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i will read this later and be prepared for such a story :derpytongue2:
aaaand favorited

Story Approver

New content from Princess Molestia author?
Insta-Fav. Even with Big Mac being used in it in some capacity. I will be giving this a read in a few hours, looking forward to seeing how and what you did here.

This was weird and different and I liked it.

futashy? I'm game

quite a long read, but a really really good story

hope people don't downvote it just for the length >.>

anyway, great story princess!:rainbowwild:

Buck yeah futashy!

I shall put this in the FFT3K submissions folder!
For it is my duty. :rainbowdetermined2:

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So when can we expect more of this great fanfiction?:heart::heart::heart:
I have just read all 24 pages of askfutashy also.
Liked and favorited.

I didn't downvote, but I've been looking to use this pic, and this fic is the perfect place.

This is weird. Sooooo weird.

Hope you don't mind a review.

I try to find something good and something bad, and in this case, its weirdness fills both.

See, it works because you take that weirdness and 100% own it. Nothing in the story questions why everypony is humanized except for pet Futashy, so eventually I end up buying it too. It's an inherently funny situation, and I read the whole thing with a huge grin.

But, at the same time, it's so much about nothing! Why do I care about what everypony eh, person is doing? The prose gets really slow to read because of this and I found myself skimming. It does feel underdone, I guess, like a good revision round with a lot of cuts would help immensely.

And yet in the end I wonder if there might be some point to the contrast between Shy's pure animal sexuality and the petty meaningless pursuits of her humans.

I don't know. If I were Fluttershy, I'd be offended. But mostly its strange and more fun than I expected.

Eustatian Wings
<Thunderfall Readers' Circle>

I...I...should I read this? It sounds so...intriguing, and I've *ahem* heard of Futashy before so...but...it's mature so...gah! I dunno what I should do!:raritydespair:

Moving Shy's hands out of the way,


This well written, can't wait for more :pinkiesmile:

Commenting before reading because...

In a little home, their lives a couple with a pet pony unlike many others.


Do you HONESTLY believe you're right?
There: In, at, or to that place or position
Their: Belonging to or associated with the people or things previously mentioned or easily identified.
They're: Contraction of "They are".

Learn basic English before you go criticizing people, mate.

No, he was right. You're confusing "lives" (verb) with "lives" (pl. noun)
"There lives a dog!"

Now I feel like an A-grade dick. I completely mistook what the hell was going on. I blame that completely on the fact that I have been up for over 30 hours at this point.

LET US SPEAK OF IT NO FURTHER. I am already sufficiently embarrassed.

this is pretty m auch a fic version of the Futashy tumblr, which is pretty much this story in a nutshell

I'm not sure. I haven't planned on making any more chapters just yet, however I do like these interpretations of the characters, so I left it marked as Incomplete, because I might revisit this story some day.

Because reasons, Fluttershy. Forgive meh

Can't make that decision for yah. Funny enough, Shy's penis only get referenced every now and then. Otherwise, it's just Fluttershy as a pet.

Whoops! Typos corrected now, thank you for pointing those out.

I'm going to add a link the the Futashy tumblr, for those unfamiliar with it

Oh I assure you... I'm very aware of it. :trollestia:1883999

Futa? Darn. Sounds like I might have enjoyed it or a story similar but well...

at least you had the decency to put up a futa warning. thanks.

Just to let you know, it's not completely dependent on futa. It's probably only mentioned for about 20% of the overall story. But if it really bothers you, that's understandable. I used to be uncomfortable with it as well.


that is all...

ha, figured it was relevant seeing as, you know, it sounds like fluttershy's a dude and all...

Hm... no, not exactly. Shy's still a female, and even sounds female. She just... has a penis. That's all. :3

Hot :rainbowwild:

Twilight is Sheldon Cooper :twilightblush:

"Sup ho's?" :moustache:

As a longtime fan of the Futashy tumblr, let me first say how very impressed I am by your writing. Every character was remarkably in-character, and I love how you managed to explore their relationships with each other through the "less is more" style, vague hints and subtle nuances go a long way towards building a believable (if not realistic) world. Kudos to you, my good man, on writing a very entertaining and well done piece of literature.

I'm actually stunned that no one has razzed me about the TV bit. I thought for sure someone would get on me for pointless references or something.

Funny enough, I really wasn't a fan of the Futashy tumblr until last year when I found a random reblog of the comic where Shy and Dash try anal for the first time. So hot! I started following soon after and found out about the competition, but I knew I had a very limited knowledge about it. So I went back and read (hopefully) the entire tumblr from beginning to recent and took notes so I could have a good grasp on that world. I'm glad it payed off for you and anyone else who happens to enjoy Ask Futashy as well. :yay:

Really the only problem I had with this was was the Big MacXShy scene. If I remember correctly in the Futashy canon, Big Mac refused to have sex with Shy cause she was too young/small or something like that. Don't know if it was canon to the rest of the blog, but I remember one time when he let her take him, but not the other way around.

I also thought i remembered Octavia being Scratches pet pony, but I could be wrong about that.

>futashy from the askfutashy tumblr

I know what you're referring to. It showed Shy as a filly with Mac sitting on her saying that she was too young. But that was more of a flashback. I guess that was one thing I wanted to put my spin on was Mac getting to penetrate Shy. I've seen fanart by cartoonlion of him mounting her, so I was hoping it wouldn't be too out of line.

Wow, this is getting more welcome reception than I thought

I was sorely tempted to write something for the competition myself, but after reading this, I'm kinda glad that I didn't. I don't think I could have possibly topped this story. You have a great grasp of the characters, and did a wonderful job just giving a little slice of life where you could show all of the characters personalities. Plus the scene with Dash & Futashy at the end was hot :rainbowkiss:. I hope you take 1st place in the competition :twilightsmile:

Smores? smores have marshmallows in them. does that mean rarity and sweeti belle are canibls

Interesting... I've honestly never read anything Futashy before. Really enjoyed this! If there's to be more, I hope to see it sometime soon. Liked and favorited:raritywink:

Is this going to be continued?

Different but I loved it hope to c next chapter :)

I read this last night and I just love it. Where's chapter 2. I love this story, but why is fluttershy and big Mac only ones still as ponys.bty I'm new to this story. Where can I find chapter 2.

This story is based off of AskFutashy tumblr (linked in the description) created by an artist named cartoonlion. In the universe she's made, there are only a few ponies, the rest are humans, or Spike the dragon. So, I kept it close to that canon. :twilightsmile:

I initially wrote one chapter to enter into the contest at the time, but after so many people wanted more, I decided to leave it open. Unfortunately I haven't come up with a good idea for a story just yet, but that doesn't mean I'm abandoning it just yet (especially now that the tumblr has come to an indefinite hiatus, probably for good).

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Comment posted by AndreathePONYlover deleted Jul 24th, 2013

Ok but have u thought of an idea for chapter 2

That's what I meant when I said I haven't come up with an idea for a story, I was talking about for chapter 2. :twilightsheepish:

Ok maybe u should Ask people for suggestions for chapter 2

Um is it ok if um someone gave me the link to ask futashy tumblr. I want to see it.

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