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Oh god why are all your stories so good

Bwahaha, the ending totally made this. XD

Spike and Big Mac?! erm...

There's just something about :flutterrage: that just clicks in this. Who knew that Shy and Rage could truly be two sides of the same coin? Wonder if Spitfire gets time to play with Shy at all or if it's all Rage all the time for Spits.

This is a great story I remember reading a while back. The ending is a bit strange, but is handled wonderfully well enough to keep from becoming awkward.

Oh god, do it. DOOOO IIIIIIT! :flutterrage:
Spike x Big Mac, oh man. My body is ready.

Celestia's level of evil-villainness: over 9000.

145023 I don't think I'm gonna read this one... I mean, sure Butters is a good writer... but If that was your reaction I'm just gonna go hide for a bit. Maybe I will- the thought of what this entails might be enough to make me read it. So conflicted :fluttercry::flutterrage:

LOL at Celestia pairing the ponies magically.

*giggles* Loved this on DA, love it here!

And I too want to see Big Spike. :moustache: :eeyup:

145510 Hahaha! No, I definitely recommend reading it. I just wanted to leave a funny comment. The story isn't overly strange or gross or anything. :twilightsmile:

146558 I did. That's why I put the :twilightoops:
A little spooked, but I did enjoy the Celestia pairing people thing. :twilightsheepish:

well that ain't good rated with M.

This is a good fic either way. I'm looking forward to more of ya butter, and I hope, ya will update much ahoof about nothing soon! :moustache:


Dat ending. Nicely done all around

I loved it on DA and I love it here - the only sad point is that it ends. :fluttercry:

Lol, celestia and crack pairing, but oddly I did find the whole Flutterfire pairing to work without crack I mean I can understand why Fluttershy would feel angered if such things kept happening to her.

Great story butters!

little worried about reading it. seeing as how there was a lot about spike:moustache: and big mac:eeyup: but seeing as how its butterscotch it has to be good.:eeyup:

now that i read it i understand. good story overall:pinkiehappy: but that ending is fricken scary:twilightoops:

That made me laugh so hard xD

Damn you Trollestia :trollestia:

Fluttershy and her two personalities...
But seriously... RD with a stallion? :pinkiegasp:

Loved It! i found it to be very funny its good!:twilightblush:

This makes me want to see a Fluttershy story similar to that of Jekyll and Hyde... overall, this was most amusing. :raritywink:

rainbow dash saved a pie..... fucking hero. :eeyup:

:rainbowderp: Holy hell... I am now going to go hunt for a :moustache:/:eeyup: fic, there has to be at least one... somewhere.

:rainbowderp::rainbowderp::rainbowlaugh: I actually found one. In less than five minutes.:rainbowlaugh: Here, for those of a similar curiosity: Bigger Than Mac. It has two sequels.

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