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Better than I thought.

Very nice work so far.

I'll be keeping an eye on you. :rainbowderp:

...Interest gained



Good job sir. :moustache:

Anthros, you say?:ajbemused:


...Welp, I must say I laughed heartily. The apartment above me likely does not appreciate that, but I did. :rainbowlaugh:

lol i so hope spike walks in on them again:moustache:

Very nice work so far. A lot of good humor in this. : D

Assimilate to the heard:pinkiecrazy:

I.. Uh just wow

Wow, did not expect this. Ego boost +10. :pinkiehappy:

Thanks everyone, for the kind words. I'm glad people actually like this. Hopefully means I'll get the next part out soon.

Color me impressed! :pinkiegasp: You have the characters and humor down perfectly. Without the mature themes and anthros, I'd swear you could probably write for the real show.

Keep it up! I'll look forward to whatever you do next.


Thank you. I couldn't ask for higher praise than that. :twilightsmile:

I must say I love this story so far. A very nice and refreshing change in pace abd style then what we are always reading. This is something I've been unknowingly searching for. Not this herd thing (but that is ingénues), but this anthro style. And I love that Big Macintosh is in it since he is such an perfect character for people to use yet few really do.

Looking forward to more chapters to come, so keep up the great work.

INteresting. Do keep up the good work. I'm enjoying the concept so far. You have been tracked, sir.

And it's kind of funny seeing my own story in the suggestion bar for this one. :D

You're back!

Excellent work. I love how the focus is split between physical interaction, and emotional. The characters are all well-written and awesome. Can't wait to meet the rest of the herd.

Keep it up. And faster! This is too good to wait weeks for new chapters.

you sir, are fucking awesome


Thank you, and I'll see what I can do about getting the chapters out quicker.
*Looks at RL. RL scowls back*
I'll try anyway.

And thank you to everyone else, I'm glad people are enjoying this.

Awesome work I must say. I'm looking forward to seeing more chapters of this story. Keep up the great work mate.

Just found this. Tracking and remember everypony, Sharing is Caring. :pinkiehappy:

235511 Am I allowed to go into a Bepony pain trance before said Borgification?

Hrmm... interesting developments...

Good chapter, looking forward to what happens next. Also guessing, much to Pinkie's disappointment that Mac will end up with Twi, Pinkie, and RD but Spike will end up with AJ, Flutters, and Rarity. I might be wrong, I usually am.

.....I feel like spike could be Equestria's Barry White.

YesYesYesYesYesYesYesYesYesYes :twilightsheepish:

ALSO, Spike/Celestia/Rarity and possibly Twilight

Ah ah ah, you're missing the obvious. Applejack's original complaint with Pinkie was that having a herd with two stallions would be shameful. This, dear friend, is what we call a loophole.

Awesome chapter mate! So looking forward to sewing what happens next! Also you wouldn't happen to have a picture of what anthro Spike looks like would you? And will Spike grow wings? I also love that it looks like it will be a Spike X Rarity love.

P.S. Here is a picture of Spike that I think looks close to what he looks like as an anthro.


Thanks, glad you're enjoying it. As for the picture, I sure don't. The one you provided there wouldn't have been a bad pre-transformation though. No comment on a winged Spike at this time.

More pitfalls in Pinkie's master plan?

Clearly, the solution is to invite Spike. And then invite Applejack, because now there's a big hunky dragon-stud to look after her. Case closed!

Looks like Rarity won't be joining the herd...unless of course Spike is that other male in the herd.

Also it looks like you'll have to give Spike wings since teenaged dragons grow wings...

I say Rarity, Applejack, and maybe Fluttershy wind up joining Spike's "herd," and the females of both herds have an understanding and enjoy semi-romantic relationships with each other. Or the herds just merge or something like that.

Wee, character development. Well done with both Spike and Rarity.

And I still say we'll end up with one large herd including Spike and Mac. Anything else would make Pinkie Pie sad, and that just can't happen.

349579 Really? You can't even leave me alone here? I don't care if you hated it, just keep it to yourself, because I am fucking sick of your goddamn whining.


Welp, now I don't have to read the story.

Wait... not read the story. NOT READ THE STORY? WHAT THE HELL AM I THINKING?

Welp satsfaction at last (i skiped a lot of the none spike related stuff minus the first chapter cause frankly i don't think big mac makes a good fanfic charcter hes just not developed enough in the series but im glad i stuck to the hope spike wouldn't get fucked over as usual)

I can see 2 possible endings:

1. Spike gets Fluttershy, Applejack, and Rarity, goes off with them while Mac gets Rainbowdash, Pinkie Pie, and Twilight.

2. Spike gets added to the group that ends up consisting of everyone and its a giant harem.

But the story itself is amazingly well done, I'm loving the twists as well as the depth of each characters emotions.:moustache:

Great work so far, extremely interesting twists, and a very well done characterization. Im on chapter 6 and I can't wait for another. :moustache:

This story is funny as heck, and deserves to have more.

would love to see a picture of new spike, im kinda curious if he looks like I imagine XD, also great story sire, keep good at it:moustache:


I'd rather like to see a picture of new Spike myself. Sadly my artistic talent is limited to stick figures, so unless someone with real talent is feeling generous...

Sad news: Real life is picking on me right now, to the point that I haven't even started the next chapter. Being between jobs is bad for one's writing time. I'll get back to the story when I can though.

Thank you to everyone who has commented, it's a nice uplifting moment to be able to know people are enjoying something I've done.

Looks like Spike's gonna get lucky very soon. :moustache::raritywink:
Nice balance sexy hijinx, romance, characterization and humor. Looking forward to the next chapter when you eventually get to it.



Y u no update me sad. :fluttercry:

Crap, man, big hiatus right before the Spike/Rarity part!
I hope it continues.

Well, all in all, I'm gonna fave this one.

Hope to see more, but I gotta say certain people in this story should be more psychologically savvy. Namely:

* Celestia, Luna is not yet tires of these parties. You are a 1000+ year old politician, you should know better how ponies tick.
* Also, Spike is transforming only now because he's going through puberty, a mental part of it anyway. At the beginning, he was a baby dragon. Kids can have crushes, strong ones, and be infatuated, but they do not lust.

* Rarity, you've always been selfish, greedy and shallow. All that generosity and selflessness was always a visible conscious effort on your part to be better than that. Why are you acting like you forgot you've been working and fighting against those flaws for years.

Still, cool worldbuilding with the magical nature of dragons. Has a bit of nice fairy tale flavor to the otherwise somewhat mundane unicorn magic.

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