• Published 20th Apr 2013
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Freefall - Regidar

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Did You See the Word?

“Wake up! We can’t ring the bells loud enough!”

She jerked awake, blinking the dreary sleep from her eyes. She was not laying on the sharpened blades of grass that her fall had ended on. Rather, she was in a large room, ceiling optional, the floor covered in a checkerboard of black and white. It stretched out in too many directions for her to imagine, and every now and then a large marble column which towered up towards the possible rooftop broke the checker pattern of the floor.

“Well, we haven’t got all sunrise! Hurry up, hurry up!”

“Is it you again?” Her voice cracked as it had ages ago, back when the points weren’t made up and the game still mattered. She had already been visited by a doubt. Would she be visited by... it?

“Hurry hurry hurry! Later, we can worry! Now, we must run, WE ARE LATE!”

She turned her head, and found to her dismay that she had indeed been visited b the sallow skinned and twitchy form of anxiety. The poor creature gnawed on its hooves and tugged at its tail, the large saucer eyes bloodshot with the baggage of one thousand nights’ insomnia.

“Where do we need to go, anyway?” She shrugged, her orange coat such a contrast from the lackluster laundry-grey coat Anxiety possessed.

“Does it matter? WE. WILL. BE. LATE! Oh, and if we’re late, we’ll never get there on time!”

“You’re not making any sense.” As if you ever did... This she thought to herself, however. Merely moments into her misadventure, she didn’t want to ruin it just yet. The entry room she stood in was going to be just the beginning of her journey.

“I’m not making any sense? Oh no, I knew I wouldn’t be. I don’t make sense when I’ve got somewhere to be. Oh, will you hurry up and stop dodging the issue? WE WILL BE VERY LATE IF WE DON’T LEAVE NOW!”

“Shut up,” she told Anxiety. “I don’t have time for this right now. Just take me to wherever we’re going so I can progress in this crazy place.”

“Ah! Right! We can get going. We’ll still be late, probably. Oh, I hope you didn’t make us late.” Anxiety scurried off in a manner quite meekish, stumbling a few times and muttering to itself about lost time. She followed the harried emotion, grinning to herself slightly. Anxiety had been the easier of her foes that she had to conquer.

The hooves of the two clopped along the checked tiles, the patterned floors nearly hypnotizing. Anxiety paid these no mind, too caught up in its own worries to care about such frivolous things as enjoying the path to a destination.

She, however, was quite fine with enjoying the somewhat entrancing floor patterns. Black then white then black then white, seemingly forever and endless. Smiling, she let herself get lost as she trotted faster. Bumping her lowered head into flank of Anxiety, the emotion yelped, and stumbled sideways. She smiled as Anxiety gave a sort of feverish frown, then continued to run off in the previous destination.

The two passed a large marble pillar, and her eyes drank in the great craftsmanship. In her youth, she never payed attention to such dull things, but now she understood that such little nuances needed to be taken in whenever available. It made the sport all the more enjoyable.

“Well,” Anxiety said rather unexpectedly, gnashing its teeth quickly. “We’re here. I guess my usefulness it over. Oh, we better not be late...”

She had not noticed that they had come to a door. The door stood in a wall, a rather featureless wall at that. In fact, the only notable feature of the wall seemed to be that it contained a door built into it. The wall held many un-notable features, but nopony had time to notice those. Nopony ever did, nor should they.

She entered the door, leaving the cringing emotion behind her. Her new surroundings were one of a simple, dark cell. The door closed behind her, eliminating all light that would attempt to illuminate her way.

She stood in silence, letting the room swallow her in the encompassing darkness. Her heart began to beat faster than normal, and her breathing became heavier. She sighed, trying to calm her nerves, but then an annoyance that she thought had long been banished crept up on her again.

“Helloooo... agaiiin...” the voice rasped in a whisper. “Weeeere you follllowed? That would not be good for ussssss...”

She clenched her teeth. “Hello, Fear.”

“Do you plannn on finishing me offff... alone, then? Is that.... it?”

“No, Fear.”

“Then why are you here?” The voice was no longer stretching out, it was drawn back, quick and frightened. “Why are you here, then? Go back through your door! Go back, you assassin! Go back, you horrible demon of a creature! You undeserving, horrifying monster...”

She closed her eyes, although it made no difference in the pitch black, it calmed her ever so slightly. “Fear, I need you to turn on the light.”

There was a silence, a silence so dead that it made it hard for her to breath. Finally, after what seemed like eons of dead space, the skittering emotion spoke again.

“I’m scarred.”

“Of course you’re scared, you are fear after all. Now, really. I don’t have time for this. Turn on the light!”

A think hiss of air that turned into a cough very quickly soon followed. “No! The light will attract evil beings, beings far more evil than yourself, and they will come and hunt us both down! Is that what you want? I didn’t think so! I don’t want it either, so there you have it.”

This was followed by a chattering noise, implying that Fear’s teeth were clattering together in horror. She sighed, and took her first step out into the darkness. The floor was smooth and cold, and for whatever reason, that struck a chord of terror into her heart. She kept moving forward, holding her hoof out, trying to see if she could feel the creature that had kept her in conversation so far.

