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the revolution the revolution the sun has come to give me my eyes and i have returned to give it the skys

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Enjoy you guys. I have a good feeling about this fic.
Remember, if you like it, drop a like! It makes me feel good, and keeps away my infinite sadness! And if you really like it, share it with your friends. Spread the word.

And comments are always appreciated.

Throwing this one in read later for now. Gotta love Smashing Pumpkins.

Excellent.:pinkiehappy: It even feels like a plot for an episode, just better.:pinkiesmile:

I was expecting Scott Pilgrim. Now I'm depressed.

1292846 Hey, that's a good idea. Maybe I'll do that one next...

But yeah, the name of that Scott Pilgrim book was a reference to the Smashing Pumpkins album.

Since I'm a person who isn't really "in the know" about most music (or anything popular), I wouldn't have known that. Thanks for the information; I might torrent buy an album of theirs later.

I'm listening to the whole album again now and it's all your story's fault.

1292888 I torrented the album, so no problems :rainbowlaugh:

1292970 Stop complaining, it's a good album!:twilightsmile:

This I am going to have to keep track of. :moustache:

Saw the title,immediately thought of this:

I'm gonna watch this one eagerly. :duck: Now if you'll excuse me,I have an album to listen to...

1296008 This one was on Twilight to Starlight, which will be Act II of this story

Expect the comedy to slowly decline over the next chapters as things start getting harsher and harsher.

:( I am sad for that mare now. But it was well written and I shall wait patiently for more.

1459993 Aw, thank you! Yeah, this fic'll get sad...

Comment posted by afterceasetoexist deleted Apr 8th, 2013

Are you gonna continue this?

3130240 yeah, if I ever get off my lazy ass

No need to lift any asses. Just sit in your chair and type up some awesome stuffs. Which you do plenty of already.

3131874 alright, I'll do my best

So, will each chapter be named after a track?

3468788 yes
I should update this eventually

Infinite sadness.

Hmm, a concept I think about a lot. Sadness is an emotion, one that effects some more than others. I often wonder, if one feels more emotion than someone else, are they living life better or worse than others? Of course the answer is neither. They are simply living.

We all play the game of life. There are no winners or losers, there are no people who play it better or worse. We simply play, nothing more.

I don't mean to get all weird. I'm just a bit tired and reading makes me think about life, especially stories like this. I do hope to see this one continue eventually. :)
-Reader Out-

4302398 Yeah, I've got to continue this soon. Maybe a few early chapter rewrites, and then I'll finish it.

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