twilight."

The two ate their meals and prepared to leave.

Soarin' saw the waiter from earlier across the room, who now carried a more depressed expression. "Hey Twilight, do you mind if I leave our waiter a good tip? I think he could really use it."

Twilight drank another quick glass of wine, her face becoming slightly flushed again. "I don't see why not."

Soarin' dropped a generous tip on the table and picked up the bill and they both headed towards the front of the restaurant to pay. He placed the bill on the table and was about to pull out money to pay for it, but the manager held up his hoof to stop him.

"This meal is free tonight, son." The manager said cheerfully from behind the register counter.

"Huh? Why?" Soarin' asked the stallion behind the counter.

The manager shrugged, "First time this whole damn place started dancing, just a thank you for starting up this wonderful evenin', and next time you come will be free if you can do it again."

Soarin' grinned, "Thank you sir, for the wonderful evening as well!" He replied to the stallion before they left the restaurant to head back to their hotel.

The two returned to the hotel later that night, it was about nine thirty when they got back into their room.

Soarin' was yawning as he closed the door and walked over to the bed, exhausted. He slipped into the bed, hoping to get a good night’s rest tonight, "That was so fun... but I'm beat..." He stretched out, "Night, Twilight."

Twilight had hopped into bed next to him, but then stood up in the bed over Soarin'.

"Um... Twilight?"

Her face was still flushed and swayed lightly as if the effects from the wine still lingered, "Yes, Soarin'?" She said as she arched her neck down to kiss his chest.

"Aren't you tired? I really think we should try and get some sleep tonight..." He said, confused that she still had the wine in her system.

"Nope! I'm not tired, and I don't think skipping another night would hurt..." She said with a sinister smile growing on her face.

Before Soarin' could protest Twilight had pinned down his hooves and aggressively kissed at his muzzle.

His eyes grew wide from surprise as Twilight kissed him, confused further but didn't try to resist. All of this from one glass...? Maybe I should try and install a wine cellar at the library...