“Don’t touch me! You’ll corrupt me, ruin my complexion, make me more hideous than I already am...” Fear screeched horribly. She ignored this, and felt the thing before her. It was furry like a pony’s coat, except cold and devoid of life, yet it didn’t feel dead. It just felt... empty.

She moved her hooves upward, feeling the face of the creature. “AAAAH! WHAT ARE YOU DOING? YOU’LL RUIN EVERYTHING!”

Ignoring this, she felt the mane of Fear. It was soft and silky, feeling... quite nice. And that scared her. It scared her to think that something this nice was worn by something so horrible and dreadful, something so unwilling to help others out of... well, fear.

She moved her hooves away from the mane, and down to the cheeks of the emotion. She pressed her hooves down softly onto Fear’s face, imagining that she were gazing into its eyes.

“WHAT... WHA... what is thissss?” The drawl that she had been approached by earlier returned. “What arrrrre you doiiinnng? You’ll get ussss both killled...”

“Fear, I am only going to ask you one more time,” her voice was tembling slightly, the cold race of the darkness and the emotion beginning to rush over her. Fear’s little encampment was very capable of living up to its name.

“But... I... I can’t... they’ll find ussss...”

“TURN ON THE DAMNED LIGHT!” Her voice echoed horribly in the room, hurting both of their ears. Fear hissed, and fell backwards, away from her hooves. There was the sound of scrambling on the cold stone floors, and a light burst into existence in the form of a candle.

The emotion was quivering, its eyes filled with a loathing that could only descend upon one so terrified of everything in the world. Its mane was pure white, lying lanky around its head, the cold blue coat that covered its body flat and smooth. It took erratic breaths, casting bizarre shadows about the dimly lit room.

“I... you...” It gasped. The new candlelight of the room lit up a corner of the room that she had not seen when first looking into the room. There was a small runged ladder which would take anypony who traversed it to a trapdoor in the ceiling.

Scootaloo ignored the quivering emotion, and took to the ladder. She had places to be.

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You know Regidar, for all the shit I give you, I don't think I compliment you enough on your writing, which is a shame. I enjoy this story.

Pt. 2 of My Feels Have Been Destroyed.

Dat personification.

It's been too long since I've read one of your stories that I've forgotten how good they are. Well done so far.

I gave this chapter a try, but I can see I won't be enjoying this. I do enjoy your stories, but this is just... eh... it feels like it was written by a newcomer.

Hmmm, interesting....

It's lacking a lot of description, just like most of your stories. It worked with the first chapter, but the second was one that definitely needed description more than a sentence or two.

Comment posted by Regidar deleted Apr 24th, 2013


I do enjoy your stories

It's lacking a lot of description, just like most of your stories


I enjoy them, doesn't mean I don't point out the flaws.
I loved Slumdog Millionaire, doesn't mean I won't point out the flaws.
I love Braveheart, doesn't mean I ignore the truck that's in the background of the horse charge scene of one of the battles.

2477211 Still though, that doesn't explain why you don't like this story in comparison to the others. The point of this was that the descriptions are vague to nonexistent.

However, I shall beef it up a bit in the third chapter if you wish.

Is she having flashbacks while falling, or...

Interesting. I do not get as strong an emotional hit as I did from part 1. I believe that this is due to a lack of direct conflict. There does not appear to be any real difficulty to be overcome in this segment. Each thing faced is dealt with successfully by simply ordering things around.

The conflict can easily be emotional, rather than physical. That said, there is none here that is obvious. This is not like the conflicted Scoot that jumped from the cliff. This Scoot is a wholely different being. Far more in command of herself than the jumper.

There is more tale coming, so I will reserve judgment on the tale until I have it all in my hooves.

2477590 This is mostly a filler chapter. The next two are going to be the ones that deliver based on the first two.

2477618 That is WHY I reserve judgement on unfinished work! Celestia knows, I have enough unfinished stuff laying about.

I was angered that I had to write a long ass essay

And then I read this.

And then Regidar gained a follower.

And then we were all happy.

Seriously though, what drug was the cause of this? This genius?

2542764 Lack of sleep and Animal Collective.

What was even happening here? Is this a dream or something? I don't know why but it kind of reminded me of Alice in Wonderland. Felt very dreamish.

4045904 every waking nightmare's just a living dream

4046250 yeah that was unnecessarily deep
if i write more you'll find an answer or two

4046272 then it's the Wait-And-See game for me. Whoop-dee-doo

*Sarcasm intended*

*No ill will intended (if I even worded it correctly)*

4046272 Then I guess it's the Wait-and-See game for me. Whoop-dee-doo.

*Sarcasm intended*

*No ill will intended*

4046291 it's all alright

Comment posted by Unbridled Dolly deleted Mar 8th, 2014

Interesting. I wonder what will happen, even though I'm a bit confused as to what is going on. I wonder if this will all lead up to something unexpected at the end. Also, is this some sort of hell that Scootaloo is going through? Or something else?

Why do you torture me

This is interesting. The first chapter was rather emotional, and this; a beginning chapter into the surreal, surely? I hope you will return to this and unravel the story further...

Silk beneath the black,
a thread to bring you closer
to a truth you can not yet see.
Have hope you can gaze into darkness
and not lose sight of comforting light.

Awaiting further releases.:fluttershysad:

That's very good.:3

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