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Peppy Greyskull

Pony smut author known for his love of fillies, futa, and Nightmare Moon and his deep-seated hatred for all males.

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Well happy new year to me.

:rainbowderp: I kinda like where this is going. I'll give it a like for now, maybe a fav later.

This better have futa or tentacles or I won't be interested :eeyup: Vanilla foalcon is not really my thing :unsuresweetie:

Interesting premise. I like it, its undiscovered territory. Keep up the good work.


Pep - oh, you guys can't say I don't write anymore. SURPRISE [GDoc Link]
Me - Oh, awesome Pep, whacha write?
Pep - You will see.
Me - Oh, dear lord Pep. You and your fetishES
Pep - xD
Me - /facepalm

Don't know what he has planned for y'all with this, but hope y'all enjoy. Pep and his crazy ass ideas.

There is the cloppy Peppy I know!

1882403 No tentacles, but you guys should know by now that futa is definitely my fetish :rainbowlaugh:

1882425 'Twas only a matter of time.

Ah've come to terms with the fallowin': Ah reckon Ah have an abusive relationship wit' ya' and yer writing. Ah'll most certainly read this; git disgusted; revel in yer' style; git disgusted again; hate myself; then read the next chapter. Ah dun' even enjoy horse sex, but Ah still read it.

Well, time ta break out the 'shine and th' mint leaves.

1882448 It feels good to know I have a hate-lover if that's what we can call it. Hope you at least somewhat enjoy :heart:


Random musing. You're fucking smart as hell for someone to bump into on the net, read a lot of your comment conversations between you and Pep while I read through ATFN the first time.

But that accent you write in, my god. Reminds me of my first college roommate, and not in a good way.
/end randomness.

And when it comes to Peppy, any sort of relationship is a masochistic one to a degree. xD


Ah'll take yer comment purely in the masturbatory sense; so tank ya' fer the ego strokin'! Ah'd offer ya' a julep but Ah dun' think yer close enough fer one.

Ah have explained the idiom a lil' bit; think Mark Twain; Colonel Sanders; Augustus Sinclair; Foghorn Leghorn; with a lil' bit of Cabby Calloway to round it out. Personally its 'n phonetic transliteration of how Ah spoke before Ah went and got hitched. Th' better half's a city girl and not one fer a twang.


I grew up just south of the 'Bible Belt' so I hear plenty of twang, and if I try hard enough I can mimic it rather well, although Cajun not so much. It is amazingly hot when its a female speaking it, but on guys it just doesn't sit right in my mind. Just the sheer fact that you go out of your way to perfectly hit the phonetics of it is impressive, yet I can't help but read it exactly how it would sound coming out of the mouth of a country guy. So yeah. Random thought that finally had a time and place.

Mint Julips are okay, too strong on the mint most times though for my liking. I'll take a nice Rum and Coke or a good Abita beer on the rare occasion that I find myself drinking.

And Mark Twain. Gotta respect anyone even more who pulls from anything that wonderful author did. Was a shame that they were (going to, did?) censor his works.

god damn
dis gon b gud
clop or no clop
though i hope
it's not just
a mindless vehicle
for porn
you could squeeze some srs angst
out of this idea

upvote and fav


Why cant ya' have bad grammar or horrid syntax? The inna' GRAZI in me would revolt and ah could quit you; but no; ya' 'ave ta go and be all aesthetically pleasin' and keep maintenance of ya' proper tenses, not mixin' up ya' thens and thans. You litteral'eh have me addicted ta' ya' style, and by virtue of th't 'ave me reading pedophiliac lesbian horse sex. There ahr no words Ah know to express the abhorrence Ah wield in ya' credit.

Please dun' stop writin'; and mayhaps on some fortnight ya' can write somethin' that's a mite more lighthearted than pedophilia, emotional control; rape; not enough mint juleps; sexual enslavement; murder; goric liquefaction of ponies; sado-masochism; death; dismemberment; disembowelment; physical abuse; bondage; hermaphrodites; and everythin' else Ah'm missin'. That would be quite the refresher if'n Ah say so mah self.

Ah'd offer ya a mint julep but ah' dun think ya'r close enough fer that. As the bile crahls' up my esophagus as Ah say these words, Ah'm lookin fo'ward ta' the next chapta'.

