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Discord has been freed from his prison and is now back, but something seems a little off for Discord.

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really need more

I sence an interesting plot~~~ :pinkiecrazy:

Not so sure about the archaic speech Discord is using, though.

Winter wanted to combine several of Shakespeare's works and word style with MLP. If you've read Julius Caesar then you'd get the reference. From what he's told me there will be more in this style. Anyway it should make for a good read when all's said and done.
This is 95% all Winter on this fic, I'm only helping slightly.

Peace Out.

I plan on Discord returning to modern speaking, Only the beginning paragraph of Discord's dialogue is from Julius Caesar after that its trailing off in its own direction, with a few hints of Shakespeare work afterwards, but not enough to say im combining them

Easy mistake. :facehoof:
Then again it would be odd for him to continue talking in archaic speech, so I'm glad I was wrong in that regard. I like the idea of making this very classy.

59949 lol, yeah, discord doesn't normally talk like that, he likes to be hip, I only made him talk like that to quote some shakepear and set the mood by talking to his guardians of chaos.

Well, you have my attention, however short a span it has.:pinkiecrazy:

Just a tad bit short. Still interested to see where your going with this one.....

60216 yeah, short Ik, but I'm doing my best to slow this down as people said was my problem in purple skies. But I'm also trying to keep a certain pace.

60221Yeah i see where your coming from. Size doesnt really matter anyway as long as whats there is good. Quality over quantity, as they say

i would fire my orbita-

Confetti: BUCK THAT!
[reaches through computer screen and grabs Twister's face]


So you guys are enjoying this? I was hoping a few people would.
Pinkie is my favorite pony, and Discord is in my top 3 favorite villain list, right under The Joker and Sephiroth lol
So im really enjoying writing this:pinkiesmile:

-That's what she said. ha ha ha.
Didn't expect that twist, dude.
Peace Out.

60303So far yes. Im interested in what their reaction will be when pinkie figures out its discord.:pinkiegasp: then again its Pinkie. She may not even care :P I guess we shall have to wait for the next chapter, hmmmmmmmm? :P

Pretty epic so far. Im curious how it will turn out :D I hope to see more :pinkiehappy:

I KNEW this was coming!

sooo... I can't help but be hopeful over this :pinkiehappy: :pinkiehappy:. good luck.

pretty good so far


64697 :pinkiesmile:
Mine too. I'll make another chapter after i finish my christmas special which should be done today:yay:

............................orbital mega moar canon firing in 3...





though I do have to say, I was never one for shakesphere. I remember finishing romeo and juliet for school. After we were done me and a couple friends got a flamethrower and made book flambe! :pinkiecrazy:

69888 impact confirmed, awaiting for damage report...

I shall mark this and read it after I get some shut-eye.

i quite agree with both of datdamnface's comments, but i did enjoy parts of that story... >.> can't wait for the next chapter :yay:

I do like this fic quite a lot, but I recommend you let up with the guardians or whatever. I find myself either pretty much skipping them entirely or just skimming. They're not interesting, part of that may be due to the dialect in which they speak, (Though, I read Shakespeare of my own accord so maybe that's something else entirely as I find myself reading the Theban Plays without issue.) but I'd try to make them a little less tedious.

A word of advice: If YOU didn't like writing it, chances are, your audience won't like reading it.

That being said, I like where this is going! I think Pinkie is very, well... :pinkiehappy:

Good work.

Never would have taken Pinkie to be a fan of classic literature. Or literature.


Oh dear. :applejackconfused:

Well. I guess that's Pinkie for you.:pinkiecrazy:

Something tells me something horrible will happen to those guardians.:twilightsmile:

Also, I now have a name for somepony of mine, Agony. Gracious me Amigo. :trollestia:

69934 The guardians are pretty much the capulets lol.:pinkiesmile:
This story is my own plot, mixed with bits of Romeo and Juliet, Caesar, and the poem Discord recites is Sonnet 18. I didn't not enjoy writing the guardians, but i did feel them lack.

69975 Its just a way for me to show that Pinkie is interested in romance, along with a slight foreshadow element, but don't worry this is NOT grim-dark.
I love both Pinkie and Discord too much to do something bad to them:yay:
or do I?:pinkiecrazy:

*teasing sing song voice* I know what's gonna happen and I'm not gonna tell you.

Classic literature nirvana...stay classy my friend.
This is the classiest shipfic ever.
I know how this ends and I still want MOAR!!!!!!!!!!!!

Peace Out.

Kitteh scares me :applecry:
Pardon me while i go crawl in my corner.

Discord being romantic. There's something I wasn't expecting. Very well done. Same old Discord, but he's... I dunno, sweet.

I like the creation of the Guardians of Chaos. And I love their speech. Excellently done.

dude i need moar! :rainbowkiss: :duck: PLEASE! :D

totally read the very first comment like 20 times then read the comment below this comment


good show my friend keep them coming

At least they like it, right?

Liking it so far, hopefully Discord wont choose a crappy name though...

(Yes, while the Guardians of Chaos are plotting an evil scheme I am worried about a name being picked out.)

Daaaaaaaaw. :pinkiesad2:

Chaotic does not mean heartless.:fluttercry:

Pinkie too surprised to talk? What is this chaotic world coming to? :pinkiegasp:

Depression is Depressing, but she seems to have a good heart.:scootangel:(?)

"I'm a horrible person" Don'y you mean pony?


71871 Agony is in Agony, but hes not screaming in pain is he? :rainbowderp:

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