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When Twilight tells Fluttershy about moonflowers, the rarest of all flowers in Equestria, the Pegasus pony goes on a perilous journey to find them. But when she also encounters Luna, the mysterious Princess of the Moon, she discovers that some things are worth conquering your fears for.

Illustration by Alacar988.

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One of the very first fanfics I read. Loved it to bits.

Sooooooooo fluttershy had a wet dream?:rainbowhuh:

Sooooooooo fluttershy had a wet dream?:rainbowhuh:

Double post:facehoof:

This was happy, romantic and delightful.

I hope fanfic never stops using the exploding twice gag.

Liked this fic. It was gentle and awkward, like Fluttershy. And it put Luna in a good frame by keeping her noble yet kindly, even if she is somewhat brusque. The simple excitement Fluttershy felt was perfect - no dramatic over the top fantasy for her, she is contented - or perhaps more - by the simplest and tenderest intimacy.


Absolutely beautiful... loved every word :twilightsmile:

OMG that was adorable! Please make more! :yay:

i lol'd when you said 'forever alone' :P haha

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All my d'awwww's.

Read ALL your fanfics!:pinkiehappy:

Yay! You're on Fimfiction! Now I can keep a better track on your awesome stories! :yay:

Oh Fluttershy, why are you so innocent and cute? :twilightsmile:
Also :yay: <yay) for this being in Fimfiction!

Daww...I have nothing to say besides that.

D'awwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwww :fluttershyouch: WAIT, WHY THE BUCK IS THERE NO LUNA ICON!!!

That was fantastic. Loved it! Just started reading fics, this is definitely one of my favorites.


that sure was, uh...



Hey Butters, glad to find you on here as well.

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that was beautifully poetic

#22 · Dec 4th, 2011 · · ·

That is all.

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this spammer/spambot... I have seen this messages in different places here.

LOL!!! i get the title now :fluttershysad:

yes she did

I was going to say "why do I keep finding your stories butterscothcsunday!?!" But it seems that you are quite famous on the internets. :raritywink:
So congradulations are in order. You have compleated yet another, not only good but sucessfull story.
Keep up the good work.:coolphoto:

@balancer its ok, everypony probably doubleposted ONCE on this site.

why the hell are there so many guests damn!:flutterrage:

Why can't you make their own damn acount.:rainbowhuh:

oh and great story.:scootangel:

:rainbowkiss: SO AWESOME

The story was really adorable and awkward, just like Fluttershy... I liked it. It reminded me of another Fic where the Cutie Mark Crusaders are trying to find out how foals are made. I wonder if Fluttershy is sexually oblivious? :rainbowderp:

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So cute!!!

#32 · Jan 9th, 2012 · · ·

Sooo.... Fluttershy is made out of C4. Just stick an appropriate detonator in the right place, and... :yay:

This is best fanfic and one of the first fanfics I read, still love it.:heart::heart:

I really liked this! :yay:

I don't really like explicit clop-fics, but I always enjoy stories with tasteful sensuality, such as this story. Not to mention that Fluttershy/Luna is pretty cute.

This definitely has my approval! :pinkiehappy:



Lunashy is appropriated

It's kind of cute. Though it's hard to imagine Fluttershy so oblivious to sex. She probably is the oldest one of the mane 6 (in Cutie Mark Chronicles she was bigger than the rest of them fillies).

Pretty nice story :twilightsmile:

That was so romantic! :rainbowkiss: Lunashy is such a cute pairing. Perhaps because the both of them are such lonely characters.

Very sweet story, well-written, and it has a hilarious ending! I really enjoyed this. :twilightsmile:

I found this fitting for the story.


3411966 Lol!! That was the first thing I thought of. Glad to know I'm not alone XD

Great story, just one objection: Luna has blue eyes, not green.

Just imagining how it would look like when fluttershy ask twilight that question :yay:

364005 In Gilda's first episode, she turns to pinkie (Who had just said "Don't worry your pretty little head, your auntie Pinkie's got this all figured out") and says "I'm a year older than you..."



Oh this is good!

Shy is the only mare for my Goddess! *cough* Um. Luna. I meant Luna.

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