1882403 I'm 1/4th of the way with you there... Futa yes if's its Twi, no tentacles tho...that's just weird, dood.

And magically summoned dicks aren't weird :rainbowlaugh:

1882772 Of course they aren't as long as they're attached to a sexy pony. Floating dicks? Not so much :rainbowlaugh:

Oh nononono, get that image outta my head, NOOOOOOOOO. Curse you Peps! Now I'm going to have nightmares :pinkiesick:

1882772 I prefer Magical Phallus that the best pony grew on herself then and a mass of appendages that look really freaky...reminds me of my Cataclysm days, dood...the darkest Days of WoW.

And Peppy quite literally wants to start the new year off with a bang... way to go!?

So, story is advertised as foalcon and... actually has a perverted main character. That's already a point ahead of the "loledgy" masses in a way but I... can see this going very badly wrong, and I mean in a "worst story ever" sort of way. So have a favorite - and a downvote. Convince me that there is redeeming moral character to this story.

Your prose is good though (if the sex is a bit ho-hum) so I'm happy to read more of it.

1882933 Perverted because she likes foals? Makes sense 'cause it doesn't live up to society's standards in a way (this is kind of serious kind of sarcasm, because if you don't remember, you're reading a story about multi-colored ponies having sex :rainbowlaugh:), but I'm definitely going to be working on the whole moral standing of the happenings of it. That'll be a primary focus (plus lots of filly fiddling), so glad to have you along for the ride and I hope I can change your mind!

1882933 I would also like to say that what you did is a very fair trade. Most people just downvote without giving it a go, so downvoting with a reason make me happy.

Hmmmm... Upvoted. Faved. Commence waiting mode.

As long as this doesn't turn into a "foalphile Twilight" plot, I think i can enjoy this story. A quick suggestion though: Extend the length of your chapters and add a little more plot to them.:twilightsmile:

Also if your interested: If you haven't already check out my fics the belle tolls for love 1 and 2^^

I like where this is going :twilightsmile:

1883142 I've already read the first part and enjoyed it (for the length suggestion, I'd take a look at my other stuff to see where this will likely go). I wasn't so keen on where you started with the second bit, though (from what it was originally in the first one.) The whole erasing their memory thing just didn't sit right with me. I'll give it another shot, though if you deviated from that path.

Now, please explain foalophile Twilight and what you meant by that.

1882968 I'll try to get em out relatively quickly :twilightsmile:

1883176 :raritystarry:

1883091 Thought about that song when I was thinking of the title, as a matter of fact. Don't listen to the song much, but the name certainly stuck :rainbowlaugh:

1883234 No rush at all. Take your time. Btw, futa is awesome fetish!



I stuck with the current plotline, but I flowed the story in a fashion that shoves that plot element out the window.

and as for the descibing the whole "falophile" thing:

More or less what i mean by that is, I hope it doesn't turn into a "lets fuck" and be done with them kind of plotline, Something more to the effect of a romance is what i'm referring to.^^

I'm just gonna go ahead and fav and thumb up this story right now. Cause it's you, and I know what you write.

Ah did forget to mention this; Ah would love ta' see an emphasis on Twibelle in a few chapta's, even if its pure foalcon. Ah was in the process of writin' a Twibelle cougar kinda' story cus of all the Scootadash stories Ah read. Ah suppose this is as close ta one that there would be on this website.

What have you done!!..........don't stop pls

1883300 Ohhhhh~ Well, there's a romance tag for a reason :pinkiehappy:

1883359 I'm very sure a certain cotton candy swirl-maned unicorn is going to be in here.

1883409 Well, I guess I can't now..., nor would I wanna!

"Contains foalcon that will likely involve many adorable little fillies and one sexy librarian."

It's brilliant.

1882807 It's his way of saying "Fappy New Year"

1883784 Not quite yet, but yes. 'Tis a great way to start it off, is it not?

First chapter is shorter than my WIP Twilestia first chapter. D:

I feel dirty and filthy saying this but ,,,,,, THIS IS GOING TO BE GOOOOOOOD!!! MMMUUUHAHAHAHAHAHA:twilightsheepish:

hmmm probably not the CMC as I don't think Twilight would go for her friends sisters, or adoptive sister in Scoots' case, yet. Yet being the operative word. Can't choose between Silver Spoon, Diamond Tiara, or Twist. So I'll say Dinky.

Welp, that didn't take very long, now did it?

Seeing how I am usually terrible at predictions like this, I'm going to go with an easy guess, one or more of the CMC first.

1884724 1884726 Ohoho~ All of those are good ponies and will definitely be in here for sure, but which of them will it be? Or maybe it's another?

oh poor poor twilight...she is either in pure heaven or an unadulterated hell right now


So probably Babs then.

Commence the read.

1884752 Dunno 'bout babs. She's a cutie, but FUCK her accent to hell.


yeah... it really does suck

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